Akash Ahuja’s new song ‘Nini’ is the most memed Indian music video of 2020

Akash Ahuja's new song ‘Nini’

Singer, lyricist and also a rapper Akash Ahuja has probably kept no stone unturned when it comes to entertaining his audience, and making his every presence remarkable. 

The young Indian-American artist who recently marked his successful debut into singing with song ‘Come Closer’ is also quite known for his blending old and contemporary styles. Apart from it, the young guy also became the first professional from the country (India) to earn his own billboard at the Times Square in New York City. 

Interestingly, Akash is back in the news with his latest song ‘Nini’ which has created much buzz among in quite a different perspective. Sung and written by Ahuja, the song has become the most memed Indian music video of the year 2020.

As per the reports, there’s a particular scene in the video where Akash is getting his nails painted has been memed for over 10,000 times and still counting on. Now the much controversial scene has been a topic for jokes on social media and the internet. The video-song also garnered over a hundred thousand views within 24 hours of its release. 

Besides, the song is also currently topping the list of ‘influencers’ favourite songs’ to dance upon on Instagram. Not just that, many popular influencers are grooving to the song.

Talking about it, the elated Akash tells, “Nini was such a fun song to make and work on. Once I heard the island beat, it probably took less than an hour to write and record the entire song. The entire project felt so natural and amazing to me.”

Moreover, being a romantic ode, the song was yet again recorded at the ANS studios. The catchy melodic chorus and wash going rap verses paired with the tropical beat produced by Davincii probably makes this the perfect summertime anthem for everyone.It’s also quite interesting that the space for independent music is getting a positive growth every passing year now. It allows the singer a great opportunity to be part of the whole project, the video, and composition. It is strongly believed that there is a lot more still to be explored in independent music.

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