All About Guest Posting, Benefits, Practices, and Guest Bloggers

Guest Posting

With the emergence of digitalization and e-commerce, engaging content has become an essential part of business success to a great extent. This is the reason companies and brands look for new techniques to interact with customers and with other relevant industries.

Content writing or blogging is one-way website owners and companies communicate with their customers by guiding them about their products/services or other topics to create an engaging environment. Therefore, many website owners post their content for backlinks on several guest posting sites to invite others to their webpage. Read below to find guest posting benefits, practices and what guest bloggers should do to make a good guest post.

What is guest posting?

Basically, guest posting is inviting someone from outside your company or webpage to write a post or a blog for your website. The blog writer usually writes on the same industry or the webpage topics that relate to the organization the blogger is writing for. When you become a guest blogger, you get to work with others belonging to your industry or your niche and in return, you earn a back link that can land potential readers to your page, thereby increasing your site visibility.

How can a host get benefited from guest posts?

According to DailyHawker, Guest posting can prove beneficial for both parties, for writers especially if they are new in the content writing field. Guest posting is beneficial for new companies or start-ups as well as they get a fair chance to tell a wider audience about their views, products or ideas. Other benefits include:

Creating brand awareness: When companies write value-providing guest posts, readers associate themselves with their brand. They show interest to visit the guest post’s company or brand site to explore more about it. Moreover, the website or the company’s site where you post a guest blog will not take you as their competitor anymore.

Fresh content availability: Most of the time, a website or a blog might look stale and repetitive owing to following a similar kind of writing style or sharing the same ideas. Having guest posts on your website can introduce fresh content which might bring different viewpoints together. But, ensure that guest posts are relevant to your industry or niche.

SEO: Guest posts can prove to be a great way to boost your search engine rankings and SEO. It allows you to include keywords and backlinks which may lead potential customers to your site. Moreover, when you invite industry experts to post their views in the form of guest blogs to your site, your readers get more exposure and access to important sites.

Benefits of Guest Posting


When you post a blog on other websites, your image becomes authoritative i.e., people will believe that you are an expert in your field. When another site publishes your guest posts, your site gets the recognition that readers may trust. When you write in a special area, your credibility is further enhanced and people may start following you for other information as well.

Improves writing skills

Although you can improve your writing skills on your own site, when you write for others, you get to write more creatively. You start making additional research, find attractive layouts to invite potential readers and use more insightful ideas that can inspire the host sites to invite you more often.

Brand awareness

This is one of the most important advantages and the primary reason why bloggers consider guest posting. When you post a blog on another website with a backlink, your site and your brand get exposure. However, you must always look for reputed sites and relevant industries to publish a guest post. Apart from it, make your blog knowledgeable and research-based rather than thinking about advertisement purpose only to create a long-lasting impression.

Gain Google Authorship

When you start guest posting on other reputed sites, you might get Google Authorship with time as Google starts recognising you and who you are. When writing for Google, add the blog post to the ‘contributor to’ section in your bio. This will gain you Google Authorship and make your picture appear beside your name in the search results beside the post. Goggle Authorship is a great way to enhance site rankings and click-through rates.

Lead generation

Readers reading your guest posts might bring in new leads for your business. When you write guest blogs, you create new networks with potential leads. If your guest post is knowledgeable and impressive, a new lead can reach you for more information and knowledge about the services you provide. Even though they do not reach you individually, they make an association with the service and your company’s name besides initiating new relationships.

Improves traffic

A significant advantage of guest posting is increasing website traffic. In exchange for sharing a guest post, you must include a link to your website. This link acts as a bridge between potential readers and your website which may further result in increased traffic to your site. Increased traffic means improved search rankings and marketing.

Key to writing a successful guest post

When writing a guest post, good content is an obvious factor for a successful guest posting but you need to think out of the box to capitalize on it in the long run. For the same, use the following content writing and guest posting strategies.

Introduce yourself with good credentials: this tactic helps readers build trust with the guest blogger. The writer’s bio or company information can be included in the form of a link in the guest post.

Include a link in favourable positions: one mistake that most guest bloggers do is overdoing backlinks which might frustrate readers. Always choose selective and relevant points where you can include a backlink that takes readers to your desired page at a certain time. Overdoing can also make you fall into risks like penalties from Google.

Monitor results: as you do with your site content, you must keep monitoring how your guest posts work. This can include comments in the original post or the number of shares after the post has been published.

Share the post: if you limit your post to just one website, you may not capitalise on it completely. Make your blog shareable and extend your reach by posting links on social media platforms.

How to become a successful guest blogger?

Once you know that you can write well, and have found a reliable source that agrees to publish your guest post, keep the below-mentioned points in mind:

Keep your goals straightforward: one thing you must understand before writing a guest post is what you want from it. If you want to earn money, advertise your organization’s qualities. But if you want to improve your site SEO, focus more on research-based content. Whatever the case is, understand your goals and build content around them.

Look for guest posting opportunities: look for reputed sites and companies that invite guest posts and can be a good fit for you rather than posting your valuable content in irrelevant or bogus sites.

Modify your writing approach: since many companies and websites follow a special way of writing, you can approach them by following their ways more creatively. You must ask about their submission guidelines or any other protocol to avoid content rejection. Avoid pitching topics that they have on their site as they might not want another similar to it.

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