Top 10 Flirty Emojis To Improve Your Dating Game in 2021

Flirty Emojis

With the change of this world, people no longer flirt in grocery stores or coffee shops. Nowadays, people like to use flirty emojis to get the points across via text or messages. Do you remember the time when texting became essential or a part of our lives? We were so very excited about it that we used to press a button thrice just to get one letter. However, with the advancement of technology, now we all are having smartphones that make things smoother. We have flirty emojis to help us express our feelings in a clearer way and get into somebody’s heart.

Emojis have the power to say the words that we fail to express and emphasize in a friendlier manner. But do you know how you can use the emojis at the right place and at the right time so as to get the message right and most effective? Well! If you are not aware of which emojis to use and when then this article is just for you.

To help you out I have listed down the Top 10 Flirty Emojis To Improve Your Dating Game. So, without further delay, let’s start with the article.

Top 10 Flirty Emojis To Improve Your Dating Game

1. Smiley Face: When You Want to Say Hello

Smiley face emoji means you are trying to say hello. Smiley face emoji means no harm, it is kind, and it is sweet too. You can typically express your happiness or you can be friendly using this emoji. If you are excited after meeting someone in person or if you want to say hello for the first time, then you can easily use this smiley emoji.

This emoji gives a fresh, natural, and friendly vibrant which looks decent for starting out a healthy conversation.

2. Blushing Smiley Face: In case You are Embarrassed

Do you know the meaning of that cute blushing smiley face? Well! That smiley is a bit more shy and timid than the actual full-on smiley face. This is because it the blushing one. And you can use this emoji when you want to express “blush”. In fact, it will just pop up once you type blush. You are most likely to send this one in response to a compliment someone gives you. Moreover, if you’re asking someone out in a low-key type of way, then you can use this cute blushing smiley face.

3. Crying Laughing: When They Are Making You Laugh

Crying Laughing emoji is pretty funny and looks cute. Yes! At times, just writing “hahaha” or “LOL” won’t do the work for you in case you want to convey how much fun it was. And nobody uses “ROFLMAO” anymore, so that’s not an option, either. While acronyms about how hard you are actually laughing fail to express the real emotion, then it is basically a common practice to replace them with a crying laughing emoji.

To be honest, this one is just my favorite for that reason. The crying laughing emoji is pretty versatile, cute, and friendly, and easy to convey the exact emotion.

4. Tongue Smiley: If You Are In a Mood To Flirt

Nothing can beat the emoji of tongue smiley in case you are in a real mood to flirt. Yes! Now that you are done with some easy and friendly conversation and want to take it further, then it is your time to use the tongue smiley. This emoji is just the start of your flirting world via texting.

Sometimes, it might fall under the sexting category and there are people who like to use it in a sexual context. However, you can use it in a different manner at the starting, depending on your conversation. So, be a little cautious while you use this emoji.

5. Tongue Wink: When You Want To Be Sarcastic

The tongue wink is not a normal “winky” face that we use almost all the time. This is because in this emoji the tongue is sticking out. In case, you receive or send this tongue wink, understand that it is because someone is being sexual or sarcastic. People often like to use this emoji in reply to a flirtatious comment or anything that is said as a joke. So, if you are feeling flirty and want to show your emotions, then you can easily use this emoji. However, you must use this tongue wink emoji wisely so that you don’t land up in an awkward situation.

6. Eggplant: When You Want To Get Intimate

Now that you are done with all the flirting things, and want to get a little intimated, then you can opt for this eggplant emoji. This is one of the most sexual emojis in the entire emoji gallery. And I am sure that you can understand what it stands for. However, if you stay under a rock, then let us explain to you the meaning of the emoji Eggplant. The eggplant symbolizes a penis. Be a little more cautious while using this emoji so that you don’t land up in any kind of worst situation.

7. Water Droplets: When You Are Pretty Much Impressed

Suppose you are talking with a person and now you are pretty much impressed with something, you can surely use the water droplets emoji. These three, light-blue water droplets could actually mean drops of sweat. However, you can also use the same emoji to express your emotion of drooling. It is basically a very soft way to flirt for you and you can keep it simple but a little interesting.

