Three Golden Safety Rules for Online Dating

online dating

Today, online dating is one of the easiest and most popular ways to find somebody new. Whether you’re looking for a casual, fun relationship or ready to settle down into something more serious, there’s a huge range of online dating apps and websites that you can take advantage of in order to find your perfect match. But while online dating is certainly far more mainstream today than it once was, the risks of meeting up with somebody who you’ve never met in real life are still the same. If you’re planning a hot date with somebody who you met online, here are some safety rules that you should always keep in mind.

Check Their Info:

Anybody can pretend to be anybody online, and while it’s nice to imagine that your date is being honest about themselves, you can never be too sure. Being overly trusting is never a good idea when online dating – while most people are genuine, all it takes is trusting the wrong person once and you could end up in a very dangerous situation. Use Nuwber to double-check that your date is telling the truth about themselves before you meet up with them in person. You can search for their phone number using the site, and this will bring up the name and contact details for the number’s listed holder – does it match up with what they are telling you?

Let Somebody Know:

It’s always best to be safe when meeting up with somebody from an online dating site, so tell a friend, relative or somebody else that you trust where you are going, who you’re going to be with, and how long you expect to be. Ask them to text or call you at a certain time to check that the date is going well and make sure that you are OK; this will ensure that they don’t worry if you do end up having a really good date that goes on for longer than expected. Knowing that somebody else knows where you are can give you extra peace of mind; they can come quickly if you need somebody there to help you out of a tricky situation.

Meet in Public:

Last but not least, the golden rule of safety when online dating is to always meet up with your date in a public place. It could be tempting to accept an invitation of going around to their house or inviting them to yours, but this isn’t a good idea for the first time that you meet – save that for later down the line when you’ve gotten to know them and trust them a bit more. Don’t be fooled into thinking that inviting your date to your place is safer; if things go wrong, this means that they know where you live, which is a problem that you can avoid by meeting in a public place like a restaurant or bar. Having the safety net of other people around you will put you at ease for your date and make it easier for you to get away quickly if you get bad vibes.

Online apps and websites are a common way to find somebody new to date, whether you’re looking for fun or a committed relationship. But, while most people you meet online are genuinely great people, it’s important to be aware of the dangerous people out there and make sure that you’re protected.

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