Pros and Cons of Online Football Betting 2021

Pros and Cons of Online Football Betting

You’ve decided to place a bet on the big game this weekend, but you have no idea where to start. There are plenty of different football bets at live casinos, but understanding what they are and when is best to use them can be tricky. This article will explain some of the most common types of bets available in online football betting in 2021 and the pros and cons of online football betting.

Types of Bets

Here you can see the most popular types of betting presented in this article.

  • Accumulator betting;
  • Backing;
  • Point spread; 
  • Moneyline betting.

One of the most popular forms of football gambling for both experienced gamblers and novices alike is accumulator betting. An accumulator bet allows players to combine several different outcomes into one wager; if all these results come true, it leads to a significant payout. For example, let’s say you place an accumulator bet on three teams playing one another in the upcoming weekend. Your bet states that Team A will beat Team B, and then Team B will beat Team C. If all three of those results come true, then you’re going to turn a small wager into a huge payout. It’s essential to keep in mind that this type of bet does not apply to every match, and it is usually reserved for group play where there are multiple teams with equal chances of winning.

Another popular football gambling method is known as backing. The backing is very similar to an accumulator bet; however, instead of placing several bets on different teams, only two outcomes are involved (win or lose). First, you can choose which team you believe will win and put your money on them. If they win, then you can potentially earn a big payout. The other outcome is known as laying the team, which works very similarly to betting against them. In this case, if your prediction is correct and they lose, then you win your bet.

If you’re looking for a safer option that gives smaller payouts, then placing a bet on the point spread may be right up your alley. Unlike accumulator bets where specific results determine winners, a point spread requires players to predict whether a team will beat another by a certain number of points. So, for example, Team A might be predicted to beat Team B by seven points – this means that if Team B wins or loses by six or eight points, then gamblers who bet on Team A won’t win or lose any money.

The final type of online football betting that will be explained in this article is known as moneyline betting. Moneylines are very different from point spread bets because the payouts are much smaller; however, winners are determined by specific results (win or lose) rather than judging who wins by a certain number of points. The other big difference between money lines and different types of online football gambling is that gamblers can risk less money to earn more back if they predict correctly potentially. For example, a common moneyline for a match might be -150 for Team X and +130 for their opponent, Team Y. This means that if you predict correctly and bet on Team X, then you only need to wager $1.50 for every dollar you want to earn back if they win. On the other hand, if you pick Team Y, it will cost you $1.30 for every dollar you want to earn back if they win.

While there are plenty of different types of football bets available for gamblers, understanding what each one entails can be tricky at first. This article has outlined some of the most common bets in online gambling, so players better know which type best fits their needs. However, before stumping your money on online bets, here are the pros and cons you may want to know so you can make informed decisions.

Pros of Online Football Betting 2021

  1. Online betting offers 24/7 convenience.
  2. Online football betting Is available from anywhere.
  3. Today’s online betting offers huge payouts.

Online Betting Offers 24/7 Convenience

Whenever you have the time to bet, then there are plenty of options available. It means that players can wager on matches in their home country or even while they’re travelling abroad. In addition, with some websites offering betting markets for over 100 different football leagues, you will never need to miss a match that includes your favourite team again.

Online Football Betting Is Available From Anywhere

Online football betting is accessible from anywhere globally, so players don’t have to be at their desktop computer or a laptop to place a wager. Even players who own tablet computers and smartphones can log on and find hundreds of bookmakers offering online gambling services on almost every popular sport.

Today’s Online Betting Offers Huge Payouts

The free pokies will usually keep you in the loop on how much you can expect back. However, when it comes to football betting online, before placing bets, make sure you check out what type of payout odds is offered by different websites. For example, one might offer a bet with a straight four per cent return while another will offer a moneyline that offers 100 percent payouts or more depending on how favourable your prediction ends up being. These large payouts are because there are so many gamblers betting on these matches, so they have to find a way to draw in customers.

Cons of Online Football Betting 2021

  1. Betting taxes may be high.
  2. Online football gambling sites can be sneaky.

Betting Taxes May Be High

An unfortunate downside of online gambling is that it can be taxed by the government of where players live and sometimes where the website is registered. If this happens, players may need to pay up before receiving their winnings, significantly cutting into anyone’s bankroll. Some countries might not tax online gambling at all, but you will need to research what type of tax rates are imposed on bets placed within certain nations.

Online Football Gambling Sites Can Be Sneaky

Unfortunately, some unethical websites will scam careless bettors out of their money if they aren’t careful. These illegal bookmakers will often appear legitimate, but players might not receive their winnings after accepting wagers and winning bets when it is time to withdraw. On top of this, online gambling sites can quickly disappear without a trace if enough complaints come in about them.


In summation, online football gambling can be both a good and bad thing. Just make sure you research the best sites to use before betting on sports matches in 2021. Different types of betting are available nowadays, such as money lines, backing, a point spread and an accumulator bet. You can try your luck out anytime and anywhere.

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