Axe Throwing: Your Ultimate Stress Reliever that You Should Try Now.

Contagious, creepy, and triggered by multiple reasons, stress can not only make you disconnected from the world but also can consume your cheerful self. Do understand that stress has reached its peak when banging every single piece of crockery in the house is the only way out that will help you relieve it. Find the axe throwing near me. If we tell you that there is actually a sport where you can reduce your stress by throwing things, would you believe us? Yes, we are talking about Axe Throwing. A sport believed to reduce stress and make a person feel light and happy. Axe throwing is a unique way to relieve stress in a casual and relaxed environment. So now you would think where can this unique sport be played? You don’t have to worry about the venue anymore, coz there are official bars in America and Canada with bachelorette throwing events and leagues. 

What Is Axe Master Throwing?

Axe Throwing is the world’s biggest metropolitan axe throwing company. At  Axe Master Throwing, you will have an unforgettable time. Axe Throwing is fun and great of an experience. If you’re thinking about axe throwing, and  want to sought the best axe throwing locations nearby, you’ll be glad to know that Axe Master is ready to help you hone your tomahawk throwing and ax throwing skills and provide you a great time. For your safety, we do not serve things like beer or alcohol. We invite families, children and all ages from eight to adult to try axe throwing. Many people who come to us have never tried their hand at axe, but once you try it and understand the easy rules and how it works, you’ll be in for a great run!

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Rules Of Playing Axe Throwing

The target set at thirty-six inches width- which consists of five rings- each four inches wide. The outside ring is will fetch you one point, the next one increase to two, then three, and so forth. At the end finally the bullseye is worth five points. The distance of the throwing line to the target should be 6.1 meters or 21 feet, but at least one association conducts competitions from 15 and 30 foot distances. The axe is scored for the value of the outermost ring that it is touching. Each player gets five throws in a game and the maximum score is set  at 25. The thrower must not step over the throwing line before the axe hits or in case misses the target; a thrower who steps over the line gets 0 points. Before the competition, a special target for practice purpose must be made available. Throwers practicing on the competition target will be disqualified from the competition.

Axe Throwing Events – A Unique Way To Celebrate Your Special Days

Make your bookings for private events, celebrate special occasions like birthday parties, fundraisers, and bachelor/bachelorette parties, and give a special touch to your normal days. If you are a pro, join the leagues at  axe master throwing. Group events for big groups and walk-in axe throwing for smaller groups are hosted at axe Master throwing that gives 1 – 2 hours of axe throwing fun. You can reserve your axe throwing lane in advance. Making a reservation 3-4 weeks in advance is recommended for weekends. Each event has a dedicated axe throwing lane(s) and a dedicated axe throwing coach, to guide you on how to throw an axe while playing fun games. Private events last for 2 hours and are hosted by a dedicated  Axe Master Throwing coach. A large group, meeting the minimum group size requirement is a must to book at an Axe Throwing event. Private events cost ranges from $30 – $40 + tax per person.

Corporate And Team Building Events, For A Long-Lasting Impression

You have some important clients, and you want to experience a fun night with them and leave a long-lasting impression? Then corporate and team building events at bad axe throwing is the right option for you. Corporate & team building events take between 2.5 to 3 hours. You will be assigned a dedicated axe throwing coach (or several coaches for larger groups) that will dictate the rules. The coach also helps with understanding how axe throwing works, after which you can begin with practicing and learning how to throw an axe. With your corporate booking, you avail the benefit of no extra charge for catering in food or bringing your own drinks.

Advantages of Axe Throwing:

  • Exercise and Relieve Stress by playing this fun game once a week or month.
  • Save a Ton of Money as it comes with affordable prices.
  • With Axe Throwing Leagues, Grab A Chance to Win Awesome Prizes.
  • Axe Throwing helps to actively participate in Community Engagement And also in Building Your Social circle.
axe master

Now, leave your stress and anxiety behind and experience a fun night at Atlanta’s axe master throwing that will help you throw your worries along with every axe.

The opinion of the people who came at axe master throwing to play and enjoy say that they had fun in spite of not being an expert. They also say that they got a much-needed break from their busy schedule and stress, also learning something exciting. So, come with your friends, family, and enjoy competing with each other or the pros. Taste the best cuisine and have drinks together.

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