Minecraft Dungeons: What All Can You Do in This Awesome Game?

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft: Dungeons is an action-adventure video game developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and Double Eleven. The game was released on May 26, 2020 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. Let’s find out more about it.

Minecraft Dungeons: All You Need to Know

What is Minecraft Dungeons?

The game supports up to four players and features new weapons, items and creatures as well as a plethora of environments to explore and a main quest that pits the player against an enemy, the Arch-Illageois. The game, which takes place both underground and on the surface, features specific quests and locations as well as procedurally generated elements. 

What are the classes of players available to play?

The player is not limited to a single class and can pick up armor or weapons and use them. Players will not be able to build or mine as the game is all about action and adventure. Players can replay levels they have previously completed. There will also be “keys” in the game, a new type of creature that will flee from the player and must be hit. A key of a certain color will open the doors of the associated color.

What are Dungeons?

Dungeons are small rooms made of stones and mossy stones, containing a hostile monster generator and chests containing some treasures. The dungeons are currently, along with the Jungle Temple, the tall taiga biomes, and the village, the only places where you naturally encounter mossy boulders. Most dungeons are connected to caves, leaving an opening through which monsters can enter: this can cause unexpected additional danger when exploring caves.

How are the dungeons generated?

Dungeons are randomly generated on the map, and are 5×5, 5×7 or 7×7 block rooms, made up of stones and mossy stones. Dungeons have a monster generator, which can be set up to create a monster trap, in order to collect unlimited resources from them. They also contain one or two chests of varying sizes. It is rare, but possible, that the dungeon does not contain a chest. It is possible to find two dungeons side by side, with two monster generators and a large number of chests, but this is still very rare.

What is the role of the Monster Generator?

The Monster Generator acts as a guardian to protect the chests, spawning monsters nonstop, until the player can quickly steal the contents of the chests, light up the room enough to prevent monsters from spawning, or break the generator itself. The monster generator is always in the center of the dungeon, while the chests are still located against the walls of the room (large chests can touch each other along the wall). 

Chests contain randomly generated treasures, placed in randomly placed boxes. It is possible to find a dungeon almost anywhere under the ground, but it is rare for them to appear in the upper levels of the stone layer of the map. 

Some players have seen dungeons in unusual locations. It is possible that dungeons are generated near the surface and are buried by sand or, more rarely, by gravel; they can be easily spotted by listening to the sounds of zombies, skeletons or spiders which suffocate and take continuous damage. There is a 50% chance for the Monster Generator to spawn zombies, 25% for spiders, and 25% for skeletons.

Tips for using dungeons 

  • One way to find dungeons easily is to press F3 + A and, while you see in the distance as the chunks appear, look for the flames coming from a monster generator. This only works if you are 16 blocks or less from the generator.
  • Another way to locate dungeons is to listen to either many noises from one type of monster or background noises. They are not necessarily related to the presence of a dungeon, but they do mean that there is an unexplored and unlit area nearby, which could correspond to a dungeon, especially in the case of frequent monster noises. identical.
  • A very simple method consisting of modifying the “terrain” file of your texture pack by putting transparency in the stone and dirt blocks allows you to see the dungeons from a distance.
  • Another trick that only works for skeleton generators is to go into a cave with dogs. Since dogs attack skeletons, if they start running in a specific direction, there must be a skeleton generator.
  • If all else fails, you can use a map viewer to search for mossy stone blocks. To locate them, configure the viewer to only display Mossy Stone Blocks (“data value”: 48), Monster Spawners (“data value”: 52), or Cut Stone Blocks (“data value “: 4) that you have not placed yourself. Play on this map and head to one of the locations spotted, then dig until you find the dungeon. The viewer must be up to date, otherwise it might crash while trying to load blocks it doesn’t recognize.
  • Aside from combat or room lighting, there are other ways to defeat a dungeon. You can for example dig a tunnel under the dungeon and destroy the generator from below, or tunnel the walls and collect the contents of the chests from behind.
  • A faster way to get loot from chests is to destroy the chest rather than picking up all the items by hand. This way you collect the contents of the chests along with the chests.
  • You can turn a dungeon into a farm at xp, or break the generator and collect the contents of chests. The generator gives 15 to 43 xp.
  • If you decide to loot the dungeon, consider collecting the Mossy Stone, as it is quite rare and can be useful for construction.
  • Since deserts are made of sand and dungeons do not have a roof when spawned, dungeons close to the surface can create a telltale rectangular hole on the surface. These holes can also be identified by cut stone or exposed stone after the sand has fallen. It is easy to retrieve the contents of chests in such dungeons during the day, once the sand has been removed from inside the dungeon.
  • Sometimes dungeons can be found on the coast, in the sand. They can be found in the same way as in deserts, since the sand will infiltrate them. Additionally, water can flood the dungeon as well.
  • The player can spawn in a dungeon near the surface.
  • It’s possible that a mushroom spawns in a dungeon, or mossy stones, but that’s rare.
  • This is very rare, but it is possible that there is no monster generator in a dungeon. It is most likely a generation error. You can also find partially generated dungeons near chunks that have been regenerated.
  • It is possible to have its spawn point in a dungeon. 
  • It is possible that a dungeon will appear in a house in a village as well.
  • Sometimes a dungeon can be connected to an abandoned mine shaft or a fort.

How much does Minecraft Dungeons cost?

The basic edition of Minecraft Dungeons is available for $19.99, and the Hero Edition for $29.99, which includes the Hero’s Cloak, two exclusive skins and the 2 DLC, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter.

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