Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing Instagram Followers Without Following Others

Typically, a noob user or brand on Instagram would follow a variety of different users hoping to kick-off their reputation by being followed back. This is an amateur move and, therefore, this guide aims at helping you through the steps necessary to increase your followers without following others. 

1. Engage with your community

Many people tend to make a significant mistake of treating their followers as the only metric that matters on Instagram. They get so obsessed with growing their follower count that they forget how each of their followers is human and end up ignoring all of them. 

If you don’t pay attention and listen to your audience, then you’re probably not doing much on building a meaningful reputation. Pay attention to your engagement levels and take note of followers who like and comment on your posts. Please get to know some of them and show some appreciation by giving shout outs once in a while. This will help you increase your reach and exposure and boost your chances of gaining more real followers. 

2. Buy Instagram followers

If your strategy for getting more Instagram followers is to randomly follow hundreds of users in the hopes that they’ll return the favor, you’re making a big mistake. You might come out as desperate or a noob. Instead of getting pity followers, users may end up ignoring your presence entirely. 

You can opt to buy Instagram followers and increase your fan base without having to follow a single account. These purchased followers are accounts belonging to real and active users on Instagram; thus, ensuring your numbers increase by pulling in other organic followers. Many Instagram users have bought followers at Instagrowing at a very affordable price, and they have seen their Instagram performance increase tremendously.

3. Perfect your Bio

Your Instagram bio is one of the essential items on the network that accurately advertises your account or that of the brand. It defines the services in which you or the business is willing to offer and why they should consider following you back. Therefore, your bio should be compelling enough to capture the attention of your audience and convince them to click on that follow button in a matter of seconds. 

You can opt to use a strong call to action on your bio and up to 150 characters to describe your account. A short snappy CTA would do the trick to let your followers get gold out of your bio. A sturdy CTA requires you to use attractive yet straightforward words that would win over the heart of any who reads it. 

4. Work with influencers

Nobody can make it entirely on their own and especially if they’re startups on Instagram. Establishing strong connections with influencers of the platform serves as one of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers without having to follow others. 

Try to engage with a few influencers on the network and especially those involved in the same kind of niche that your account is. These big shots can help take your account to the next level and get you more followers without requiring you to follow others. 

5. Create a consistent posting schedule

It would be best if you were consistent with the content you share with the audience on your page. Try to post regularly to make your followers comfortable with your schedule. Look for the times that most of your followers are actively engaged in your posts. Schedule your activity on your stories and pages for those periods. 

Try not to post too many photos at once because this might be regarded as a scam by other users, and they can even go to extremes of unfollowing you. Consistency in your posts allows your audience to rely on your exquisite and regular content. It also enables you to get more exposure; thus, pulling in more followers without having to follow others. 

6. Create unique and attractive content

Once you know the type of content that suits you and your audience, it would be best to create awesome posts that are going to connect with your them effectively. As much as this would seem obvious, people often make the mistake of neglecting the quality of their content. 

Rather than posting the same kind of monotonous content that only consists of words, try to include relevant pictures to make them more interesting. This method requires you to connect with your audience and get to know more about what they’d like to see in your posts. Eventually, you would end up increasing your Instagram followers without following other users. 

7. Make use of Instagram tools.

There are many Instagram tools that you should be aware of to help market your account and have more users following you. The following are some of the best Instagram tools in the market.

  • Boomerang – creating appealing videos 
  • Social Blade – track your growth and that of your competitor
  • VSCO – edit your images 
  • Repost – share popular posts
  • HypeAuditor – Analyze your Instagram followers

8. Using Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that are preceded by “#” and are usually common among the youth on social media. They serve as ways through which users can navigate and easily find different and trending topics. You can research some of the most popular hashtags in your niche. This will help expose your account to more searches and thus increase the number of your followers without following first. 

9. Networking your way through the community

To succeed on Instagram, you’ll have to interact with various users and give them shout outs. If you help different users without expecting anything back, you might end up receiving more followers in return. These users would find it in themselves to advertise your account just as you did theirs.

If we’re missing any other essential point, you can add it to your list and get those followers you need to thrive on the platform. 

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