Betway’s Most Important Terms and Conditions for Its Casino Bonuses Available to Bulgarian Bettors

Betway’s Most Important Terms and Conditions for Its Casino Bonuses Available to Bulgarian Bettors

There are many betting websites in Bulgaria, and most of them are registered in the country. However, some brands belong to international companies, such as Betway, which are available worldwide. Consequently, they provide more options and better products. In fact, the requirements for the Betway casino bonus offered in Bulgaria from Betenemy show that this operator wants to establish itself as one of the leaders in the business. New casino clients can obtain an impressive cash reward to help them once they start playing against other players.

Speaking of bonuses, Betway Bulgaria provides bettors with several other promos that they can use to wager on sports. Needless to say, each of them has specific rules that gamblers must take into account before using them. Pointing out every critical condition is almost impossible because the company’s T&C is long. Nevertheless, everyone must know a few rules, which is why this review of Betway will share them with you.

You can’t use any of the bonuses outside their promo period

Despite the fact that some of the offers available at Betway in other countries are available all the time, this may not be the case in Bulgaria. Some options fall into this category, but you will probably find promotions whose bonuses are accessible for a couple of days.

If you want to check whether you have time to use the offer you like, skim through its conditions. Sadly, Betway won’t allow you to utilize a specific offer if it is expired, so you need to be careful.

Some of the casino bonuses might be accessible to certain users

Online bettors in Bulgaria who want to use Betway’s promotions will have to open the company’s site and check the bonus section. According to the review of the Betway casino promo code from Betenemy, the site has a couple of propositions that most gamblers can use. With that being said, the company may decide to provide some of its clients with special perks that are not accessible to regular users. 

Most of these offers will require a special bonus code that the given player must use before putting the promotion to the test. If you ever receive such a code, do not give it to other bettors because they won’t be able to try the bonus for you. The special proposals are account-specific, which means that only you can get access to them.

Make sure that your account name is the same as the name you’ve used to make a deposit

There might be all sorts of casino bonuses at Betway, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of them require real money deposits. Fortunately, Betway is one of the leaders in Bulgaria and other parts of the world when it comes down to online betting, which is why it offers different payment solutions.

Most people who use this company’s services make deposits using their preferred payment solution. Unfortunately, some gamblers cannot add funds to their account on their own, so they ask someone else to do that for them. The bad news is that Betway does not like this, so if the account name and the name of the person who’s made a deposit are different, the promotion will be disabled.

In other words, you should never use someone else’s e-wallet, debit card, or any other payment option to fund your account if you want to use different promotions.

You won’t be able to use Betway’s casino promotions if you or someone from your family works at the company

One of the many reasons why Betway is one of the most reputable betting operators in the world is because of the company’s innovative promo section. Consequently, even people who work there often want to put them to the test.

Sadly, even punters who use the Betway bonus code after checking Betenemy won’t be able to put these offers to the test if they or someone from their family works at the company. It seems like Betway decided that it doesn’t want to risk its reputation for allowing someone from their team to win big prizes using the bonuses. As a result, the brand decided to forbid its employees and their families to utilize the different proposals.

Betway’s casino promotions have a higher rollover requirement 

Most betting promotions available online have rollover requirements, and those available at Betway are no special. With that being said, they require users to wager them more than the sports bonuses. In other words, don’t be surprised once you see the rules and realize that every casino promotion has to be wagered at least 40 times to make a withdrawal.

Some of the offers are more special, which means they might have lower rollover conditions than usual. You can learn more information about them by checking the T&C.

If your Bonus Balance drops below a specific amount, your rollover requirement will be completed

Sadly, things don’t always go as planned, especially when betting online or using some of the bonuses. Even though we want to complete our rollover requirements as soon as possible, there are cases where we fail to predict our bets. If that happens and your bonus balance drops below 1 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies, Betway will consider your rollover requirements to be fulfilled. 

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