7 Ideas to Reduce the Cost of Promote Your Instagram Business/Creator Account

7 Ideas to Reduce the Cost of Promote Your Instagram Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms for advertising. If you’re not taking advantage of Instagram ads, then you’re not correctly promoting your Instagram business or creator account. Utilizing Instagram can highly boost your profits because more than 500 million users use Instagram each day.

However, Instagram ads can quickly add up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Each business will want to utilize Instagram ads, but there is a need to stay on budget. Luckily, you can implement a handful of tips in your marketing strategy to help reduce the cost of promoting your account.

It’s best to develop a marketing and ad campaign strategy to help reduce costs. By doing so, you’ll be able to reduce your overall costs by cutting out what is and isn’t practical. For example, any strategy aims to get the app users’ most interaction with your content. It’s a kind of a signal or social proof that your page deserves the attention of a broad audience. High engagement triggers the app algorithm to promote your content organically, that is why more likes from FollowersID can make you a great deal for low investment. Below, we’ll give you a breakdown of the different elements you’ll need to reduce the costs of promoting your Instagram business.

How to Reduce Cost of Promoting Your Instagram Business

Reducing costs requires creating an effective marketing strategy that helps reduce unnecessary needs. However, if you’re reading this, you’re likely unsure what is and isn’t necessary. So, we’ll give you a breakdown of what elements you’ll need to consider to reduce overall costs.

A business will also have to know where its money will reduce costs. Then, it can adjust its business model and goals to help cut expenses that aren’t benefiting or making any change. So, being adaptive will play a big part in reducing promotion costs on Instagram.

Below, we will briefly break down seven critical elements to saving on Instagram promoting. Although, it’s essential to keep in mind that each business is different and will need to adjust its plan accordingly. However, we can provide a general idea to create your own marketing and promoting strategy.

1. Use Analytics

A business Instagram account comes with Analytic tools that can help a business track its user engagement. Using analytics can help identify what Instagram ads are working and what aren’t. So, go through and analyze what your better-performing ads are.

Look for common trends with successful ads. Any common trends can help a business understand what’s working for them. Also, see what type of audience your ads are attracting and adjust if it doesn’t hit your target audience.

Next, look for products or services that are getting more attention. If the advertisements are different, this can hint at what marketing strategy is working. Then, you can adjust your other ads to be similar in style.

What if You Don’t Have Any Data?

If you’re starting out or don’t have any data to use, then you’ll need to do a few practice tests. Design a few different ads on Instagram and advertise them. See which ones perform the best, and then revise your strategy.

Another method is to utilize Facebook’s business page and see what style of ads they are using. You’ll need to access their page transparency section and scroll until you see Ads from this page. Once you click on it, click on “Ad Library” and you’ll be able to see the ads they are running. You can study the designs and develop similar Instagram ads for your business.

Lastly, if you’re unsure what type of marketing or promotions your company wants to do, consider testing for a few weeks. See what strategies work to get an idea of what is and isn’t working. After that, you can adjust the strategy and reduce promotion costs by eliminating failing ads.

2. Do an A/B Split

An A/B split is an ad test design where you take an identical ad and change one aspect of it. After that, you release both ads and see which one performs better. This method is suitable if you’ve already established a target audience and understand what they want. 

Elements to change should be the audience you’re marketing to video style or photos. You can also change texts, what time you advertise, and any other advertisement aspect. Get creative and experiment with a few different ad types.

The only downside to doing an A/B split test is that it does cost money to test different ads. However, by doing this early on, you can save money in the long run. Running tests allows you to know what elements aren’t working for your business. Hence, it’s worth the investment in the long run because it can cut down the cost of advertisements that fail or yield low user engagement.

All the money saved can go towards other aspects of the business, such as creating new products, services, or reinvesting back into better ads. This method will not only reduce costs but also can make you more money in the long run.

3. Cater Ads towards Specific Audiences

One major problem we see Instagram businesses try to cater to too large of an audience. While reaching a large audience is good, it can also be detrimental to advertisement costs. Advertisements need to be marketed towards an interested party. Otherwise, the ad is just an exciting video for the viewer to watch.

Advertisements geared towards interested parties mean they are more likely to purchase the product or service. So, catering ads to specific audiences is key to making your ads efficient. Otherwise, you’re wasting ads targeting people who will not purchase your product or services.

How to Find Audience Analytics on Instagram:

  1. Login to Instagram
  2. Head to Setting
  3. Click on “Insights”
  4. Then, click on “Audience”

Here, you will find all the recorded statistics for your Instagram business account. Use the demographics and statistics to help improve your target audience. See what type of people you’re attracting and if it matches with the company’s goals. 

4. Don’t Make Ads Look Like Advertisements

Ads that look generic and just list products are less likely to draw in new audiences. Yes, you may sell a specific product or service and want to showcase it, but they need to be unique. Audiences are far more likely to peak interest in ads that look natural, not ads looking to promote products or services.

Instead, incorporate high-value information and use organic-looking pictures. Don’t just showcase one product or service. Instead, show the value you can provide the potential customer. Show them what your business can offer them compared to another company.

