Why Do Men Prefer Escorts to Traditional Sex Workers?

Why Do Men Prefer Escorts to Traditional Sex Workers

It’s common for the sheer size and popularity of the adult ‘entertainment’ sector to be underestimated. Incredibly, some surveys have suggested that as many as one in every eight men uses the services of escorts periodically or regularly.

“We’re often contacted by men with the question ‘where can I find high-end escorts near me for some kind of engagement or entertainment,” commented a representative of Ennvy – one of the UK’s leading online escort services.

To which, they’re usually surprised to find out just how huge the availability is right in their vicinity. They assume high-end escort services are exclusive to the biggest towns and cities, but they’re actually readily available all over the country. Well, if you know where to look for them.”

But what is it about the high-end escort that differentiates them from the more traditional sex worker? More specifically, why are men increasingly turning their backs on the services of conventional sex workers, showing priority to more sophisticated escorts?

When quizzed by Ennvy, this is how those who use the services of escorts differentiate them from traditional sex workers:

1.  With an escort, it is as much about time and companionship as it is anything else. Contrary to popular belief, escorts are not always hired with sexual gratification in mind.  In some instances, they simply accompany their clients to restaurants, bars, clubs and even luxury hotels. Perhaps, simply a romantic weekend away somewhere – often with nothing (or comparatively little) physical taking place.

2.  A major point of appeal with a high-end escort is the assurance of professionalism. These are not the kinds of people who are simply desperate to make money by any means necessary. Instead, they’re intelligent, educated and career-focused women who love what they do. More importantly, they’re good at what they do and know exactly how to provide their clients with a fantastic time. They play a major proactive role in the services they provide, as opposed to the passive services of the traditional sex worker.

3.  One of the more obvious advantages of hiring escorts is the fact that the services they provide are 100% legal. By contrast, the services provided by the more traditional sex worker are not.  With an escort, what takes place is far more than a simple monetary transaction for sexual gratification. You’re paying an experienced professional for their companionship, after which whatever happens, happens. This is entirely different from simply paying somebody for sex, which in most instances is prohibited in the UK.

4.  There’s also much to be said for the pride escorts take in the services they provide and the career they have chosen. They are inherently more likely to be well groomed and take pride in their appearance, rather than existing simply to provide a quick-fix physical service. This sense of pride understandably adds to the enjoyment of the experience, as you know that the person, you’re spending time with, is doing something they actually want to do.

5.  High-end escorts are usually extensively educated and are always extremely personable individuals. They are fantastic people to spend time with, irrespective of what does or does not take place. Again, this is why escorts are routinely hired by men simply looking for companionship, with nothing specifically physical in mind. Escorts know how to show you a good time and ensure you enjoy every moment of the time you spend with them.

6.  Escorts can also bring the kind of experience and expertise into the mix that can make for a truly unforgettable experience. Assuming they’ve been doing what they do for some time, they’re in the perfect position to show their clients a thing or two. Again, something that makes for a much more enjoyable experience than passive interaction with a traditional sex worker.

7.  Knowing that the escort you’re hiring is taken care of by an established and reputable agency can be highly reassuring. At no point are you in any doubt as to the safety and general welfare of a professional escort. If anything, you can spend the experience safe in the knowledge that they are probably earning a hell of a lot more than you do!

8.  Last but not least, professional escorts also know what it means to master the art of discretion. They understand the importance of privacy, they know every trick in the book when it comes to keeping things under wraps, and at no point are you ever concerned someone else may find out. Unsurprisingly, this is a major priority for most people who use the services of escorts – most of which probably wouldn’t dare taking chances with traditional sex workers.

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