Common Hulu Problems and Its Fixes


You are binge-watching the latest TV show on Hulu or comforting yourself with your favorite movies and web series when suddenly the Hulu app freezes or crashes. Does this sound similar? Well, it is a common problem that Hulu users have gone through at least once, and honestly, this can be really annoying.

Like any other streaming platform, Hulu has a variety of possible issues. You may sometimes wonder why are Hulu commercials so loud or think about issues like buffering and poor video quality, screen freezing, connection failures, and playback failure. Each of these issues might be caused by a multitude of factors, but do not worry because we have decided to help you here with all your Hulu problems. Here’s how to fix typical Hulu problems so you can watch your favorite shows uninterrupted.

Hulu is Not Streaming on Any Device

In rare but true cases, there have been instances when users could not stream Hulu on any of their devices. To fix this problem, you can –

  • Check if Hulu is down or not. You can use websites like Downdetector to see if the problem lies with Hulu itself and not your device. If Hulu is down, then you cannot actually do anything except waiting.
  • If Hulu is not down, then you might have to check your internet connection. Make sure that it is strong and working fine. You can try rebooting the Wi-Fi router by plugging the cables and replugging it.
  • Alternatively, you can try rebooting your TV/smartphone/tablet, etc., and try accessing the application again.

If all the above steps are futile, then you must contact Hulu’s customer support.

The Hulu App is Glitching

If you are streaming live channels on OTT platforms like Hulu, buffering, blank screen, and endless glitching are extremely common. Nevertheless, there are fixes that you can apply to get rid of a glitching Hulu app.

  • Restart your device. Restarting your streaming device may only work as a simple refresh to reestablish a good internet connection.
  • Switch to another channel. This will not fix the issue with the live channel, but it will determine whether the problem is with Hulu as a whole or just that one channel is glitching.
  • If you think that all the channels are glitching, restart your internet connection. If you think that only a few channels are facing this issue, there is not much that you can do, as more popular channels usually suffer buffering and freezing.
  • If the issue is with a specific Hulu channel, update it. It is possible that the channel is outdated, and the unfixed bugs are causing a glitching problem.
  • Delete the channel completely and then download it again. There might be a problem with the cache. In such cases, delete the cache fully and delete and re-add channels.
  • VPN users should try turning it off or changing the servers. Usually, when you are using a VPN, it tries to link another connection between your device and Hulu.
  • Please contact Hulu. They may be able to give detailed instructions for your individual streaming issue.

The Hulu App is Buffering

Buffering issues are frequently caused by insufficient bandwidth. There are numerous options for dealing with movies that pause in the middle of streams or are blurry.

  • Close any open tabs, apps, or games on the streaming device that could be hampering Hulu’s functioning. All these apps compete for bandwidth, but Hulu will ultimately suffer and slow down because you have limited bandwidth.
  • Close any open tabs or apps altogether. Simply minimizing or stopping the app is not enough. Try force closing the app so it is fully shut down and does not use the network.
  • Unpair or disconnect all network activities, apart from the router/modem, connected to your streaming device, including smart speakers that play music and other laptops and phones in different parts of the house.
  • You can try pausing your stream for a few moments to allow it to buffer. It will load the content giving you several minutes of continuous streaming even if your internet connection is poor.
  • If those steps are not effective, try rebooting your Wi-Fi. The router might be at fault here. A reboot would clear its memory and possibly improve its performance.
  • Finally, if these buffering difficulties are not resolved, you can switch to an alternative data plan with greater bandwidth. If reducing the data load is not working for your device, the next best alternative is to buy more.

The Hulu App Has No Sound

Are you able to watch videos but are unable to hear any sound? This can be attributed to a temporary bug with an easy fix, but it might potentially indicate a more serious problem with your external sound systems.

Restart the device on which you are using Hulu again. There are chances that any software issue is causing such a problem.

Unplug and then reconnect the cables that link your streaming device to the TV or external speakers, including Bluetooth speakers.

If audio is not working on any platform, and not only on Hulu, then something is wrong with the general audio system of your device. In such cases, you will have to take your device to customer care to see what the problem is. It is advised to visit an authorized place where professionals will work on your device. You might get a replacement or free service if you have a warranty.


Have you tried everything you can think of thus far and come up empty-handed? Then, on your Hulu account, delete the cache and data. There are several ways to accomplish this depending on the device you are using. On an iPhone, you can delete the cache by selecting Settings -> iPhone Storage.

Android users can go to Settings -> Hulu from the list of apps and then remove the cache and data from the app’s storage. That way, your app will be reset, and you can now try logging in again.

If you have any queries or any other problems, we would love to hear from you.

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