For example, here are a few things that may set your business apart from others:

  • Do you use unique or safe packaging?
  • Do your services include new materials for the year/season?
  • Do highly trained professionals run your service?
  • What discounts or coupons are you offering?
  • What promotions is your business supporting?
  • Etc.

5. Utilize the Best Tools

Instagram has a whole host of tools that can help make an account stand out. An account can use pictures, videos, and reels to help promote products or services. Other tools include analytics, scheduling, hashtags, stories, and campaigns.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures and videos are the standard posts you can create on Instagram. Typical profiles and Business profiles are allowed to utilize photos and videos. Although, a business on Instagram should limit the number of pictures and videos they post.

 Pictures should be the least amount of posts that a company uses. These types of posts should only be used a few times a week. Videos speak way more volume than pictures and should be utilized more often. For Instagram ads, videos should help provide more content in one Ad.

Instagram Reels & Stories

Instagram reels are short videos that are posted on Instagram Stories. These story reels are short clips that audience members can click on for only 15 seconds. While this doesn’t seem like much time, it’s plenty for a short advertisement.

Reels can be temporary and will automatically show up in followers’ newsfeeds. This is a great way to promote current or upcoming products or services. Use short reels to display products or services up close and allow the audience to decide if they want to purchase them.

A still image is less enticing to an audience. A longer video posted to Instagram may be appealing because there is so much content to catch up on already. So, creating a quick-to-the-point reel can help users see your ad without skipping it. It will be just enough time to spike their interest, and if aimed at the correct audience, it can get you profits.

Instagram Analytics & Campaigns

Newcomers often overlook Instagram Analytics because they don’t have any previous data. However, a business should still run tests and carefully track analytics. By doing so, a company will see what is working and what isn’t.

Analytics help track demographics, behaviors, and patterns in your target audience. So, this provides value no matter what types of advertising you’re running. If the advertisement isn’t doing well, check analytics and adjust accordingly.

Campaigns are also great as they create a sense of intimacy with a crowd of people. You want to seem relatable and memorable. For example, RedBull posts a lot of extreme sports posts. So, active people who want extra energy will tend to enjoy their posts. This is because they most likely participate or enjoy high-energy activities.


Hashtags are Instagram’s way of sorting content. Instead of searching up a keyword, Instagram will search up a ‘hashtag.’ Hashtags can be a few words that help identify content. Using hashtags can help reach more people without having to invest any money. 

Adding a hashtag is free for all content and is a great way to advertise with minimal drawbacks. The only significant drawback is that some hashtags are more populated or trend. Making sure you use the correct type of hashtags also matters. Misusing a hashtag can put more users off your business.

6. Stay Within Your Niche

This should go without saying, but you should always stick to posting content within your niche. Very rarely do you see a business expand into multiple niches. So, keep posts, ads, reels, and videos relevant. Also, get good at developing products or services in your niche. That way, your business will be one of the ‘trusted’ companies that understand what their audience is looking for.

Products or services that go the extra mile to provide benefits and solve problems tend to do the best. So, going outside the scope of the niche is needed only in the sense that you should give value to potential customers. Otherwise, a company will become lost in the sea of 200 million Instagram business users.

7. Make Sure Campaign Matches End-Goals

Another element where an Instagram business may lose money is not aligning with its business goal/campaign. If you’ve tried every other strategy to help lower costs and it isn’t working, then you may need to adjust your campaign goal. 

Advertising campaigns include traffic, app, and video views. There is also lead generation, engagement, and messaging goals as well. Instagram businesses may be focusing on the wrong campaign type, causing their costs to go up.

For example, if your company focuses on gaining more sales, you need to use a conversion campaign. If your goal is wanting more leads, then you’ll need to use a lead generation campaign. Lastly, if you’re going to draw more user engagement, you’ll need to use a post-engagement campaign.

Instagram Marketing Campaign Types:

  • Awareness Campaign – focuses on increasing the visibility of the company.
  • Cause Campaign – focuses on promoting brand values and a chance to pair with charities.
  • Sales Campaign – focuses on rewarding engaged followers by providing sales and discounts.
  • Contest Campaign – focuses on driving engagement by implementing a contest.
  • Product Launch – focuses on promoting new services or products.
  • User-Generated Content Campaign – focuses on encouraging followers to share posts featuring your products or services.

There are more campaign types out there, but these are just the basic ones a company on Instagram would likely utilize. Remember, you can always change your campaign model at any time. So, be sure to use the right one according to your company’s current goals.


Reducing the cost of promoting your Instagram Business can help save funds and allow a business to focus on other aspects. That being said, the most crucial factor in adjusting your marketing plan as you go. Look at analytics and see where most of your money is going.

Test out different marketing strategies until you find one that works. Each business will have its own goals and models. So, be sure to find one catered to your Instagram account.

Although, if you’re starting out, consider looking at successful Instagram business campaigns. A new company can learn where to begin by looking at successful strategies. After testing for a few weeks, a company can adjust and adapt its strategy to help reduce ineffective promotions.

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