The Right Way of Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency crypto trading and crypto investment are really in these days. Over the last few years, it has witnessed an incredible rise in popularity across the globe. When bought and sold using the right methods, you can earn a lot of profit through cryptocurrency. The most popular cryptocurrency today is definitely Bitcoin and most people want to trade in it. In this post, we will talk about the things you need to know about buying Bitcoin. Anyone with any interest in becoming a bitcoin trader is going to find this post incredibly useful. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Buy Bitcoin: Things To Know

Although it was launched in 2008, Bitcoin (BTC) really started catching the fancy of people during the 2010s. As its popularity grew, it began to be offered for sale on different cryptocurrency exchanges across the world. Each site requests some specific information when users register. ID, passport, face verification etc. Investors have to submit the documents requested by the sites they will register in order to buy bitcoins from the stock markets. The same is true for buying altcoins.

Bitcoin Buying Sites

With each passing day, new cryptocurrency exchanges in different countries become operational, offering investors who want to trade in their native currency, a chance to buy BTC. Previously, the lack of too many stock exchanges or the lack of confidence in the existing stock markets affected the investors’ orientation to the stock exchanges serving on a global scale. But it wouldn’t be right to say that for today.

Which Sites Should Be Preferred?

One of the most striking features of Bitcoin is that you can transfer money to any account you want very quickly and easily. It may be possible to carry out large amounts of coin buying and selling transactions on exchanges in the international arena and frequently used by investors. However, not every stock market site has the same speed, which requires investors to act carefully. Although the transfer speed of Bitcoin (BTC) is very high, the speed of the stock market is an important detail when transacting. In other words, it is not correct to expect that the transfers made from each stock exchange site will be transferred to the other party at the same speed. That’s why you need to be sure of the speed of the exchange you choose for BTC trading.

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with a Credit Card

There are many local and global exchanges that offer the service of buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with a credit card. But crypto money users do not prefer this method too much. The reason for this is that when you make coin purchases via credit card, more commission fees are paid compared to other methods. However, as a result of correct research, you can find exchanges that cut less commission.

When you buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card, commission fees also vary from bank to bank. Therefore, it is also important which bank you work with. It is more advantageous for people who have just started to trade on the investment exchange and who carry out their transactions in low amounts, generally preferring to buy crypto money with a credit card. Both the low intake affects the commission rates less and the risk is further reduced.

Can you buy bitcoin from currency exchangers?

In the early days, since Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies were very controversial topics, trading transactions could be carried out in limited areas. However, after it became popular and became very popular, BTC buying started to move towards different channels. Some exchanges sell Bitcoin to those who request it from their own account. However, it should not be forgotten that buying BTC in this way will correspond to high commissions.

Places such as exchange offices, which can physically easily perform Bitcoin and Altcoin trading transactions, have recently started to increase their number a lot. In cryptocurrency exchanges, the price is determined by the supply and demand ratio. Places where you can physically buy and sell cryptocurrencies, such as exchange offices, first get the coin prices on an exchange and then determine the final price by adding commission fees to the price received. The commission prices determined in this field are mostly 3%. However, commission rates may vary depending on the size of the transactions. Places that allow crypto money buying and selling transactions made in this way are mostly preferred by tourists. 

At alternative points such as the exchange office, there is a verification process like other methods. Before users can buy and sell from such physical points, they must first set up the crypto money wallet for their own needs and prepare it.

Can you buy Bitcoin (BTC) from ATMs?

There are 6,000 ATMs around the world serving for altcoin and Bitcoin trading. The commission fee at these ATMs is higher than other methods. Sometimes the commission fee at these points can increase up to 10%. Another issue you might face is the rarity of these crypto ATMs in your country. There is also a lower limit of Bitcoin trading at these places most of the time. So while they are an option, they aren’t the most useful kind. 

What is Bitcoin Mining?

The only condition to buy Bitcoin is not to register on exchanges, you can also earn BTC by mining. You must have specially produced computers for this process. So, how is BTC produced?

Bitcoin mining: It is a method used to approve financial transactions made in itself, to provide transfer flow and to produce new Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining is a system that works with blockchain technology, and while miners are operating in this area, they both produce BTC and act as a part of the blockchain.

The logic of the technology used while mining Bitcoin is like a puzzle solution. It is the same with the logic of the puzzler, which is divided into more than one piece, coming together to form the whole picture. Miners are more than one person, and the computer used by each miner cannot produce “BTC” in a day on its own, instead, the blockchain comes together and thus the produced Bitcoins are collected together to obtain the value of 1 BTC.

How does bitcoin mining work?

Bitcoin mining is the production of more than one mining (miner) with the blockchain created using blockchain technology. In this system, Bitcoin miners convert the Bitcoins they produce into money by selling them to the buyer. In order for the miner to sell the BTCs it produces, he also needs a stock market site. The miner transfers the BTCs he has in his private wallet to the stock exchange site where he is registered. 

Here, you can either earn by trading or convert your money into the currency of the country and send your money to your bank account.

One of the features of blockchain technology is that the transactions are transparent, that is, bitcoin or other crypto money transactions are shared for everyone to see through the blockchain records.

How to Choose a Stock Exchange Site?

In 2017, when Bitcoin (BTC) was doing very well, one of the main issues many investors complained about was the slow operation of stock exchange sites. Sometimes, when one wanted to make transactions, there were pauses, especially in the stock markets of lesser developed countries, due to the insufficient servers, and this could cause people to lose their assets all of a sudden. For this reason, those who will enter the bitcoin trading business for the first time should take healthy steps about which exchange they should choose first. To find a fast, reliable stock market site, you can get information by following the accounts dealing with cryptocurrencies on social media sites.

How to Register on the Stock Exchange?

The documents required by each cryptocurrency exchange are different. While only the user name and bank information may be sufficient on some sites, more detailed information may be requested on some exchanges. Registering on reliable stock exchange sites is actually not a very difficult process. You can complete your stock market registration by following the steps below:

  1. To open a Bitcoin (BTC) account, you must upload your identity, an invoice or address information online to the relevant address (Some sites may require different documents).
  2. After you confirm your account, you can load money into the account and start trading.
  3. The Bitcoin exchange has a market area where you can shop. Go there and place a purchase order in the currency of your choice for the amount of bitcoin you want to trade.
  4. Since the minimum deposit and purchase orders may vary in different stock markets, it is useful to understand and read the “Terms of Use” section of the site you want to become a member of.

Finally, do not forget to follow the activity in the stock market. Daily, weekly, monthly follow-ups will be very useful for you and will ensure that you do not progress.

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