How To Propose To A Woman: 10 Steps

How To Propose To A Woman

Did you spend your recent days in daydreaming of a woman you have fallen for? Are you certain that she is going to be the Queen of your life? If yes, then it’s time for you to cross your fingers as we take you onboard for a ride of a Flawless Proposal!

A perfect proposal hinges on the woman’s favourite things, places and spot. So, this is the first thing you need to dig to get on your knees with a diamond ring! But a bit of surprise stirred is never too bad!

So, here’s how it will begin:

Step One:

Have a moment with yourself and ask about the certainty of your feelings about her. Deeper you feel the more beautiful and emotion-filled your proposal would be. And we all know how much women love emotions.

Plan your “Proposal Speech” in these moments and we guarantee you a moment so overwhelming that you’d never forget it for the rest of your life.

Step Two:

Spend a few days with her before the proposal. Take her to strolls and small & happier places to cherish moments with her! Take pictures with her and Ah! How can we forget about the candids? Click her randoms for the Proposal Day. 

Step Three:

Giving an emotional touch to the proposal with her family present at the spot is never a bad idea! So, the next step involves talking with her parents and asking for permission and involving them in your grand day.

Step Four:

Decide on a day to propose her! As this day will be remembered by her for the rest of her life, it is important to make that day special or propose on a day already special to her. It could be any occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or her Birthday.

Step Five:

The next important phase is to decide the location of the proposal. This is an absolute chance for you to take her on a rollercoaster of nostalgia. Think about the place where she dreams for her Marriage Proposal and give it a shot! Place, people & a ring in your hand! What makes you think that she might say no? Is there any woman who doesn’t love diamonds?

Step Six:

This is your time to be creative! The next step is to have a layout on how are you going to propose the love of your life! The first and the foremost thing to be creative with is how will you bring forth the ring.

Some of our favourites:

·       Let the Diamond shine in a Glass of Champagne

·       While she enjoys the moment, get on your knees unnoticed and surprise her with the ring!

·       Sing her a song and get on your knees while the song speaks on behalf of your heart!

·       Take her to the night sky with stars and propose to her amidst the breeze.

Hope you pinned your favourite one!

Step Seven:

The hour of panicking comes near! But we got your back so you need not worry! Choose your ring! Choose the shape and the way you’d like your love to be stirred in it! We will make it come to life.

We’d love to mould your love into our specialisation so be specific and boom! You are not far to win her!

Let your ring speak a million words and make her go awe stunned to deeper ends!

Step Eight:

Well, an obvious thing is to decide your Outfit Of The Day! It could be a gentleman’s tuxedo or a shirt of her favourite colour! Have a glance at yourself in the mirror to be confident in whatever clothes you decide to impress her with.

Step Nine:

Well, you must be thinking about the day over and over again, but, it’s important to rehearse the proposal not only in your mind but in real life to be sure and confident of the Judgement Day.

Step Ten:

Time to give it a go! Get dressed and put the ring in your pocket and head to the day of perfect planning and the moments of dreams! Imagine on the way her teary eyes and a happy face.

Move ahead with your plan and say it with all the love that you endure in yourself! Make your fire flames take a higher flight.

Swoop in for that perfect day.

Felt like we summed up a romcom? Guess what? We believe you can make it come to life! Enquire us & get your hands on the perfect Diamond for your Queen! There hasn’t been a single design we said no to! Do you have a customized one in your mind? Then, you are in the right spot.

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