Top-Notch Ways to Increase Your Follower Rates on Twitter

Twitter is a website where followers are king. If you have many eyes on your account and are interested in what you have to say, then your account is driven to succeed. However, finding new people interested in what you have to say on Twitter can be challenging. It’s an app where everyone is shouting to get noticed. So how can you shout the loudest? This guide can help you get more Twitter followers.

First, Remember it’s All About Engagement

The common-sense rule for all social media posts, especially Twitter, is to engage with your audience.

Create brand-relevant content that can spark a conversation, is entertaining, or has a call to action that benefits your business. It’s best to post content at the times when your audience is most active, which you can see through your analytics.

Twitter is also a platform that rewards replies as well. If you’re not responding or liking comments, it can knock you down a peg on the algorithm. While you don’t need to respond to every comment for your followers, you should have a good response to at least several.

Engagement can not only get you more followers, but it’s probably more important than followers in the long run. For example, having 1k followers could be better than 5k if more people interact with your content. On the other hand, if no one is interacting with your profile due to the lack of content you make, Twitter could see this as a sign your profile is dead and knock it back on the algorithm.

Twitter Rewards Visuals

With Twitter, having images or videos attached to your posts can increase its engagement by over 1/3rd. Think about it. A casually scrolling user might miss your post if you only put text. But on the other hand, images or videos can catch the eye of your followers.  

Try to have content relevant to your business that can stand out when people scroll with your images and video. Using stock images and generic templates can bore your users, but having a unique idea relevant to your brand can get engagement and thus more followers.

Hashtags and Keywords

Another common sense yet under-utilized feature that some businesses do not use is hashtags. Hashtags are used in two ways. First, you can use trending hashtags, which many Twitter users are eyeing at this period. You can follow trends, capitalize on them, and obtain new followers.

Of course, broad hashtags do have the issue of you getting lost in the online ether, which is why many businesses create hashtags focused on their brand and their community. This way, your followers spread these hashtags, and thus you can get them trending.

Keywords are essential as well. For example, if your business sells wool rugs, having the words “wool rugs” appear on your post can get your brand just as noticed as using hashtags.

Have Your Tweets Be That Sweet Spot in Length

With Twitter, all of your posts are shorter due to the 280 character limit. While 280 seems like a lot, more verbose users might be surprised with how much they have to shorten to get their message across. People love bite-sized pieces of content, with Twitter being king of that.

It would be best to make your posts a certain length: not too long, but not too short. The recommended length is about 110 characters, with posts in that ballpark performing better.

Of course, this length can depend on your audience. Maybe you have an audience that likes longer-form content. In that case, you must find the right length. Look at your best-performing tweets and see how many characters they have on average. While correlation does not always equal causation, there is a good chance that getting your posts to that length can increase your reach and thus give you more followers.

Promote Your Twitter Outside of it

Another move you need to make with Twitter is to promote it wherever you go. If you have other social media profiles, linking people to your Twitter is one way you can do it. Besides that, integrating it with your business can also help.

For example, you can put your Twitter on each email template or business card. Having your social media on your website in clear sight can drive followers to your account, too.

Many business owners can mistake not having enough leads to bring people to their socials. If you’re not promoting your Twitter enough, there’s a reason why there might not be enough people visiting it.

Tweet More

Twitter does require you to tweet a lot if you want to get noticed in its algorithm. Social media sites punish people who post too much, but Twitter is not like that. If you tweet at least twice a day, you can get your content noticed much faster than otherwise.

This statement does not say that you should tweet every hour, but instead, tweet a couple of times a day, with the occasional retweet to bump your post up. This way, you can get people to notice your posts.

Have a Fantastic Bio

If you want to attract new followers, one way to do so is to have a bio that will get people talking. Your bio should have a high-res profile photo and showcases what you’re about to viewers. Meanwhile, your bio should have tags and keywords that explain what your company is about, with hints at what content your followers will find. Your bio should include links to your business, allowing new followers to know where to go if they have any inquiries or wonder what you have to sell.

Look at other successful businesses and see how they write their bios. It would be best if you look to companies that have similar offerings as you, as this can help you craft a bio that will interest your followers. Of course, always be sure you add your unique twist to it. 

Remember, Scheduling is Key

With Twitter, your followers can be active during certain hours compared to others. Maybe your brand attracts the night owls of the world, or it draws the early birds. Unfortunately, not everyone can be able to be active at particular times. You might be asleep or busy when your audience is active.

However, you can schedule tweets, meaning you can reach people at those odd hours when you usually would not be able to post. Of course, with scheduling, you do want to come back later to engage with any comments, but being able to post at any time can help you reach those who you usually could not.

Do Not Be Afraid to Spend Some Money

With Twitter, you have to spend some money to get your word out. But that’s just how the website works. Twitter does not require you to spend too much, but if you find a tweet you feel like you have to show to the world, you can pay to boost its presence.

Besides using Twitter’s included promotion tools, you can spend money on other services. You can pay to have more followers, for example. You can pay to get your post more likes. Many accounts, significantly larger influencers, got that way through paying, and there’s no shame if you do so.

Evolve With Your Audience

Like any business, you must evolve as your audience grows. So likewise, your Twitter audience can change. Not just in age, but in interests, hobbies, or what they want to see with your company.

As such, a social media profile needs to change with the times. While you don’t need to lose what made you unique, what you focus on posting when you concentrate on it, and your target audience can evolve.

You must do market research now and then to see if your audience has changed. If you keep chasing the same audience, it could lead to your followers dwindling. However, learning how to evolve can increase your follower count.

Parting Thoughts

On Twitter, you can succeed if you know how to use the site properly. It’s a website that rewards engagement, timing, and great personalities. Don’t be afraid to loosen your persona while on Twitter and have fun with your audience. You might find that you can attract a group of die-hard fans who will be there for every tweet you have. We hope this post was helpful for you.

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