Effective High Return SEO Techniques for 2019

Getting a high rank is possible but it is not going to be a piece of cake that you can just grab and feast. It is a real-time consumer while takes great endeavours by an individual to let it happen. However where there are obstacles, there are ways out too. There are some of the SEO tweaks and tricks which may help an individual to get the site at a higher SERP position. And the best part about it is that it could be done by any person, neither it requires an individual to hire someone and get it done. While on the other hand it is free and can be done single-handedly without relying on anyone’s help.
But these tweaks are just the fundamentals. But on the positive side a user over a period of time because of practising the same thing repeatedly will eventually help him in understanding better ways to use it so as to get the most of it. Before getting started an individual can always get an audit done. This entirely depends upon the size of the site. Hence dragging the elements to light which will help in highlighting the vital factors to be considered first. While the not so important things can be done later.

Techniques for high returns on SEO

1. Start off by optimizing headings and Titles

As seen in most cases people pay a huge chunk for better ranking by accurate optimizing but never get desired results. The only reason behind this is the basic things like keyword optimization and optimization for title was never done. Hence this indicates the significance of getting the Titles and headings optimized. Hence we start with this header. As better optimized the Titles and headings are, the higher rankings will be. Therefore the pages need to segment the accurate search keywords. The only thing which holds the highest weight-age is the Title Tag. The more relevant the keyword is the better results it will be able to deliver. Majority of the masses think that the PPC titles are not compatible with the SEO, but the thing is that the PPC model focuses more on conversions hence impacting the SEO at a bigger scale. On the other hand the same thing applies for Meta Descriptions, it is utmost required for persuading the visitors

2. Compute the pages for better ranking and steering of audience

Ability to steer the target audience is the most vital network component on the whole web page. The reason behind it being initially the bridging to other web pages and is frequently positioned at the page header. However, these authorize links to pertain a decent weight. The pages which are advanced for significant keywords that are bridged from the menu of navigation. Such links are launched on every single page on the site hence turning the pages into something very significant in the Google’s vision. In reality it is one of the major causes the Homepage holds an elevated authority on almost every single site. That is because it frequently links the logos on almost every page.

3. Include breadcrumbs to the pages

Enumerate breadcrumbs or trail which can be leveraged at quite a high rate on a website, specifically a online commerce sort of. It is because of the reason that they are generated within the layout of the structure. However just in case if no virtual stores bridging the products from the class or type of pages. This states that the class of the WebPages convey slight equity to product page and in turn strengthening it. However it is a plus point for better ranking. Also on the other hand the improves the keywords with a dense search volume. On a personalized juncture it is not possible to do so, not until coding knowledge is sufficient. For a programmer it won’t be a great deal, so it is possible to get it done with no additional payments need to be done.

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4. Execute shadowing on the site

Trailing is exceedingly vital as if tracking is skipped the traffic and rankings cannot be highlighted in order to mark down the problems with the website. It is quite an observable fact with respect to what kind of pages do the visitors abandon instantly? A user needs to improvise on such spots in the first place especially if the volume of the search is quite dense. Apart from that if it is not observed closely that the free search traffic which an individual cannot decide whether moving up in numbers or drifting away? In such a scenario it is castigated because of which the rankings may experience a fall. Using Google Analytics and Google Search Console for getting around the problems is a suggested action to be taken into consideration. Easy to install as far as access to server is possible. For jumping on to the next stage the user can prefer using HotJar as it generates a lot of hotspots where the users may probably click on a webpage. Nevertheless it is a lot more tough to digest and advance the fact accurately, herein slight expertise is required.

5. SSL Certificate employment

SSL has turned a ranking determinant right back from 2014. It is normal if a individual brainstorming for the reason, it is really simple That is because of security. The crimes related to the cyber world which is better known as Cybercrime. It has been on the verge and with every passing year it has been soaring really high. Employing an SSL certificate should be really sophisticated. And in majority of the cases the website flocking provider can provide some help. Therefore it is a sophisticated methods which is liberate too i.e. CloudFlare. A user needs to simply need to make modifications in the nameserver of the domain to a elevated mark. Shifting to the HHTPS can face some serious obstacles.

