Five Best Action Movies of the 2000s

Five Best Action Movies of the 2000s

One of the most popular film genres overall for a long time now has been action movies. Moviegoers from all around the world go to cinemas every day to witness captivating and adrenaline driven films which sometimes even contain violent scenes. However, it seems as if everybody knows these are simply movie effects and not real events of violence, thus they are more often than not enjoyed by the audience. Movies are visuals enjoyed by all because more or less they are a way which allows the viewers to escape reality and live within the moment in an imaginary situation. There are a lot of action movies that are worth watching and contemplating after. However, the films we will talk about in this article outperform the rest by standing as the greatest action movies of the 2000s in a genre that is full of deserving competitors.

1.  Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is one of the best movies ever created in the action genre, and I am sure many of you agree with me. The main character of this movie is the great actor James Bond whose acting comes very naturally and thus, it makes the movie appear very genuine and real to life. Regarding the crucial point of the plot, there is a high-stakes poker game that takes place in the movie where Bond has to play against his opponents. Apart from that, there are different scenes where Bond also plays other classic casino games, including roulette. Being the strategic and impressive player that he is, I am pretty sure that Bond plays online roulette games even nowadays from time to time and recreates the situations from Casino Royale.

2.  The Dark Knight (2008)

Following up in the list is the famous The Dark Knight from 2008, a cinematic masterpiece featuring Christian Bale as Batman. Batman is a well-known and beloved character for different ages, starting from kids to way older generations. In this movie, Batman faces the wrongdoer, the Joker, who terrorizes the city and causes chaos. They both live in the Gotham City and the entire plot is developed in this setting, with Batman mostly having to make difficult choices to protect the city and its inhabitants from the Joker’s destructive mind. It is impressive to also see that this movie has an evaluation of 9 out of 10 based on 2.7 million votes on the famous movie platform IMDb.

3.  Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Coming up as third on the list is Mad Max: Fury Road released first in 2015. This action movie features Tom Hardy as the main character, who is found in a dystopian world where water and resources are scarce. His mission is to save a group of five females who are being held captive by the antagonist of the movie, Immortan Joe. They fight each other and confront deadly adversaries’ multiple times which ends in an ultimate success in rescuing the women from Immortan Joe’s clutches. We highly recommend this movie for an extra increase of adrenaline so explore where you can watch it here and save it for this weekend’s movie night!

4.  Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

Next on the list is Mission: Impossible – Fallout from 2018 featuring Tom Cruise who portrays the character of Ethan Hunt. Ethan Hunt has a team called IMF (Impossible Mission Force) who work together to save the world from a catastrophic global disaster. The mission that Hunt and IMF have is to retrieve stolen plutonium that was stolen from the bad guys in the movie. Of course, the movie comes with a lot of sacrifices and losses on the protagonist’s side, but Ethan and his team celebrate victory at the end of the movie but also suggests a continuation of the series. Thus, this movie is the first step towards a series of movies that came afterwards.

5.  Tenet (2020)

Fifth on the list is Tenet, a movie first released in 2020 featuring John David Washington in a character named “The Protagonist”. Yes, the protagonist. Quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Anyways, the protagonist is a CIA operative who is on a similar mission to Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout to prevent a global catastrophe. He discovers an evil organization named “Tenet” who can travel back in time and manipulate the events. The Protagonist and his team successfully accomplish the mission; however, it must be said that the ending leaves some unanswered questions which allow for interpretation.

On a final note, the five movies presented above are shown as action movies that have made noise all around the globe when released but were also positively evaluated by the critics. As you might have noticed, the movies were ordered chronologically from the oldest to the newest. However, if you are interested to see where the action movies cinema is going, we suggest you have a look at the list of action movies released in January 2023.


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