11 Best Practices to Boost Landing Page Conversions with Video

Considering the video content, especially on landing pages in the marketing trend can either be constructive or destructive. Sometimes there are chances that your landing page videos may be a big failure for any number of reasons. Even though there are many reasons few of them could be due to the videos the landing page are:

  •    They are in the wrong section of the landing page.
  •    They could be too long.
  •    If there is a missing component found in it.

Always try to avoid these mistakes as much as possible. Here you are going to learn something about landing page videos and its importance along with 11 different landing page video best practices that enhance your conversions.

What is the need for a landing page video?

In olden days dealing with landing, page video was a high-end novelty. Later on, the necessity of landing page video has become very essential and it also helps in enabling the chance of converting. In addition to that, a landing page has the capability to maximize the conversion by 80%. Based on the HubSpot survey conducted in 2107 many of the respondents claimed that videos for today first source of conversion.
The various have given replaced blog articles, eBooks, etc. So why did this happen?
One of the biggest reason is that we are often lazy to read content and choose watching videos over reading. According to the Forbes Insights, it has been observed that more than 60% of people prefer watching videos. Therefore, it might be surprised that people spend lots of time on landing pages with videos. Depending upon the various they watch they are more likely to make purchases. Apart from that, more than 70% of marketing professionals started believing that video conversion is the best tool to influence the customers.
So now let us know more about best practices that will enable you to enhance landing page conversions with videos.

1. Make use of effective thumbnails

Thumbnail has the capability to influence your video as they have a major part to play and resembles to be just like pictures on the landing page. So ensure that the thumbnails are properly used in appropriate places and check twice before uploading them. No matter even if your video is completely relevant and compelling, but if you fail to use thumbnails in a proper way then you are not going to entertain your visitors. Follow the below things to make a good thumbnail

  • Use appropriate images to reflect the emotions.
  • Maintain a consistent style.
  • The text should be simple and at the same time strong enough.
  • Images that would resemble the content in the video.
  • Highlight the characters of the video by including some close up of the person’s face.

Simply including logos in the videos could be an extraordinary strategy, especially when you would like to update the landing page from time to time. This will help in making your video consistent alone with the thumbnails that will get stick to your videos even after you update your videos. The thumbnails have the capacity to increase the video’s CTR to 15% there is not good to ignore thumbnails.

2. The video should be educated type

People visit your page in order to get some useful information regarding a product or service. Therefore, you can make it an opportunity in order to educate them and know something more informative. Instead of having a video that is full of fluff, it’s better not to have it. Even the CEO of Broker Notes and Lead formly, Mr Marcus Taylor included video in the homepage after that he has observed steady growth the number of visitors reaching the page. The best example of landing page video as an elevator that goes digital. Within no time you need to try these and get across:

  • Defining yourself.
  • What you need to and how to differentiate yourself from the competitors.
  • How can you make different from others?

If you can follow these then it becomes very easy for you to solve every issue related to landing page videos. Well, this is very simple.
It is very easy to include all the information in your video that lasts 1 to 2 minutes. Consider an example of Rebump which is an excellent software that educates by means of landing page video.

3. Using closed captions can be advantageous

Closed captions have the power to influence people and customers. They are truly influencing as they have the ability to draw the attention of the individual which enable them to have a look at your video. If suppose you would like to make some changes in your video or impress the customers then the closed captions can be an excellent option. In addition to that, they will also maintain the consistency of your videos. Perhaps there are some video file formats which will automatically accept or support the closed captions.
If you consider .srt movie file, this will provide you with an option to edit the caption and then upload it. Some other formats such as .mov and .mp4 are a little bit complicated to add captions. Therefore, it is essential to make you so much for closed captions in your videos and never is to do so.

4. Your video should specify your goal

There are lots of landing pages without any goal and they are some other videos blended with endless goals. You should remember to try to do this. For an instant, you can clearly specify you’re going for the video and create appropriate information to it. Simply sort out your goals and achievements of the videos.

  • Purchase your product?
  • Would you prefer people to click on the links?
  • Sign up in the list?

Make this very clear to the audience and here are some examples of goals that can be included in your video.