6. Safeguarding the listing of the maps

This is a well-known fact that the masses are aware of as they have the capacity to rob from them comfortably on the contrary it will avail the website with the significant value. Taking into consideration the Google My Business has the potential to get the website registered across hundreds of other websites. Besides that it will be able to reverse link to the desired site of the site owner. This in turn makes the masses very comfortable in looking for the website if already it has not got a proper position in the ranking. However a user may be able to generate the records or declare ownership of it, ensure that the required details are filled up precisely . It is suggested that the user should  include decent pictures of the team, location and product. This provides support in building up of trust among the clients and the probable prospects for the future.

7. Compact (Squeeze) & optimize the images

As it is a known fact that images occupy the highest memory not only on  physical memory but on a server. This justifies that it needs more space on server also, hence clarifies that it a real-time killer to load up the images. The images that take up a lot of time for loading is responsible to create the biggest impact on the rate of conversions and the images are the only one’s which consume more time. As text takes a slight amount of time to get loaded up. There are 2 possible reasons for image consuming time more than required. The first reason it not being compressed properly with respect to physical size. And the second one being the images that are alike but is of 2 different sizes. For instance a file may be of 1 MB while the other may be one-fifth of an MB.
Compressing a file especially an image file reduces the size on the disk without compromising the quality of the images. For putting it forward to action a user needs to be well versed with the “srcset” which is HTML feature. A few tools which are efficient for the task are

  1. Smush
  2. ShortPixel
  3. tinyPNG

8. Boost the speed of the website

Does not matter in the slightest if the images create the biggest effect, there exists some components exist which have an equal contribution to the website loading speed. In majority of the cases it is relevant to the files and in other cases it can be caused due to the PHP issues or database requests which are a real time killer as it consumes most of the time. This can be done by beginning with getting rid of the slider plug-in and replacing it with a image which changes automatically in a given period of time. On the other hand adding a CTA button. But it is seen that not every single user having a look at the offers click on them. It is very irritating to have those on the websites as it takes a lot of time to load those static images and on the other hand occupies a large chunk of space. On top of that if a visitor has landed on the site and some images are static and keep on moving while reading. This slows down the speed as well as occupies space which makes the visitors drift away forever.

9. Interconnect the pages with keyword enriched Anchor Texts

Interconnecting or integrating is considered as the most impactful SEO methods present contemporarily in the market as of now. It can be employed to bridge the vital pages by utilizing the predefined anchor texts. This has a lesser risk than creating backlinks on enriched keyword anchor texts. However to be more precise it is needed to have a firm control over it. At any time a user can include fresh content which ensures linking other related pages to the site. Likewise bounce back to some of the age-old pages from the site and include links to fresh content if related. Having hundreds and thousands of web pages it is a tough job to get them interlinked. However there is another option to get them interconnected with the help of a plugin called Interlink manager

10. Connect with most relevant and authentic sites

It is not surprising that any user may opt for interlinking with various other websites just for instance social media sites. There is a need for parting various other peoples fresh content to get connected yourself. This in reality may elevate the SEO. Thinking why? This is because Google functions on backlinks. This is how it fetches the good content from the content of the lower quality score while the decision for the figures because of which content sits right at the top and enjoys the competition. That is the sole reason for what and how Google pushes forward the webmaster to interlink remarkable content

11. Safeguard the Social media profiles

NO matter what an individual may only take one into consideration as it has been deemed a decent idea to protect social media profiles to the greatest. Social media profiles have the potential of attaining the first backlinks to the websites. In some cases it is seen that a user may lose the name if someone beforehand registers. The well famed social media profiles are LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Nevertheless relying on the results an individual can go with the various other social media profile like Reddit, Yelp and SoundCloud is a pretty good option to get along with.. Therefore the links which are based on the social media profiles are quite impactful as it successfully generates retweets, pins and shares etc.