8. Tongue: When You Are In A Mood

One of the most sexual emojis that can take the whole flirting game to a next level is the tongue emoji. And once you combine the wet emoji along with the tongue emoji, the duo can straightly convey that you want to…well! I hope you get what I am trying to say, common on. I am sure you are smart enough to understand the meaning. In fact, when it comes to emojis that go together, this combo is without a doubt one of our favorites.

9. Peach: When You Are In Mood For Some Fun

Do you know what does the peach emoji represents? Well! They literally mean an ass. In case, you are up for a hookup and you are trying hard to express the same but you don’t feel like using any words, then you can use the peach either or you can use the eggplant emoji. It is not a subtle hint but will do the work for you probably.

10. Heart Eyes/Kissing Emoji: When You’re Into Someone

“I really like what you said” or “Damn, you are beautiful” are primarily the two most common instances to substitute words with this cute heart eyes face emoji. DO you find someone hot? If yes, you can send the heart eyes! Then again, if you feel that the person is working with animals for a living, you can send heart eyes. Basically, this heart eyes or kissing emoji is meant to express adoration, admiration, interest, or lust. It’s a fun and flirty alternative to the standard kissing emoji. So, you need to use it wisely!

How You Can Use Flirty Emojis When You Are Dating Online?

Well! Just explaining what emojis mean is not enough, so I have some tips and tricks that you can use to properly use these popular emojis. Just keep these tips in mind while you are messaging matches on any of the online dating apps. If you want to stand out among the crowd, you need to do something special and not use the standard kissing emoji. For that, you need to understand the meaning of each and every emoji so that you can use it at the right time at the right place. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Use an Appropriate Amount in One Text-

When you are trying to express friendliness and show your fun emotions, it is pretty easy to go overboard with all the emojis. However, you really need to be very much careful while sending emojis. Don’t go overboard with emojis at a time, because one too many kissy faces will easily be perceived as the “EXTRA” or might look “CREEPY”. I hope you are getting my point here.

Try to avoid being too aggressive just by considering these points: use only one smiley face at a time. You can try out using laughing emojis to a max of three  (unless you think the joke is absolutely hysterical and you’re literally rolling on the floor laughing your ass off, then use, like, seven). Try to use only one heart emoji as let’s just faced it, four hearts will show louder than just one emoji.

2. Gauge the Conversation and Someone’s Texting Style Before Sending-

Before you think about emojis, you need to think about the person you want to send all these emojis to. You can even stalk your date a little if you think there is a need for the same. Check out how and when do they usually use these emojis, never or always! Furthermore, check out that when they do, how many do they send? Just try to check whether it is just an occasional emoji or do they overload ( just have a look at the previous tip for the same).

In fact, you are free to just text the way you feel comfortable and you don’t really need to essentially match the texting style. All you need to know and understand is that they might misinterpret your overuse of underuse as coming off a bit too strong or not strong enough. And all of these basically depend on how many emojis you are sending to express your emotion.

3. Space them out throughout your Conversations-

One of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind while you are texting and trying to flirt is to keep a gap. Yes! Always try to avoid using emojis in every message that you send. It will look that you are putting in unwanted efforts and might give them the feel of being a little over smart. You can only use them where you feel that an emoji can speak louder than your words. When you really feel like emphasizing something or you want to show or express your excitement or enthusiasm, you can use emoji.

Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of coming off a bit immature if you can’t send simple messages without smileys and emoticons flooding their inbox.

Now that you are aware of all the flirty emojis and have understood how and when to use them, it is time for you to use them wisely. You can obviously use a smiley face here and there and it won’t cost you your first date, try to use heart next time to get that straight to the point. However, there is always a risk and you should think before you take any kind of action.

Remember that every relationship is different and so is the way of conversation. Hence, you need to be very much careful about what emojis you are sending to whom you are sending, and other points that I have previously mentioned.

In case, you are still confused and feel to talk regarding the same matter, you can always comment down below. I will be happy to help you out. Try to test your knowledge and take your flirting game to the next level with all these emojis. Let us know which one is your favorite and what you use the most. Also, don’t forget to share with us which one has got you on your special date. We are excited to hear things from you. And if you have any idea regarding other emojis that go well with flirting and you think we should know, do share with us.

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