Everything we know so far about Kaos, British series based on Greek mythology

Everything we know so far about Kaos

The Greek mythology-inspired dark comedy, Kaos, has long since been a highly-anticipated addition to Netflix’s future roster since its announcement. Five years on, what do we know about this star-studded TV series so far? Let’s take a look. 

Inspiration for Kaos 

Over the years, Greek mythology has served as inspiration for a multitude of different types of entertainment across many countries. From popular TV shows to successful film franchises, and book series to video games, characters of classic tales have been a mainstay of popular media for decades. Greek mythology is particularly a heavy inspiration for online casino games, such as online bingo at Paddy’s, where players can explore virtual bingo games like Age of The Gods, dabbing the icons of gods and goddesses in an attempt to read the Arena of the Gods. 

Despite inspiring a wide range of media, it might come as a surprise to hear that Kaos is the first British attempt to adapt Greek mythology for the small screen in a decade. The preceding TV series in question, Atlantis, was developed by the BBC in 2013, airing internationally on BBC One (UK), BBC America (US), Fox8 (Australia), and Space (Canada). Although the cast featuring British names like Mark Addy and Sarah Parrish drew in an audience of nearly seven million for its first series, the second series received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Due to this, Atlantis was not picked up for a third season, and no British showrunner has dared to cross Greek mythology again – until now. 

What do we know about Kaos?

Streaming giant Netflix first announced that it had commissioned a “darkly comedic and contemporary reimagining of Greek mythology, exploring themes of gender politics, power, and life in the underworld” from writer and creator Charlie Covell back in 2018. It is said to consist of eight 60-minute episodes. Covell is best known for her work on Russell T Davies’ comedy-drama series Banana and Cucumber. 

Kaos is said to be a reimagining of Greek mythology in a modern context, based around six people who shockingly discover their part in an ancient prophecy. Confirmed casting for these mortals includes Laila Farzhad as Ari, Aurora Perrineau as Riddy, and Killian Scott as Orpheus. After a scheduling clash meaning Hugh Grant had to step back from the project, Jeff Goldblum will star as Zeus, the King of the Gods. 

As the mortals discover their importance, outside the mortal realm, Zeus has developed a deep paranoia about the end of the world. Zeus’ actions spell issues for the Queen of the Gods, Hera (Janet McTeer) – and, whilst he is preoccupied, Dionysus (Nabhaan Rizwan) escapes his parents’ watchful eyes. Simultaneously, Hades’ (David Thewlis) control over the Underworld is slipping – and, Poseidon (Cliff Curtis) spends more time having fun rather than ruling the seas. Debi Mazar is also set to co-star as Medusa. 

Filming for the project began along the Costa del Sol, Spain, in August 2022. The production was awarded The Sustainable Production Certificate by the Malaga Film Office, as part of Malaga’s participation in the European Green Screen Project. However, it is not yet known whether production is still underway. 

The TV series is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in the future, although an exact release date is yet to be confirmed. 

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