12. Escalate the shareability (vulnerability) of the Posts and Pages

It is not something very difficult to digest that for a greater extent of vulnerability (visibility) a user needs to increase the rate of sharing the pages and posts. Does not matter in the slightest if the segmented audience visit too often or less often , they should be worried about how far they can let the content circulate the content, as it is a shareable content. Include the like and share buttons to your page. It is far more better to concentrate on the most related platform instead of including the same in the highest possible frequency. A user can add the CTA buttons right within the content There exists a remarkable strategy also better known as locked content. A user can unlock the same with a simple share. Meanwhile locking the same content a user intended to some might say it is not such a bright idea. A user can however boost the quantity of some additional PDS to experience a rise of tweets/shares with respect to the website.

13. Part other people’s content

A website owner/creator needs to keep this in mind to part the interesting and informative content with others. Does not matter even in the slightest that it was not generated from the users or uploaders from the very same website. Send the content in order to circulate the information which is worth parting the same with others. As even they will share their precious data which they acquired from some unknown source. It is suggested that it will be able to pull up a higher number of shares from various other pages in place of people, as personal profiles are not even indexed. This means that Google will not be able to have a look at the backlinks which was generated from the shares.

14. Probe the Customers and Friends to drop in their valuable feedback

As of now that the Google+ Business listing safeguarded it is high time to snag some feedbacks inform of reviews. Major chunk of the people of this segment may neglect this and the reason behind neglecting it is quite simple. They did not have a clear picture of the benefits of it. It is so easy to get started with. Besides the fact that the reviews are nothing more than a SEO and that too a local SEO ranking attributes. The greater the rank gets listed the rich and more value it will furnish to the business and indirectly to the business. Obtaining positive reviews is very convenient and comfortable to lay hands onto. Hence taking into consideration that the users can avail some good quality services and goods. The users then need to take up a little more of work to do. Therefore it is suggested that a user should ask the friends and colleagues or even customer to put up authentic reviews which will directly result in boosting the appearance of the website and business

15. Personalize the Blueprint of 404

It entirely relies on what the size of the site is. An individual may get a lot of heat on the 404s (the message which is displayed when internet browser is unable to reach a site due to any reason). In a case where the visitors crash on the so-called 404 pages they will no matter what bounce back and opt for some other webpage. This will henceforth cost a lot of money to the firm, person who owns the website, on which the user made an attempt to land on. The only method to get around it is to generate a personalized blueprint for the 404 webpage. which is nothing but a CTA (Call to Action).

16. Make sure to upload new and rich in quality content

It is not a mystery nor it is a rocket science that higher the quality of the content uploaded/circulated the better traffic ratings could be observed on the traffic chart. No matter what these days a lot of websites are in dire need of websites which demand output that along with SEO falling short of a blog. For instance if an individual has a mere count of just 5 pages that to register the products as the probabilities are a user won’t be able to outrank Walmart and Amazon for hair dryer even if the product changes itself.
A user needs to continuously circulate the blog posts religiously make an attempt to indicate the sites is active. It is a completely out of the box method of grabbing fresh backlinks as people will prefer to share the same as compared to the service web pages. This shows that Google keeps faith in those sites where the post/upload frequency is quite high. The mystery behind that is that it always in a lineup with fresh ideas and subjects for blog and content posts, as it attempts to revert the customer queries

17. Overhaul/Re-equip the breathing Content

As already in a scenario that the already existing content on the site page which segments a predefined keyword. It is suggested not to begin writing anything on the related subject. The user is probably going to get a keyword abstaining. When more than a single web page will run for the similar keyword. The most convenient way of getting it done is to segment the keyword and prefer Cognitive SEO content mechanism. It is advised that the content keyword which is desired to segment and include the content and title to hit the optimize button. The mechanism will avail the user to get a spray of related topics and the keywords should probably be included in the article just to get a higher position in ranking. It is suggested that the user should make a note of whenever something relevant meets the eye.


You’ve probably heard these SEO tips before, but the real question is have you truly tried them? The SEO tweaks are not easy to deploy either. But on the bright side at the end of the day only one thing to be happy about is, it delivers what promised. Everything which has been mentioned above in the article to be employed does not need an expert or being professional is required. Everyone and almost anyone can easily crack it.

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