This Is How Love Has Changed in Recent Months

This Is How Love Has Changed in Recent Months

Much has already been written about the pandemic and the global quarantine that is underway. Of course, no one could imagine the situation. Moreover, it is practically impossible to define in its entirety the effects and consequences it will have on everyone. The most noticeable, without doubt, is on the way people relate to each other and with their own feelings. 

Previously, routine, responsibilities and work seemed to be the most important, the priority. What time people had to get up, the places they had to visit, how to get there, at what time, what to do first… The agenda was filled up with priorities and the mindset was “I have to do” or “I should do it…”. 

So if there was time left over all this, someone might have thought about what they would really like to do. For example, meeting friends, couples, escorts in Sunshine Coast, etc. Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman already mentioned it: “Do you let that little gadget tell you what to do?” to her partner Chris Pine, referring to his wristwatch.

All this fast pace had reached even love. Dating apps increased in use, as people had no time to get to know each other and needed direct physical contact, as well as a meeting with a private Desi escort in Mumbai. And as long as it was mutually agreed, there was nothing wrong, it was just that, sex, pleasure and sweat.

But COVID-19 has changed all this. A virus that has managed to paralyse the lives of the majority. As well as turning around the list of priorities that used to occupy the agendas. Now the questions that fill minds are different. Long stays at home, more “free time” for everything that had been put on hold. 

Watching excellent series and movies, renovating or improving the house in which people have never had the time or inclination to do it, cleaning all rooms, eating better and even exercising. But most of all, talking. It is curious how social distancing has increased and fostered the need to be connected with the closest people.

In fact, there are various types of people’s behavior during quarantine and they have had differences facing the new normality. On the one hand, there are those who find themselves alone at home, who have enjoyed virtually, but without human contact for weeks, seeking interaction with anyone by video call or chat. 

They had their space to practice self-knowledge and take better care of themselves, but in the end, what they missed most were the social gatherings. 

Especially if these people had a partner, as they found themselves unable to see and touch each other because of health recommendations. Forced to stay in touch by apps and increase their creativity and patience.

On the other hand, those who have found themselves living with a partner, friends, flatmates or family. Proving that a long period of time together can be very intense, as every detail that was previously endured because it was small and almost unseen is now enhanced. Tensions, worries and fears make life in the same flat or house difficult in these situations. In light of all that COVID-19 causes, feelings are on the surface and it’s easier to jump to the extremes of happiness, sadness, anger…

That way, this situation is presented as a challenge to overcome, something that tests attraction, desire and love. As sexual relationships with Skokka’s Watford escorts, lovers or partners are limited to a screen, people are looking for a more complete experience, something beyond, something fulfilling. 

Life goals and priorities are no longer the same. Everything has taken on a new value. All the hugs, kisses and closeness that were taken for granted before are now almost the only thing desired by most. Imagining being so close to loved ones brings at least a smile. 

Currently dating apps that used to require only two messages to meet someone and after the meeting, most of them never even saw each other again, are full of conversations. An opportunity to get to know other people (new or already known) deeply.

A time to find out if, like puzzle pieces, everything really fits, or if the relationship is strong enough or was just a facade. Something difficult to manage, but necessary to achieve what everyone is looking for, which is happiness 

Deepen feelings, create an even stronger bond, continue to grow together, sharing even the most intimate things, trusting and letting go so that everything is much more intense. Find the balance between the physical and emotional sides to give and take as equals and continue to move forward together. 

So it is possible to learn from everything, and one of the good things that will remain after the pandemic is to remember these unions and the true value of small details and gestures, especially those of affection.

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