How Is Gambling Regulated in Germany?

How is gambling regulated in Germany

The use of the internet has transformed the gambling industry. This has put the gambling industry into several significant dilemmas. And the German Gambling industry is one of them. German government sectors issue new policies to contradict the illegal gambling scenarios. This has resulted in customer safety too. So, these new sets of rules offer a new gambling paradigm to all gamblers. 

German Gambling On Periphery 

Gambling is a political issue in Germany. So far, the state authorities have banned private providers. Thus, closing markets are attractive to international service providers. However, this ban will change. And on July 1, 2021, Govt came up with a new state treaty on gambling games.

This will enable online casino duitsland and other casino-based games in Germany. But there are a set of rules that need to be followed for participation. The industry faces particular challenges. Make technology compliant, even before anyone applies for the registration. In addition, we need to work closely with supervisors. Despite all the restrictions, service providers who work with technology with & a set of rules from the beginning here have an opportunity to serve markets from abroad. 

German Government Set New Gambling Advertising Rules 

There are also rules related to sports betting. It is not permitted to promote bets on the same broadcast channel immediately before or during live sports. Shirt sponsorship and general sponsorship of other sports teams are still allowed, but there are restrictions on using active athletes to sponsor sports betting companies. 

Misleading advertising related to online gambling is illegal, and advertising gambling as a way to solve financial problems is also illegal. Direct and targeted advertising via SMS and phone is also severely restricted by law.

Licensing Laws for Casinos in Germany 

ISTG typically allows private companies to apply for licences to offer online gambling services. These issued licences are valid for five years. Renewing the licence rules means that licensed companies can do business throughout Germany.

The German Gambling Ordinance defines gambling as an activity that must include three elements in order to be considered-

  •  Valuable consideration 
  •  The decision of the winner is entirely or mainly by chance 
  •  The price is given in exchange for a chance to win.

The laws of every state consider certain aspects of the licensing process in casino games. The government sectors may regulate it. 

Why did the German Government Set the New Rules?

Online gambling has been in the grey territory of Germany for many years. This has led to a view that contradicts the proceedings of the state. Before 2008, gambling was not as regulated as it is today. However, the German state has since tried to limit online gambling.

Understandably, the government has a desire to protect the customers. Customers should turn to black-market providers as there is no legal way for online casinos and other forms of gambling in Germany. As a result, many online gambling companies are leaving Germany. It’s pretty problematic to restrict online gambling in the internet age. Many customers can bypass these blocks to continue the online gambling experiences. 

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