Best Countries for Foreign Wife and Why

Best Countries for Foreign Wife and Why

In the 21 century, men prefer to get acquainted with girls online. Extreme popularity gained hot Russian girls who can easily be met at any random dating website for singles who are searching for life partners, love, and a chance to build a long-lasting relationship with the further development into a full0-scale loving family. This practice of online dating before real-life dating helps to get rid of tons of undesired candidates during the stage search. But let’s assume that online dating services already helped you to solve the problem of loneliness. Where would you live with your beloved woman?

Top Countries for Marriage Immigration

Imagining all available ways of immigration, a few people do not stop at the option of moving as a result of marriage. How tempting the prospect looks not only to move to a more prosperous country but also to find personal happiness. Nowadays, thanks to the development of means of communication, distances have been significantly reduced: the Internet connects people on different continents, giving the opportunity not only to hear but also to see the interlocutor.

Numerous dating websites and even intermediate level of English offer potential immigrants the widest possible prospects for finding a second half, which will be possible through a simplified scheme to obtain citizenship of the intended country of moving.


Canada is among several developed countries with strong economics and high living standards. The country is famous for its nature and excellent ecology, and the largest Canadian cities are in the top ten quality of life ratings every year. Canadians are a very polite nation, and government programs to support newcomers help them adapt more quickly to their new country and learn the language for free.

New Zealand

Because nowhere in the world except New Zealand you can live in a developed city and in just a few hours of driving from which you can reach snow-capped mountains, climbing forests, beautiful blue lakes, luminescent caves, black beaches, geothermal springs, and landscapes depicted in Lord of the Ring saga.

New Zealanders are the sweetest people on Earth with whom you immediately feel at home. New Zealand is a safe, prosperous, peaceful, and socially progressive country, ideal for those who do not like living in the turmoil of a metropolis.


The state language of Estonia is Estonian, but half of the population speaks Russian, many of them have a good knowledge of English. Estonia has clean air and many forests, as well as swamps and seas. Estonia is an electronic state. This is not only about the ubiquitous and good Internet, but also the ability to solve many problems simply and get answers quickly. For building a  family this place is extremely suitable. Nice little things like a forest management blog, selection of a tree in the forest, camera broadcasts in the zoo, electronic recipes, ticket and help desks, and transaction design. 


Japan is full of mysteries, a country of cyber-punk, anime, strange ocean food, clean streets, a quiet and safe life. Here you can also find snowdrifts in Hokkaido or beaches in Okinawa.

It is worth remembering that Japan was a closed country for a long time and that is why it is not used to foreigners yet and visitors better know the Japanese language. Still, the knowledge of English might also be of extreme help. 

Building your own family in the most suitable environment is the sacred thing. That is why when selecting the place for living you should consider all aspects of that place and choose the most appropriate option. Build your life with dating services and move to a comfortable place. 

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