How to fix SEO problems

A handful of the masses will try to label as a branch of knowledge. The fact is SEO is an ability which comes only through the branch of relevant knowledge. It is something more than that. If an individual is having some elemental know-how of SEO then it might be slightly easy for him to get through it.

Modules of SEO

Some of the vital SEO modules are as follows

#1. URL: A very ideal manner of publishing

URLs are very redefined method of revealing to the visitors about the page in detail. saw shares with the user not much about the page. Instead, a page URL such as  This justifies the fact that there is no valid excuse for not resorting to short and illustrative URLs. And another added advantage is that it functions smoothly with the all the search engines. Also recognized by the search engine giants. The keywords in the URL will accord to enhanced rankings and positioning. Minuscule still illustrative URLs free of session IDs.

#2. Tailored Title Tags

One of the most vital elements of the on-site development procedure or activity. The tag of the title needs to be polished and taken into use at the most frequent expanse or degree. However, in the end, it is not possible to do so only because of a single standalone reason. And to be concise that reason is that every page should have their very own personalized tag.

#3. Self-Sustaining personalized elucidation along the keyword Meta Tags

Despite meta tags being fragile with respect to the title tag. Hence it is strongly recommended to personalize the keyword meta tags and description tags. And just in case if nothing turns up right these meta tags could still be taken into consideration for search engines which are related. Hence boosted text for marketing for the snippet showcased on search engine result page is used.

#4. Convoluted and navigation not compatible with search engine

The search engines have the ability to index the website as and when they are ranked. Just in case if the framework of the website appears as a hurdle while indexing of those web pages. Then such websites in absolutely slight or no optimization or site development will extend their support in positive or affirmative ranking. Positioning and indexing of the site followed up with that. Flourish a simple yet elegant to be utilized obvious structured site while ensuring the navigation is a stumbling block to search engine crawlers.

#5. Listing Areas of Specialization

For instance, if an online merchant deals in watches, never write “men’s watches” for the reason it having a high search frequency. It does not mean to not at all include “men’s watches”. As it will be catered much well whenever “men’s simple watches” if used to search thereafter. In the end, the figures obtained will be not up to the mark or as per expectations. But on the brighter side whatever numbers obtained will be genuine ones and will be having higher chances of turning into a conversion.

#6. Not to go with keywords, entirely reliant on search volume

As in the above-mentioned para never to be mesmerized by huge numbers. However to be exact if a keyword is getting a search volume of nearly 15000+ in a month. These sites may consume more than a year to two years to get to the first page of search result. Still not a high possibility of getting on #1 page with a fraction of 20k visitors. Think about it another way, if an individual goes with a keyword with 1000 hits but manages successfully to get #1 rank in a couple of months. So choosing quality over quantity is always a smart move. It does not matter in the slightest, number of products that an individual may be having overall. It is advised not to initiate the optimization with 30-40 keywords.

#7. Choosing a valid count of keywords to make do

Opt for a balanced mid, low and high competitive keywords which are dependent on the web site’s ranking probability. However, an individual should not neglect keywords high end in nature. This also dependent on the age of the site. The keyword dimension should be more competitive in an comparison with low-end and mid-range keywords. It is not advised to lose traction by giant numbers.

#8. Getting the Website Optimized and the Tiles Personalized

Under a situation, if an individual picks one change for getting the website optimized while making it SEO compatible. The individual then should have to ensure that the title tags are supportive enough. These guidelines and protocols are proposed to be a prologue in the SEO universe. Hence it can also be taken into use for ensuring that the SEO firm which may have hired. Without depending on anything the capability to personalize each and every title of the page is in itself a blessing. One should leverage this ability to modify the page’s title and precisely explain it with the description the content of those web pages.

#9. Personalized Depiction and Keywords meta tags

Somewhat like the meta tags but less vital than the SEO, these description and meta tags have the ability to be modified. In order to mirror the written content or inscribed material of the page, they hold and represent.

#10. Decorated headings and subheadings  for the sites

The headings of the content, title or page which ranges from 1-6 i.e (H1-H6) should be seen as a heading and subheadings (titles and subtitles). Also, on the other hand, it should be utilized as asked to. Besides also the most vital element of the page is considered to be the H1 pursued by subtitle and H2 heading subtitle and. This, in turn, justifies that the prime subject of the content should be accompanied with the headings possibly on each and every page. If the content fails to pull up something contemporary to the page then it would be barred at the table of a good ranking. It is a waste of time brainstorming on keyword effectiveness and try to focus on the quality of it.

#11. Link Building

The purpose is of building a link. Try to concrete the elementary or base of the content by creating top of the line written material for the visitors. As we all know it is the human tendency that he will always be attracted by the best. Being pulled by the most quality and effective written material. So to elaborate on the topic of link building is a website will link to you only when you and your website has met the parameters. Only then the link building is possible.

#12. Requested Links

This is another prime factor to be taken care of. As delivering link request is a manual task. Sometimes turns into a monotonous job. This can be tiring but needs to be followed. As it is a vital module of the SEO.  It carries and holds a greater significance of the SEO process. As it avails the user with the best complementary content, the users could surely leverage the data and content available on the website.

Also apart from SEO modules some of the other factors which need your attention


(A) Affixing SEO modules

Launch yourself with SEO activity by affixing some basic site difficulties. Boosted or in other words enhanced websites should not be contaminated. To be precisely contained with complications which can create a fatalistic clash. As the search engine communicativeness of the website. There is some basic know-how to pursue so to pinpoint and target the difficulties.

(B) Affixing Replicated Content

Majority of the websites experience uninspiring grading. The major and probably only reason for this may be the replicated content. This reason is accompanied by the misconception which says content no matter how? Is good content. The content is the king that is well said. But on the contrary, cloned content is venomous in nature for the health of a site.  Get rid of the cloned and duplicate content that the site may be held at present. Just a matter of fact if the duplicate content was created on purpose or an outcome of poor data of framework layout it will be marked down.


Hence the above written holds the information data and vital concepts which is very important to pay attention to when an individual is trying to get SEO done for his website. The website may be slightly aged or born a couple of days back. But the SEO is advised to be applied or done on the sites which is a bit old. As this will ensure that the site had been on the cyberspace for a time now. However, liked by a handful or crowd that accounts in heavy numbers. Hence this preference or liking the site may be taken as a positive feedback. So trying a hand on SEO to see whether it could reach the masses and be preferred more.

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