5 Ways To Increase Your Organic Facebook Reach

The world’s leading social media channel Facebook keeps changing its algorithm for displaying content in the news feeds of users. Each change is rolled out to improve interaction with the social network and often leads to an increase in advertising costs for companies. The struggle to increase organic coverage often gives a headache to Social Media Marketing experts. But, they should never give up.
In simple language, the organic coverage is the number of people who viewed your content on Facebook through free SMO campaigns and gave you some business opportunities. Increasing organic coverage of Facebook posts is a difficult and painful process for SMO experts or SEO Service Company who have to generate leads through this platform. The smart Facebook news feed ranks and shows posts to people they are meant for. So, how to increase the coverage of Facebook post? Let’s find out.

#1. Use the Setting “News Feed Audience” Properly

You must always keep in mind that Facebook provides an opportunity for communities to reach a large audience. But, it is possible that the audience is not comfortable with more and more unnecessary “noise” from commercial pages. To make the news feed interesting, Facebook allows the user to consume only the content that is interesting to them, which limits the overage of business pages up to a great extent.
However, you can use the Facebook tool “News Feed Audiences” to target publications to subscribers by specific interests. It will also help you to personalize your content and boost user engagement with your brand.

#2. Develop A definite Content Sharing Plan

Do you want to create posts that are interesting for your subscribers and their friends?  You cannot do without a proper content strategy. Set a analyze your audience and the content suitable for them. The content plan will help standardize and systematize the publication. Based on your needs, determine the optimal frequency of posts and the main topics of Facebook Posts. Make a weekly or monthly plan for different types of publications and make Facebook Posts accordingly.
You can share the popular posts of your site on Facebook Page to increase its page views and get more traffic to the site. Share website content to the Facebook page at the right time to get an immediate response from your subscribers, fans, followers, and common Internet users. Facebook posts with a number of likes and shares are shown in Google search results, enabling you to reap its economic benefits sooner or later.

#3. Include Video Content In FaceBook Marketing

Active social media users don’t bother to go through the plain text content. They would like to hang around your Facebook Page it has interesting video content. Videos help individuals to understand business messages easily and quickly & take decisions in quick succession.  So, create interactive videos and share it on your Facebook Page. You can use YouTube videos (of your brand) for this purpose. Visitors will watch videos and react to your offerings if they are able to get the desired stuff.

#4. Facebook Live Streaming

A new trend is popular in social networks- live streaming, online broadcasting or streaming video. It is used by those social media experts, companies, and business brands who afraid of missing business opportunities. Individuals love to watch live videos because of the urgency factor, great interest in a particular topic or social media star, fear of missing a moment and an important message, the ability to interact with business managers and get their feedback for different products and services.
You should conduct Facebook Live Streaming from time-to-time to communicate with your audience in real time, view comments quickly, and save the broadcast video future use. It allows you to increase the subscriber base and generate more leads and sales through Facebook.

#5. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Recently, Facebook has focused on reducing the number of click-baits in posts. High-quality and informative headlines lead from the front. On the other hand, articles with similar headlines are ignored by people because of a number of reasons. Lots of Facebook Posts with low-quality content will never get high involvement.
Apart from the engagement factor, control how people react to your posts. Some particular type of content makes people hide posts or unsubscribe from your page. Sometimes users leave your social media page because you make posts that are longer relevant for them. Avoid inconsistency of posts and share only useful content to seek an immediate reaction from the audience.

Final Words

The Facebook algorithm is changing constantly from time-to-time. Do not afraid to experiment with new promotion strategies for your brand. If a post has a poor response from subscribers, seek feedback from them to make further improvements. Use high-quality and up-to-date content for social media marketing. Always be aware of the audience reaction to any type of content and make changes accordingly to increase the organic coverage of your Facebook Posts. Good Luck!

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