  • You can very easily download a lead magnet, tool, or app.
  • Purchase for the landing page itself.
  • Click-through to another page of the form.
  • Share the information with your friends and visitors.

5. Compress the files to reduce the loading time

Most of the people often considered that videos on the landing page will consume lots of loading time. In fact, it is true, which may also affect the loading time of the visitors. It requires more time to load the entire loading page with videos. Since videos have the capability to reduce loading speed, therefore, it is highly recommended to compress them and then upload. This is absolutely for free as there are many applications like Handbrake or VLC Media Player, which are quite easy to use and can also compress the videos without disturbing the quality of it. You can also make use of Google’s free speed test, which will help you to identify the time required to load your page.

6. Maintain the videos about the fold and highlight them

In order to see steady growth in the conversion rate, it is good to keep the videos about the folder as this will have maximum impact. Now let us know what is fold. It is nothing but a simple way of saying the area of the landing page which is visible without any scrolling. If you consider Inbenta has its landing page video which is significantly about the landing page fold right from the starting itself.
The company has even declared that there is growth in conversion rate that is approximately 1% due to the maintenance of videos about the folder. Perhaps there is also another technique that is used by the companies which perhaps displays the video lightbox. It’s not only and largest the video when you open it but has the capability to lighten the background. About technique has proved to be significantly successful in increasing the conversion rate to more than 20%.

7. Simply optimizing the videos for SEO

Each one of us has a desire to rank on top in the Google page. Well, the landing page video content can be reused where you can make use of the video content in the form of YouTube and then optimize it for better SEO. If you can do this then there are maximum chances that your video will be ranked on top in the Google when compared with a blog. The video is growing to be a better source of media giving equal importance to search engines and SEO. Follow the tips below to know how to optimize the videos.

  • Make use of optimized metadata.
  • Create single video per page and then categorize accordingly.
  • Always host the video on the own domain.
  • In order to enhance the keyword search maintaining the transcription of the video and then add HTML to the landing page.
  • Keep checking the videos by encouraging the best videos and eliminating unnecessary ones.

8. Maintain a strong CTA

A landing page video without call-to-action (CTA) is worthless. Therefore, it is good to create strong as well as clear CTA that will specify each and every process, including the customers thereby eliminating the need to figure it out themselves. If suppose a landing page video is focused to market your brand’s new ebook then the main goal is to get more downloads. In such case, it is not advised to include other CTAs except downloading the eBook. When a strong and simple “Download My EBook” is just more than enough.

9. High-quality production shows

The first and the foremost priority is to make your video without getting a compromise with its quality. This doesn’t simply mean sharpness of the video but it will be included with the script as well. It is too good to be true that people also expect a high quality of videos in order to enjoy a quality experience. If they are not satisfied then they will immediately leave your page. However, the basic requirements of high-quality video are as follows:

  • Microphone
  • Steady camera
  • Editing software
  • Box light

10. Keep it short and simple

It is essential to know how each and every video is monitored. Some of the essential SEO Trends include exceptional content, structured data, and machine learning. When people watch your video in the first 10 seconds are very crucial and you should make it a platform to draw their attention. It has been observed that 20 to 30% of viewers judge the video within the first 10 seconds. And the rest of the people watch the video for about 30 seconds on an average time. The videos which are more than 5 minutes long have a steady retention rate up to about the 13-minute mark. By considering this you might lose up to 20% of visitors. If in case your videos do not short make sure they are more informative.

11. Autoplay vs. ‘Press Play’

Most of the people neglect autoplay as this could interact but can also enhance the conversion rate. You can even make a test to identify this. Even though if you do not consider autoplay option then there are many other ways to increase your conversion. Just test your video in full-screen mode which acts as a background especially for the landing page. Alternatively, you can also add a joint play button to the video thumbnail so that the viewers can click on it to view.

Improve the landing page conversion with video

So far you might have a clear Idea regarding the landing page videos as people are intended to watch more videos. Even though it consumes little time but is said to be an excellent option to attract the audiences and then convert the table into conversions. If you can follow all these best practices it will, therefore, use that the landing page conversion. Therefore it is highly recommended to keep practicing all these things to enhance the page conversion with videos in a better way.

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