Titans Season 2: Know what Happened Between Titans Season 2 and 3

Titans Season 2 ended dramatically where Mercy Graves arranges an auction of Joshua Orpin’s Superboy. This is done by having Superman-Lex Luthor who has enough strength to fight against a transformed beast boy in a public place. The ending took combined imagination of the Titans crew headed by Dick Grayson under his fresh Nightwing persona to bury Graves idea. Victory needs a high price and although successful, Donna had to sacrifice herself to stop the electrical mast falling and hitting Dawn along with the assembled bystanders.

As we know Titans season 3 events have started although we may not know what main characters of Titans season 2 can connect with season 3. While Titans season 2 premiered 2 years back in 2019, it followed a fresh start with the battle against Trigon. A leap from season 2 to season 3 can be unexpected as there is a soft reset seen in the premieres itself. So, what went in the narrative gap between Titans season 2 finals and season 3 beginning?

Jason Todd is on Batman’s Side

After the painful brush with the Deathstroke besides facing a near-death experience, Jason finds himself flying towards the Titans season 2 end off the trails. Having a relationship with Deathstroke’s daughter named Rose, the romance becomes sour that prompts Jason to let his former Titan know about all. Even the Titans season 3 beginning scenes suggest that Jason is back in Gotham city and operates beside Batman as Robin. Although he pings back Wayne Manor and reclaims his superhero persona, Jason has not impacted Deathstroke demons or have contacted the Titans.

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Changes in Jason’s personality

After Jason returns to Gotham City, Dick Grayson takes a troll on Robin successor’s death. He finds that Jason exhibited many personality alterations after he returned from San Francisco. He has taken reading even though Dick knew that Jason could barely read a cereal box content. The story suggests that Todd is contacting his drug supplier also and is spotted taking a mysterious serum just before he starts tackling the Joker. Dick locates his makeshift loft lab job as well which he rented under the name of Jason. What is been cooked by Robin just before his sad demise can be revealed in Titans season 3.

Hank becomes a cop and Dove along with Hawk moves to DC

both Dawn and Hank have never been a reliable couple in DC. Their relationship is like on and off broken light in the Titans season 2. When we saw the combustible Asian lovers last time in the Titans, Dawn was the one who broke the romance and realised that their relationship was not good for both of them. But Dove and Hawk were also seen in the Titans final line-up that closed season 2. The situation has changed remarkably since then because Hawk arrives again in season 3 with suspicious facial hair and riding a cop’s cycle. Dawn moves to DC after Donna’s sad demise but had her superhero persona. She too loses her contact with the Titans though allows Hanks to follow her. Hawk, however, does not find following her funny after being dumped and he turns out to be a cop. Dawn had too started dating again.

Joker leaves Arkham Asylum

In the Titans season 1, we have seen that Joker led a pleasurable life due to Dr Jeremiah Arkham Asylum that have been captured by Batman long before the season started. To transform Jason Todd as Red Hood, the Clown Prince belonging to the crime was needed on the Gotham city main streets. This made the villain escape Arkham Asylum before Titans season 3 release. Tim Drake along with his family learnt about Joker’s escape when Robin’s murder news flashed on the reports.

The Titans become a super-famous superhero team

In the Titans 3 season premieres, villain Gizmo reveals how the Titans have become super-famous as superheroes since Titans season 2 ended. The group comprising Starfire, Nightwing, Krypto, Superboy and Beast Boy have formed a well-oiled crime-fighting machine. They have the San Francisco police blessings after they have been cited as the city’s guardian angels. The time leap proves to be more relevant when a cop asks Superboy for an autograph. Joshua Orpin’s character made a public debt in the Titans season 2 and had earned celebrity status in season 3 along with Nightwing, Krypto and Starfire. However, the beast boy is not that famous as the others.

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