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Just by reading the title of the article, it is highly probable that multiple questions have might have crossed your mind? The title of the article in itself is a question. As ranking on Google’s very first page is still a wonder, to which answer is still an astonished face?
Let’s go through the question once again. Could we really do that without backlinks
The standard revert to this question yes. But it is completely reliant on multiple factors. It is hence only then possible to rank on first SERP. The first and foremost thing is having an overview. The overview with respect to the websites that hold quality content. But there are many other things which pull up the site to the first page with no backlinks. Multiple factors are taken into consideration. While on the other hand outcome which is far more advanced than backlinks. It is not like you need to be a professional for this, some basic knowledge about the in and out would do just fine.

Here are some magic techniques to   better ranking on Google without backlinks


#1. Prefer to utilize keywords with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

Content is the king, that is a known fact. Ideal and at the very same time decent content positions itself at a higher rank of course. Apart from that on page optimization is a must that is to be considered as well, for ranking up higher on SERPs without relying on backlinks. If the keyword is used more frequently than what is required, then it is quite obvious that Google will include the content, post among the spammer list. However, there is always a way out to such setbacks. One can consider using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). In this method, a set of synonyms is used to overcome spamming.

#2. Keep looking for keywords that hold dense search volume and less competition

Fetching keywords is an activity called brainstorming. There are multiple websites where one can look for those keywords namely keyword Discovery or Google keyword planner. These could be probably the best place to get the precise set of keywords. While on the contrary having a sky touching search density. As it is strongly recommended to go with a keyword which holds a more frequent search volume by people. But in turn, those people get some or no search results at all. Hence when this will be done along the accurate search engine optimization (SEO), then the Google algorithm will recognize it. It will not only recognize it but it will rank it as well.

#3. Make use of one of a kind and catchy Title

The title or the heading of any article or content is a significant role player for ranking higher. Instead, try creating another one of a kind title which may catch the eye of the reader and the visitors of the website. That is because copy-paste is an act which will never help anyone get on the top list or first page of search page results. While on the other hand not forgetting it to position the keywords with precision in the content. The solution to this issue could be preferring SEO Pressor. It enables the user to get one of the best titles for content

#4. Make an Attempt to become a pioneer using the keyword relevant to the keyword

It is not something new to our ears that with every single day passing some very unique search queries are made. Hence it is very obvious that some new data (information) is added along with the new updates on the web. But the population is busy looking for something which is brand new which no other blog post or no webmaster has ever published.  So it is nothing to be worried about in the fact that is a plus point to increase the chances of getting visible on the first page of the search engine without backlinks. Hence this activity incorporates a lot of thinking for coming up across keywords which do not have any competition and an elevated volume of search. Instead, it is very simple to scribble about something which no other blogger has scribbled about. So try to be a pioneer while writing about something. Don’t fear about it being an out of the box idea or topic. Instead, it could be a reason for getting the highest search attempts.

#5. Attempt to prefer using Long-Tail Keywords as much as possible

Long-Tail Keywords being used increases the chances of a higher vulnerability. Whenever a search is made on a Google keyword, the following of the phrase shapes up blindly to complete the search enquiry. However any attempt for the search query is made, Google makes it sure to hunt down for the accurate keywords which are obtainable on the sites. After that, the search results show up. Nevertheless, if it fails to fetch the precise keyword in the database then it starts looking it up using the accurate keyword in the title of the webpage. This justifies the theory of using Long Tail Keyword boosting the chances of the search query more vulnerable with some or no backlinks

#6. Try operating along with Google Trends

Traverse the strength of Google with Google trends. It is ok to inscribe on the topics which are drifting over the internet. Also, there is a high probability that search could be set to search trends for specific keywords. Which means that this could be regarded as the undisclosed machete of the majority of the bloggers on the internet. The bloggers are always in search for the posts which are drifting over the internet and are taking the web down with a storm. Also, they try to fabricate the content with one of a kind and alike post with similar keywords which are trending over the internet and have been successfully the choice of those keywords.

#7. Required Website Security

The website is the brand of the organization’s entity or the blogger’s identity. Which makes it the very first step towards attaching to the very own and owned customers, they are the reason for the blogger being there online.  Which justifies the argument of the website security. Just incase if the website is not safe enough, it will automatically drift away from the customers away from visiting the website. Likewise, threatening remarks are probable to appear from anywhere possible. They just need a loophole, and that is it. Hence this can take away all the customers website. The information which may be threatened may be credit card information, transaction trail information, Identity etc. So it is strongly recommended that an individual should prefer installing an SSL certificate on the site. Which will hereby secure the information that is processed over the website among the computer and the server safe enough?

#8. Resort to Google Alerts for contemporary information

Google alerts is one of the most decorated tools used by bloggers to stay updated about what is trending on the internet. Hence before one starts writing about something, he could surely scribble something which is drifting on the web already. Also after creating an alert, the mails will start hitting on the mail inbox from the Google Alert which will be having information pertaining the drifting information and post.


Hence we now come to know about the methods on how to rank better on the first page of google search without resorting to back links.

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