Dating Through Video Chat 6 Tips for First-Timers

Dating Through Video Chat 6 Tips For First-Timers

Dating has always been complicated, even during regular times, with some dates going well and others becoming a complete disaster. But with the COVID 19 still present in our society and the need for social distancing and lockdown, it has gotten harder to go for dates. 

Luckily, technology has improved to a point where you can have a virtual meeting with your date through video chat platforms such as and other websites. If you have connected with a particular person, you can now hold a date through a well-prepared video chat. Read more for tips on how to date through a video chat platform.

1. Get Comfortable

Getting comfortable before a video date is the most important thing, as most first dates come with jittery feelings that the date could lead to a disaster. By getting comfortable, you can always be ready for anything that might come your way during the date.

On the bright side, video dating won’t leave you concerned about things like getting home afterward and staying through a wrong date as you’ll be at liberty to go as you see fit. You can also set up your favorite pillow or your most comfortable chair to avoid fumbling during the date.

Ensure that you text, email, or chat your date before meeting them on the video call to determine whether you make a great match. This could make the virtual date less awkward.

2. Plan It Like A Normal Date

Preparing ahead of your date will make it less awkward and confusing. You can begin by finding out about your date’s expectations and interests to help you develop a couple of ideas for the date. 

Set up an appropriate time for both of you to be comfortable with to avoid any surprises like a cancellation. Planning is also the time to decide what you will eat, drink, and do on your date. When setting the time, limit yourself to an hour to an hour and a half to avoid dragging the meeting.

3. Dress Presentably

You don’t need too much when it comes to your actual virtual date but you can still put some effort into picking your outfit. With being cooped up inside for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to dress up and boost your confidence.

Chances are you might have a strong urge to avoid putting on your pants and you should go against your instinct on this. You may need to be on your feet during your meeting and it’s best not to give your date a glimpse of your favorite pair of stay-at-home undies.

4. Organize Your Backdrop

The advantage of video dating is presenting yourself before an excellent background with great lighting. As a result, find a flattering angle that you can set your webcam by calling your friends for a test run.

Avoid pointing your camera from below as your date will get to see up your nostrils, which isn’t an incredible sight. Since your date will get to see your space, create a good impression by cleaning up. You can choose things that show your personality, such as your favorite book or poster. 

5. Find Fun Activities

Finding fun activities to do together will make for a fantastic date. You can decide to watch a movie that you can both love and enjoy a low-key night. For a better experience, you could play a game online together in a different window. 

You can also order takeout food and enjoy a virtual dinner date. If you want a more romantic setting, dim your lights and place candles to create a romantic mood.

6. Have Some Talking Points

When looking for talking points, ask your date questions that show your interest in getting to know them. Try mentioning a shared interest to avoid awkward silences. You could talk about hobbies, dream vacations, or past experiences. Above all, avoid talking about hot topics that may lead to heated arguments.

Bottom Line

Virtual dating is the best way to go on a date during these challenging times. But when you are a first-timer, you may get confused about how it all works. As a result, we have discussed some tips to guide you through your first video chat.

Begin by getting comfortable despite having first date jitters and plan it like a regular date. You can prepare by deciding what to eat and drink and your outfit to look presentable. As for your backdrop should show your personality and get the proper lighting and angle to avoid any embarrassment.

Find fun activities to do during your date, such as taking a walk together or more interactive things like playing a game online. You can also come up with talking points before the date to avoid the awkward silence that may kill the date’s mood.

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