What’s Up With Celine Dion’s Health?

Celine Dion’s Health

In this article, we have broken down Celine Dion’s health problems. The internationally famous music star has people all over the world confused about her skinny frame, with some even questioning if she’s depressed. Let’s take a look at what’s up with Celine Dion’s health: 

Celine Dion’s Health: A Quick Look To See What Went Wrong 

Throat Problems: 

Last year the Quebec pop star announced that she had to postpone four separate Montreal performances due to doctor’s orders to recover from a throat virus. 

“We got off to such a great start in Quebec, and I was really looking forward to Montreal….then this throat virus hit me. Unfortunately, it happens. I really thought I’d be good by now but the voice is still not there yet. And when I perform for you, I always want to give you everything I’ve got. Sorry again, Montreal, and thank you for believing in me from the very, very beginning. I’ll get through this, with your support. I love you. I’ll see you all soon.”

Dion also says when she performs for fans, she always wants to give everything she’s got.

“For me, it’s a lot harder to postpone a show than to do a show. I’m so sorry for disappointing you,…It’s hard just waiting to get better and I feel like I’m letting you down. I know it’s because of you that I can do what I love.”

Celine Dion’s world tour kicked off on 18th September 2019 with a performance at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City as she promoted the Nov. 15 release of her album, “Courage.”

Constantly working:

Working hard comes at a price for the legendary singer. When it comes to her instrument, her brilliant vocal cords need a lot of training like any other muscle in the body. Singers are vocal athletes after all. And as you can tell, the singer’s livelihood and happiness depend on her throat and voice being perfect. 

Combine the stress of throat problems, with the strain of worldwide touring, and you’ve got an internationally acclaimed music star constantly working for her fans. This is what we presume led to Celine Dion’s weight loss

Celine Dion’s drastic weight loss: 

There are some facts that need to be discussed about Celine Dion’s weight loss before we jump into “Whitney Houston’s MJ Tribute” weight loss repeating itself. 

For the last 18 years, Celine Dion has been singing and dancing to sold out crowds. 

Celine once spoke about the combination of her busy schedule which includes worldwide tours filled with performances, rehearsals and lots of dancing. According to the singer, this is what’s responsible for her weight loss. 

The musical star also credited her dancing hobby for her slim frame. Celine explained to People magazine: “Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life. It’s a dream. And so hard! “I do [ballet practice] four times a week. People say, ‘She’s a lot thinner’ but I’m working hard. I like to move and [weight loss] comes with it.”

If dancing is the Grammy winner’s passion it goes without saying that she doesn’t workout in any gym for exercise. Instead, she just loves to play golf. Did you know that golfing is the type of sports activity that is actually considered to be a healthy form of cardiovascular exercise? Not only is it good for the heart, but it’s a form of exercise that reduces the amount of cholesterol, speeds up the person’s metabolic process, and even helps in weight loss. All that grass and sunlight has to account as good stress relief too. 

Lastly, we have to take into account that the 52 year old has been performing since she was a little girl, and that the stress of the industry combined with naturally ageing, isn’t exactly a perfect concoction for ageless beauty. 

Losing her husband and brother to Cancer:

Celine Dion no longer looks like the singer we know as she is losing more and more weight. The “My Heart Will Go On” hitmaker has been looking noticeably slimmer following the death of her husband René Angélil in 2016. So were her work and her husband’s death getting to be too much for the singer? 

Recovering from her loss, Dion returned to the stage for what became an annual summer tour beginning in 2016 and her Las Vegas residency, before announcing it would conclude in June 2019. In 2019, the death of her husband and brother were discussed parallelly with her weight loss at Paris Fashion Week. 

In 1994, Dion married Rene Angelil, who was 26 years her senior. The late Rene Angélil was born on January 16, 1942, and was a Canadian musical producer, talent manager to Celine and other singers. He began by taking the teen and her mother on tour in Canada, Japan and Europe. Meanwhile, Angelil and his second wife had divorced in the 1980s, and, around this same time, he and Dion had begun a romantic relationship. In 1991 they tied the knot at Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica in an elaborate ceremony that was celebrated throughout Canada.

Celine Dion’s husband even mortgaged his house in 1981 to finance her first album, La Voix du bon Dieu (The Voice of God).

In June 2014 Rene left his managerial position to focus on his health, but was still involved in business decisions related to her career. Later in August, Dion canceled all of her shows scheduled through March 22, 2015, to focus on her 72-year-old husband, whose throat cancer returned, and her children.  “I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband’s healing, and to do so, it’s important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children,” the singer said in a statement.

Celine announced that Rene’s cancer had progressed and that he had only “months to live” in 2015. Angelil lost his battle with cancer and passed away at the age of 73 in the family’s Las Vegas home.

Just two days after her husband passed, Dion lost her brother Daniel Dion, who had spent his final days in a palliative care residence outside of Montreal, Canada, in their home province of Quebec.

Hopefully, this sheds some light on what’s up with Celine Dion’s health. 

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