67% of Couples Meet Online – Did You Know That?

Couples Meet Online

Scientists at Stanford University analyzed ways to find a romantic partner and found that online dating ranked first in terms of its prevalence and effectiveness. Acquaintances in bars, at work, or through friends are not a common thing today. Researchers conducted multiple surveys and have selected survey participants randomly. Some of the people that have been a part of the research do not even have home access to the Internet.

Survey results have impressed just everyone – 67% of couples meet online. Just for a comparison, almost 80% of couples met through family, friends, or in educational institutions in 1940. Nowadays, you can find Ukrainian pornstars at https://sexodubai.com/ukrainian/ or even your soulmate without leaving your home.

Where to Meet?

In the era of digitalization, there are many specialized resources where you can meet people with the same interests, live values, and traits. If you want to succeed in your love searches without wasting too much time, then you need to pick a dating platform that meets your needs. The below sites are the most popular ones.

#1 – Mamba

It is a classic dating site that allows you to search for people by age, place of residence, and interests. Mamba boasts of a huge base and the ability to boost the profile rating for money so that more people can see it.

#2 – Tinder

This dating application is built on a simple principle: you see photos of people matching the specified parameters (age, gender). If you do not like a person, you swipe the photo to the left. In case you are ready to meet, then swipe to the right. If this person does the same, the match is made, and you can write to each other.

#3 – Badoo

It is one of the most popular dating apps. Badoo is a perfect combo of Tinder and Mamba. On the one hand, it has advanced search functions like on Mamba. At the same time, you can swipe photos left and right just like in Tinder. There are many people of different ages registered on Badoo, and you can get to know each other without being tied to the location of each other. This makes Badoo one of the most popular dating networks in the world.

How to Create a Winning Profile?

A person on a dating site is a child. Everything seems so beautiful and tasty. In order to attract the attention of others, you need to create an eye-catchy profile that brands you well. After all, our dating profiles serve as our marketing tools.

DO #1 – Add a Photo

You can add as many photos as you like on dating sites and apps. But try to keep the cover photo bright, beautiful, and professional; your face should be visible. Don’t be afraid to disappoint the person when you meet.

DO #2 – Prepare Some Hooks

What should a person write to you not to be banal? Ask a question in the questionnaire, suggest a riddle, write some interesting facts about you, finally, post a photo with your pet. This will immediately endear the interlocutor to you, and the topic for conversation can be easily “detected.”

DO #3 – Share Your Interests

To find “your” person with no probs, indicate your main interests and lifestyle. Cycling, hiking, traveling around Europe, yoga, snowboarding – this will help you find like-minded people without going through options. Tested and verified that it worked!

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