How to Get More Reach on Your Linkedin Post in 2022?


I know it is quite overwhelming while starting on LinkedIn. And that’s why you are here searching for how to get more reach on your LinkedIn posts. Your mind gets stuffed with hundreds of questions regarding growth on LinkedIn.

Millions of people are searching every day on search engines for questions like- 

How to get more reach on your LinkedIn post?
How to increase engagement on LinkedIn?
How many views on a LinkedIn post is good? 
Why am I not getting likes on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is growing immensely as a professional social network used by individuals, recruiters, companies, business owners, universities, professional groups, and other organizations as well. 

The old rule of thumb was that social media is for fun. The new rule of thumb is that social media is free advertising to an engaged audience promoting your business.  The question is how to increase engagement on LinkedIn or how to increase reach on your LinkedIn profile to reach your target audience. The answer to this is not just the quality of your content. 

This blog breaks down the importance of LinkedIn reach and explains how to work on LinkedIn to increase your engagement for the long run. Now that you know well, why LinkedIn reach is important, in this article, we will look at-

  • How can LinkedIn be used for reaching a target audience?
  • How to increase engagement on LinkedIn?

How to use LinkedIn to reach your target audience? 

LinkedIn is considered the best social media platform for professionals and business owners. While making a LinkedIn account might be easy, the challenge that most business owners come across is how to increase engagement and reach out to the right audience.

LinkedIn is an essential part of social media marketing and there is a lot of information and data which you can use for getting more and more audience and engagement. LinkedIn has made itself user-friendly with recent updates and there is a lot of potential in LinkedIn which can be explored with simple steps. 

As per LinkedIn, there are more than 720 million LinkedIn users across the globe. And, this number is ever increasing. Linkedin is the largest professional social media site, where one can find professional connections, mentors, talent, ideas, and customers for their business. 

It is one of the best platforms for business networking, job opportunities, collaboration, and business development. The user base of LinkedIn has increased exponentially. Businesses are spending billions of dollars to connect with their customers through LinkedIn.

Now it’s time to tell you the main point of this article, which is how to increase engagement on LinkedIn.

How to increase engagement on your LinkedIn post? 

Now, before getting into the points I must say that if you ask someone who truly wants to leverage the power of LinkedIn and get tons of opportunities out of it then you have to stick ok with it for a long time. 

It’s not for the ones who want overnight success as LinkedIn is a true gem but it takes time to grow and succeed here. If you have patience and want to grow organically on LinkedIn then this article is truly meant for you. 

So let’s get started with the points that you have to follow to increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn. 

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

The first step towards increasing your engagement rate on LinkedIn is to have an optimized LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have an optimized LinkedIn profile and you don’t know the importance of optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you are missing out on many opportunities. 

It is a must to fill in all your details while creating your profile and gain that “All-star” batch on your LinkedIn dashboard. Also, your profile must be optimized for your particular keyword or the key role that you are looking to work on. 

If you don’t know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for a job search for freelancing you can check this article to get yours done. 

2. Research your ideal audience

Now that you have an optimized LinkedIn profile you need to know your audience so that you can conclude who are your potential clients or target audience. 

Well, researching your audience can play a big role in defining your growth rate on LinkedIn and increasing your engagement and reach. No matter how good your content is, if your audience doesn’t like to see the type of content that you are creating, it will be of no use. It can neither bring you engagement nor clients and job opportunities. 

So, it becomes necessary to know what your audience likes to see and connect with those people who have similar interests as yours. 

3. Expand your network

Well, I can say that on LinkedIn, “Networking is the key to prosperity”. 

Yes, but if done properly with the proper audience. The point is that you need to connect and network with people with who you have similar interests as yours or the people with whom you want to work. 

Connecting and expanding your network with the right side of the audience can actually boost your engagement rate and can open up doors for more reach and new opportunities. 

4. Create quality content

Me being an active LinkedIn creator with more than 13k followers, if someone asks me these questions- 

How to increase engagement on your LinkedIn post? 

How many views on a LinkedIn post is good? 

How can you get more likes on LinkedIn?

My quick answer to all of these questions is just the “quality of your content”. 

You can’t fool your audience by posting random stuff that is not providing any value to them. Your audience is not going to engage with it. 

Try to know your target audience and their needs. After researching, create contents that solve their problems. In this way, they are more likely to engage with your content through liking or even commenting on it that automatically increases your reach and engagement rate. 

5. Interact with your connections

Human connection is the best form of connection forever. Try to act like a human in your LinkedIn profile and not just a robot who is continuously posting and posting content without considering its audience and their needs. 

You shouldn’t think twice before sliding into your connections’ DM and treating them with a personalized note. And it will be more beneficial to keep in touch with your connections and interact with them regularly showing that you exist. This personal touch with your audience makes them engage with your post, increasing your reach on LinkedIn. 

6. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags play a major role in every platform. The same is the case with LinkedIn. You can’t deny the power of the hashtag in categorizing content according to industry and type. This helps a lot to display content to relevant audiences having the same area of interest. 

According to leading experts, it is recommended to use between 3 to 10 relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your LinkedIn posts. It is advised not to use less than 3 hashtags and also not more than 10 hashtags in a single post. 

7. Experiment on different content formats

Not everything works for everyone. So is the case with LinkedIn posts and engagement. You need to experiment by posting different content formats, switching from text to videos, carousels, and graphics to see what works best for you. Your engagement can vary from posting different content as per your audience’s interests. Also, polls on LinkedIn work in a great way to increase your reach. 

Creating long-form content like long text posts, carousels or videos can increase the dwell time of your post that is how much of the time the viewers are spending on your post. This helps the LinkedIn algorithm to define the quality of your content and promote accordingly to further remaining audiences. 

8. Engage with your network’s post

Engagement is considered to be done when someone reacts to your post, comment on your post, or share your post. One reaction is like one point to your post while one comment is like a bonus to your post. On the other hand, sharing a post is a waste of time. 

If you want to get higher reach and engagement on your LinkedIn post, you must engage with your connection’s post. The more you engage with others the more you get visible, this increases your chances of ranking higher on the search bar of LinkedIn. 

9. Connect with people of similar interest

As already mentioned above, networking is absolutely necessary but in a proper way. Mindlessly connecting with everyone from whom getting connection requests is not a way to grow your LinkedIn profile and get reach and opportunities from it. 

While accepting a connection request it is necessary to keep in mind the interest of your network that you are building as it can widely affect the reach and engagement rate of your posts. No matter how good your content is, people are not going to like it or engage with it if they don’t have similar interests as yours. 

10. Be consistent to build a strong personal brand

LinkedIn is a long-term game and consistency is the key to success here. If you are someone who is looking for overnight success on LinkedIn then it is absolutely not for you. Consistency and dedication to your work are all that is needed here. 

If you want to build your presence on LinkedIn then it is necessary that you consistently provide value to your audience.

 “Remember that building a strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn is worth the time and effort. 

Now that you know how to play this LinkedIn game, and following these steps can be a win-win for you. These exact 10 steps can bring you thousands of reach and engagement to your LinkedIn posts. Share it with someone who needs this because sharing is caring. 

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