Grand Army Season 2: Plot, Release Date, And Predictions!

Grand Army Season 2

The first season of Grand Army premiered on October 16 with nine episodes. But Netflix didn’t renew the series for Grand Army Season 2. Usually, the streaming platform waits a while, to see the public reception, before renewing an attraction. As the streaming giant has always been at the forefront of bold and socially relevant productions, we expected everything to go smoothly for the show until the controversy surrounding showrunner Katie Cappiello came to the forefront. But since Netflix keeps updating their impressive collection of movies and series that cater to the collective taste of its young adults, never say never to Grand Army Season 2! 

Grand Army Season 2 Ending and Possible Future Explained! 

What Is “Grand Army” About? 

Grand Army is Netflix’s safest bet for teenagers, although in its plot it deals with many grown-up subjects. The attraction is based on a famous play written by Katie Cappiello titled “Slut”. The show follows the story of five students from the biggest public high school in Brooklyn who come face to face with the chaotic world of today as they struggle to survive, succeed, rebel, break free as well as conquer the future”. The streamer said the series will “ create a tunnel for a generation that is growing and growing ” as its members begin to find their voices.

But with many fans binge-watching every episode back in 2019, the craving for a sequel, or a possible premiere date for season two still continues! 

Grand Army Season 2: Release Date

We have a season of Netflix’s teen drama and we’re crossing our fingers for season two. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet if Netflix has given the green light for Grand Army Season 2. But that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t have one. Since Big Army just came out on Netflix – it hasn’t even been two weeks! – we still have a lot of time before Netflix decides if they want to keep the show for another season.

That’s why we say that subscribers might be waiting a surprising amount of time for Grand Army Season 2. Principal photography for the first season took place between May and September 2019. It took another 13 months before the series hit Netflix. Therefore, if the second season followed the schedule of the first, then we could be waiting until 2022 for the second season – but it didn’t happen so we cannot speculate further on a possible release date.

Grand Army Season 1 Ending Explained: 

The five main characters in the series belong to very different racial and financial backgrounds. And the lives they lead are often sharply segregated from one another. But as the season progresses, these characters find other ways to assert their identity and self-worth. This enables them to look beyond their own existence and scrutinize others.

In the season finale, titled ‘Freedom’, Joey finally confronts Tim, Luke, and George. The last two continue to argue that what happened between them was consensual. But after Joey leaves, Tim says he remembers the other two boys raping her. Then, in the final scenes, Joey starts dancing again. Also, Dom gets the high school internship and discovers that she doesn’t have to marry an acquaintance of her mother’s. Jayson stages a protest during his performance. Sid begins a relationship with Victor. It is revealed that Leila is the one writing the racist email. She sets it to be sent to the headmaster of the Grand Army during the students’ presentation. This causes chaos and panic in the school.

As Joey dances, she receives a text from Tim, asking if they can talk. In Season 2, he can help prosecute Luke and George. We will be able to see Dom working with mental health patients in his community as part of his internship. Sid can finally have a frank conversation about his sexuality with his parents. We can also discover the immediate and long-term consequences of Jayson’s public protest. Leila began to demonstrate disturbing sociopathic tendencies. Without a doubt, the second season has many options to explore.

Grand Army Season 2 Not Happening Here’s Why: 

The first season, which includes nine episodes, introduced us to characters like Joey Del Marco (Odessa A’zion), Dominique Pierre (Odley Jean), Siddhartha Pakam (Amir Bageria), Jayson Jackson (Maliq Johnson), John Ellis (Alphonso Romero Jones II), Leila Kwan Zimmer (Amalia) Yoo), and more. 

We’ve seen many of their stories unfold and we couldn’t wait to see more in 2021 but since the series has been canceled, there’s little reason to discuss when a hypothetical big army season 2 would be on Netflix. 

If we get a second season of Grand Army, it could be a while before it hits Netflix. The show’s first season was filmed in both New York and Toronto in 2019 with key photos taking place between May 2019 and September 2019, according to The Cinemaholic. After wrapping up filming, the series took another 13 months before it finally hit Netflix. If we take that into account, in addition to Katie Cappiello, it could be even longer before Grand Army Season 2.

When Grand Army was made available to stream on Netflix, the company hadn’t made the announcement about the future of the series and so we don’t expect a decision to be made for at least several weeks.

In rare circumstances, Netflix renews a series early. Programs that renew within weeks of their launch are typically extremely popular, or the renewal was planned in advance. In many cases, it is usually both, like in The Wizard.

It took four days, but Big Army finally made it into the top 10 of Netflix US’s most popular series. It is extremely important for any new Original series to spend as much time in the top 10 as possible and for the series to be rated as high as possible.

Grand Army Season 2: What to Expect? 

There was a lot to unpack since the first season of Big Army, and the finale left a lot of questions open about what to expect from the series in season two. For example, Joey has yet to see justice after his rape by his former best friends Luke and George. Now it’s up to Tim, who witnessed what happened, to help Joey transfer schools to escape the ordeal. When Tim comes forward as a witness, Luke and George can finally face the consequences of their deplorable actions. Owen, the talented saxophonist, missed the chance of a lifetime to play a solo at Lincoln Center due to his role in a prank. The chair was given to Jayson, who instead of doing the saxophone solo, took the opportunity to show solidarity with Owen by covering his mouth and raising his fist in the black power salute. We can expect some potentially serious ramifications from Jayson’s actions, and his impetus to protest may cause many of the school’s students to support Owen. Of all the students, Leila is easily the most confused. Revealed as the one who made a bomb threat, she possibly cheated on Omar with Joey’s rapist George, and despite defending herself against her bullies, she was shown to be racist. Next season, there could be dire consequences for her actions, and if her role in the fake bomb threat is revealed, Leila could be evicted.

Dominique’s future remains in limbo after the revelation that she was caught cheating on a history exam. Due to the consequences of her actions, Dominique may miss her summer internship at Sisters Thrive. At least Dominique doesn’t have to worry about marrying someone she doesn’t know to ease her family’s money problems, but those problems haven’t gone away, and her mom could easily change her mind in season two.

On the other hand, season two will likely explore Sid’s sexuality, his romance with Victor, and the homophobia he may face at the hands of some students. We say this because Sid didn’t even get a chance to come out on his own and instead it was his sister’s ex-boyfriend who got over him. As the star of the swim team, Sid puts a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but his hard work paid off after Harvard accepted his college application. 

Grand Army Season 2 Cast Who Will Return:

All of the main cast members will likely return in Season 2.

In Grand Army Season 1, Odessa A’zion (‘Fam’) plays Joey Del Marco, newcomer Odley Jean plays Dominique “Dom” Pierre, Amir Bageria (‘ Degrassi: Next Class ‘) portrays Siddhartha “Sid” Pakam, Maliq Johnson (‘Skin’) plays Jayson Jackson, and newcomer Amalia Yoo plays Leila Kwan Zimmer.

The series’ large and diverse cast also includes Thelonius Serrell-Freed as Tim Delaney, Sydney Meyer as Anna Delaney, Brian Altemus as Luke Friedman, Anthony Ippolito as George Wright, Ashley Ganger as Meera Pakam, August Blanco Rosenstein as Victor Borin, Jaden Jordan as Owen Williams, and Alphonso Romero Jones II as John Ellis.

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