How To Have Lots Of Fun With Online Slot Machines?


Slot machines are one of the most popular and fun gambling tools of all time. Ever since their invention and early days in the saloons of America, they have steadily risen in popularity and can now be found in every casino (online and land based) in the world. People of all age groups love slots and their bright, colourful presentation makes them even more attractive. Most people know how a slot machine works, you pull a lever/press a button/click on a button on an online casino (you can find the best online slots at, the slots spin for sometime and the combination at the end decides if you have won something. In this post, we will provide you with some additional information on slots and also discuss some ways in which you can win more at online slots. Let’s get started.

Slot Machines: All You Need To Know

Found in the corners of bars and the undisputed star of the web, the slot machine has been an integral part of the gaming scene for many years. It’s impossible to see a movie set in Las Vegas, for example, without bumping into a room full of these loud and colorful machines.

How was the slot machine invented?

The very first slot was born in 1895 in San Francisco, thanks to Charles Fey, a Bavarian mechanic who arrived in the United States at just 23 years old. His creation is called ” Liberty Bell ” and is destined to change his life: together with his friend Theodore Holtz he opens a real factory dedicated to the construction of slots!

Fey had seen it right, creating an instrument that would truly revolutionize the way to play, to have fun! Its creation was obviously completely mechanical, with three reels contained in a wooden case, a single winning line and a lever dedicated to starting the mechanism.

What did people win from the first slot machine? 

This slot offered no cash winnings, but real fruit candy… that’s why so many games are still inspired by fruit or gummy candies even today.

How did slot machines evolve?

Following, thanks to the advancement of technology, in the 60s the mechanical slots gave way to the electromechanical ones, until the 80s, when the completely electric ones will definitely take hold. It was precisely the advent of electronics that revolutionized the functioning of these games: pins, rollers and various mechanisms are replaced by microchips, which are more performing and less bulky.

Thanks to the advent of the digital age, it is possible to move from more basic designs to more captivating graphics, but also to a more fluid and random game. Thanks to specific algorithms, it becomes possible to generate random numbers, which guarantee more impartial results and see the famous lever go out of the scene, giving way to more comfortable buttons.

The opening of gambling halls in every corner of the United States marks the consecration of slots as the queens of entertainment! The managers of the major casinos are really starting to install them in every corner of their premises and, even today, it is estimated that half of a casino’s profits derive from them. Over the years, bars and clubs around the world have also equipped themselves by putting some of these machines inside special spaces, to give a little fun to interested customers.

The positive side, as always, is given by the constant improvement of technology: with the arrival of the internet, a whole world of sites was born that offer the best and most fun games at any time of day, in any place! Fun has become available to everyone, easy and safe at the same time, thanks to the controls that each state imposes on the subject.

In years of activity, it was normal that there was some funny anecdote. It seems that playing slots also has effects on the body: thanks to the production of dopamine, in fact, the player is really overwhelmed by a wave of happiness. The funny thing? It happens both by winning and by losing.

What is the value of the greatest jackpot win through slots?

Another thing worth mentioning is the biggest jackpot ever won: in 2003 one player won a whopping $39.7 million. 

What is the role of software in online slot machines?

Playing the best modern day online slot machines instead of a real casino has its advantages. The first of these, as well as the most obvious, is the huge variety of titles that can be found if you decide to play virtually. To this first advantage is added another, perhaps less evident than the first, that is the opportunity to customize the game so that it perfectly suits your needs and preferences. Many slot machines, in fact, allow you to personally adjust the value of your bet.

Another very useful feature is the so-called “Automatic Spins”, which allow you to rotate the slot without the need to repeatedly click on the movement button. Some machines also offer the “fast spin” option, a button that significantly decreases the time required to complete the rotation, but at the expense of the suspense that is an integral part of the game.

Using these two technical attributes will greatly accelerate the completion of the wagering requirements that each slot site imposes on its players so that the virtual bonus money can be transformed into real money. So make yourself comfortable, let the slot do it by itself and, before you even know it, you have already completed the required playthrough!

Normally, other things you can control in the game are video quality and sound volume. This possibility is particularly useful since the sounds of some slots can be annoying if you play them for more than some time.

How to win at online slots?

Before we give you any tips, we would like to remind you that in the end, this is a game of chance. No matter what tricks you pull, you are not going to be able to strategize your way into beating the algorithm. In the end, your luck will decide how much you win or lose. In any case, here are some tips to help you do better at slots:

  • Start small and gradually increase your bets. If you just keep betting small amounts, your payouts will also be small and it will be tough for you to leave the game. If you bet a slightly bigger amount and win big, you can quit the game with some profits.
  • Be ready for losses. You are not going to win all the time. As a matter of fact, you will lose more than you win. But if you can strategize to keep your wins big and losses small, you can do well. You will soon find out what your limits are and start betting accordingly.
  • Don’t waste your bonus. Ensure that you use it completely before you begin using actual money. This will also help you learn the game without any major losses.

In all of this, never forget that the ultimate goal is to have fun. It is a game after all, so it should never be taken too seriously.

Why should you always go for online slot machines that offer good bonuses?

The best online slot machine bonuses don’t simply override the ones that offer the most money – they are the ones that have the best earning conditions. We must in fact be careful about the value of the replay, the deadline and all those small details that could affect your winnings in the end. After all, you are going to play online slots to earn money.

Is there some way to rig the slot machines to help you win more?

Well, it’s going to be extremely difficult to do so. It’s going to be extremely difficult to beat the system in this scenario. No matter how many patterns you jot down and try to analyze, in the end, it will boil down to plain old lady luck. However, if you feel like luck smiles at you more often than it frowns, maybe you will have a great chance at winning big with slots.

Can you play online slots without deposits?

Yes, it’s possible to do so with the help of no deposit online slots. You should also start off by playing the demo version of the game. In this scenario, you won’t have to bet on anything. You should also go ahead and evaluate the bonuses offered by the online casino.

Can you play online slots for free?

Yes, you can do so with the demo version of the online slots. You can keep playing for hours without endangering your hard earned money. Yes, you won’t have the thrill of winning anything, but at least you will have the safety and security of not losing anything either. It’s definitely something you should do for some time before you try your hand at full fledged slots where you bet real money.

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