How you can increase traffic by Podcast?

What is a podcast?

A netcast which is better known as a podcast is an episodic narrative of digitized audio or visual media file content, which is downloaded by the user to listen. It is majorly obtainable for the endowment. Hence this makes the new episodes downloadable along with the medium of web syndication to a personal computer, a mobile app, movable media player.

Backlog of podcast

The word “Podcast” was initially introduced by Ben Hammersley as a large bag of iPod and broadcasting it. The podcast files parted no doubt are in audio format. However, a handful of the files format may sometimes include EPUB, WAV or PDF too. The video format files are published while considering a specific podcast structure. This in such a scenario is also known as vodcasts or video podcasts. A podcast creator needs to perpetuate a chief list of the files shares on the server. This list is commonly known as a web feed. It can only be accessed with the internet.
The person who listens or views the podcast make use of a customized client app for a computer. This software is also supported on a media player which enables a user to use it on such media players. This app is better known as a podcatcher. It has an access to the web feed, runs a check for the latest updates and makes the downloads happen when series is added with a new file or series of files. The whole process could be automated using the apps in the built setting. As this setting or in other words feature/functionality allows the app to push the podcast to the devices whenever connected to the internet for downloading a podcast.

Storing of the podcasts

The downloaded podcasts are stockpiled on the device of the user, which makes it ready for an offline use. There are a huge number of mobile apps that cater to the need of listening, downloading the podcasts. Most of these apps are developed with an objective to make it available to the people which make use of it in the future to listen to podcasts. As these apps permit the users to pull the podcasts down to their device.
An option to stream is available on the brighter side for those who do not wish to store any of the podcasts on the respective devices due to any reason. However, some apps showed up past few updates with some additions. This allows the users to skip a podcast along with the ability to command the playback speed of the podcast.

The catch

To get a substantial increase in the count of listeners of the podcast is based on a strategy. We dwell in an era where it is the time when people are going for podcasts more as compared to radio. Coming down to figures approximately more than half the population of the United States listen to podcasts. While on the other hand there is a 1/4 rise in the audience listening to podcasts. From this, we can get a clear view of how many are jumping off to podcasting as they are an advancement to the radios.
On the other hand, it is high time when you went across the advantages and disadvantages of podcasting as to get started with podcasting. Even if you have started with the podcasting it is important to acknowledge to come up with a plan on how to market a podcast to the audience segment. However, it is nothing to be worried about getting a hike in the traffic to the podcast is based on a simple formula.

Here we present to you the methods which will help in boosting the detectability of podcast and pull more followers.

#1. Take the full advantage of the social media visibility

Begin with promoting on social media platforms which have a giant customer base. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram etc. To be precise facebook has a user base of 2+ billion active accounts. On the other hand, Twitter has overall a count of 335+ million unique visitors per month. It is hard to believe that a major chunk of the said numbers is frequent listeners of podcasts. It completely relies on how frequent you will decide to broadcast the show. The show can be broadcasted on a daily, weekly or either monthly basis. It is advised to begin planning before time and creating posts for the promotional objective on the primary account which is the first stage of promotion. Hence you can highlight remarkable clients.
This can be done by discussing pointers or citing the quotes which come from the podcast to keep holding to prospect viewers. It is vital to get the post on mentioned platforms in order to not let the audience forget about the show. In another way to show or remind them that they just missed an episode watch it while they still can. If you fall short on the watch to create social media posts, a scheduling app is ideal to recall for the posts upload on time. As on time posts gets a good exposure. In the conclusion give promotion on Facebook a higher preference. Two significant tools that play an important role are Twitter Ad and Facebook Ad manager. These 2 mechanisms are able to lay the ad campaign perfectly.

#2. Take Support of Marketing Mails

It is always ideal time to grab hold on to the leads agenda. Majority of the podcast comes with a website along with a link wherein users give their email address to get news and updates. Sign Up list is the best leverage of the email marketing campaign. After the list has been accomplished, try to create a good quality email that promotes the podcast broadcast date and time in detail. Similar to the social media posts promote the special client who is going to be on the show. And on another hand spotlight the podcasts like a trailer. This is to give them a glance at what they will get to listen if they come. To ensure and secure a high rate of conversion, it is important to write a good subject line. The subject should be so eye-catching that the person opening the mail will want to open and see what it is exactly. Also, a good subject line is likely to greater Click-through.

#3. Get your Podcasts on iTunes

Your podcast is available on website, blog, Facebook is not going to be enough. There is a demand for an extra mile to maximize the traffic by podcast. The biggest thing is, the audience should be able to access your podcast content even from their very own handhelds, smartphones etc. A research demonstrated that around more than 65% people who listen to these podcasts make their way through iTunes. iTunes is the most renowned platform for listening to podcasts. Getting to listen to such podcast might sound impossible on such a humongous platform but it is not so. It is easy and largely available on iTunes. Just follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Having a podcast which is good enough to be uploaded on iTunes
  2. A graphic image of a resolution of 3000*3000 pixels and 1400*1400 pixels in PNG or JPEG format which could later be used as an album cover
  3. Getting on with an attention-grabbing the title
  4. Prefer using an authentic iTunes email address
  5. Pick a subtype of iTunes which states the nature of your podcast (health, business, art, family etc)

And that will all be able to get your podcast on iTunes as Following the above-mentioned steps. Reach out to iTunes Podcasts by following the steps to get the podcast submitted to iTunes. In extreme cases, it might just take a maximum of 72 hrs of time to get it submitted to iTunes.

#4. Prefer SEO and YouTube for getting maximum traffic.

To get even dense traffic to these podcasts one needs to pay attention to SEO and YouTube. The number of users on YouTube has about 1.3 billion active users per day. On a daily basis, there are about 5 billion vids seen on YouTube. It is having an extremely wild audience reaching capability. And this makes it the biggest content sharing platform on the internet today. The fact is that uploading video content is that easy, like creating an account and getting the video live by hitting the upload button. But hold on it is about to get better. As we all know that YouTube is just another subsidiary of globally renowned Google products. This makes it clear that it is going to follow the Google SEO structure as any website does. Hence the titles or the metadata gets a substantial higher rank in YouTube search results page.


The popularity of podcasts has been growing and growing day by day, the reason is known why. The podcasts are remarkable, a cost-efficient approach for people and businesses. Hence podcast is a great medium for reaching out to a major segment of the audience.

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