Godzilla Vs Kong: Rouge Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla and King Kong’s Weapon (the Battle Axe) Explained in Detail.

Warner Brothers finally dropped the Godzilla vs Kong trailer and not even 12 hours into the trailer release the trailer is already topping the trending charts. Being a Godzilla fan myself, I had to write a piece on the story. If you are not a hardcore fan like me you probably got confused during the trailer many times. But do not worry anymore. Everything will be explained here.

Trailer brief:

The trailer is pretty simple. Humans have got their hands on an unconscious King Kong and are transporting him somewhere via sea on a ship. A man of authority then tells the audience that the humanity needs King Kong and he is their only hope. Why? Because Godzilla has probably went rouge and is now creating havoc against humans. I totally justify him. Humans try to kill Godzilla in almost every movie even after knowing that he is there to help them, so some payback is not that bad.

After that we proceed towards the confrontation of Godzilla and Kong in the middle of the ocean on the ship and the BGM kicks in. And man that BGM is so dope, literally gives you goosebumps. Kong gives Godzilla a good beatdown. Later in the trailer we find out that actually there was a war going on even before humanity existed and Godzilla and Kong are the last ones standing. And obviously, now that they are face to face, the question is who bows to who.

Why Godzilla went rouge?

As we saw in the previous two movies, Godzilla is the king of all monsters. And all monsters or titans as they call them in the movies now are the ultimate forces of nature to restore balance. So in the first movie when nuclear testing woke up these monsters, they started to bring down hell on humanity but soon after Godzilla woke up and brought monsters to their knees and saved humanity.

In the second instalment of the franchise we saw that Godzilla has gone back to hibernation and has not been seen ever since his last brawl with the monsters. But humans now know that monsters exist and as a curious species that humans are, they start their search for more titans and find them also. Everything is fine until they stumble across the three headed dragon menace named King Ghidora who is not a titan but as legends tell, an alien who fell from the stars. Godzilla has to come back and save the civilisation again.

As the previous two movies have already established that Godzilla is our friend then why is he rouge now? That is the biggest question after the trailer. So a theory going around is that the Godzilla that Kong is fighting in the trailer is not actually the real Godzilla but a different version of the Godzilla as in the Kaiju monster verse brand. The reason for this theory is the size and appearance of Godzilla. He obviously looks bigger and way fierce than the previous movies and the yellow glow in his dorsal plates is also new, originally Godzilla’s dorsal plates glow in a blue colour.

Mecha Godzilla:

Yes, it is official now. Well it was official way back when the production of this movie started but that feels like millions of years ago. There are three instances in the trailer to prove that this movie is going to have mecha Godzilla. Everyone who watched the trailer obviously noticed one if not all three shots. At the time stamp 1:43, there is an Asian guy on the screen, he is probably the son of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa who died in the last movie juicing up Godzilla with a nuclear war head. So, at 1:43 at the back of this guy is a screen which clearly pictures mecha Godzilla with “Systems charged” written all over it. It could not have gotten more obvious than that.

What is Mecha Godzilla?

Humans know that monsters exist. The biggest weapons that humans have are the nuclear bombs. And it seems that nuclear weapons do not even scratch these beasts, on the contrary they charge them up. In short, humankind has to rely on the mercy on these titans. So, rather than relying on the mercy of Godzilla, humans made an artificial Godzilla for themselves. In the past two movies we saw that an agency named Monarch was in charge of all the titan related activity in the world. But in this movie a new such agency has been introduced, which is named as Apex. It seems that this apex is the one that is going to be responsible for the origin of the Mecha Godzilla.

So yes, this movie can go from Godzilla vs Kong to Godzilla and Kong vs Mecha Godzilla in no time.

King Kong’s weapon:

Another noticeable and most anticipated part of the trailer was King Kong’s weapon which we gotta look at towards the end of the trailer. It seemed that the axe like weapon was able to counter Godzilla’s nuclear breath. Kong has a brand new deadly weapon, which could turn the tides in his battle against Godzilla. But how did he get this weapon and how might this weapon perform.

This weapon is actually known as King Kong’s Battle Axe. This was released following the Godzilla vs Kong action figure which shows him brandishing the weapon in Kong’s right hand conforming yes, Kong is a righty. From the appearance in the movie as well as the action figures, the head of the axe seems to made of some kind of blue crystal. It looks very similar to the dorsal plates of Godzilla when they charge up. The handle of the axe at first seems to be a tree but on closer look it becomes clear that it is bone. And a bone of that size is only found in one creature, Godzilla. So either Kong has killed one of Godzilla’s species before or he found these parts from an already dead Godzilla. This makes one thing very clear that the intelligence level of King Kong is very high. Crafting a weapon like an axe needs human level of intelligence and creating it from the body parts of your opponent to gain advantage on the battle field is a whole new level.

All these theories true or not, the movie is going to be dope.

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