Podcasts That Will Get You Hooked With Cryptocurrency

If anyone is new to the crypto scene, or considering getting involved, you need to find out as much information as possible before taking the plunge. Several reputable brands have recognised this need in the market and thus we have seen the likes of Luno posting info on their Bitcoin wallet, as well as other services that are available. However, podcasts have fast become the go-to option for many people. This is because they seem unbiased and extremely convenient, as they can are available on the go via services such as Spotify. So, if you want to listen to a good crypto podcast that will have you hooked, check out our recommendations below.


Produced by Laura Shin, Unconfirmed has quickly become one of the top crypto-themed podcasts around. It’s a fantastic and reliable source of information, especially when it comes to the latest developments with both cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Unconfirmed’s approach is to include insight and opinion from some of the scene’s biggest names, with the likes of Emin Gun Sirer, Jackson Palmer and Aaron van Wirdum all featuring.


Unchained, like Unconfirmed, is a podcast which former Forbes reporter Laura Shin is again involved. Therefore, you know it will be a fantastic listen. Unchained covers cryptocurrency and blockchain and features interviews with industry experts. Huge names such as Jimmy Song and Changpeng Zhao have made appearances in the past, making this one of the most popular and credible podcasts around. Unchained is arguably the best resource when it comes to podcasts, but those new to the scene will have to stick with it, as it may be daunting at first.

Off the Chain

Off the Chain, hosted by Anthony Pompliano, takes a different approach to the two podcasts above. While the topics are similar, Off the Chain generally features entrepreneurs from the scene who have something to say about the industry and what they predict will happen moving forward. However, this opens the door for rival entrepreneurs to call each other out, often arguing, which is fun and insightful in equal measures. Off the Chain, like most other podcasts, featuring guests from the community such as Murad Mahmudov.

The Bitcoin Podcast

Sometimes it’s the oldies which are best, and that applies to The Bitcoin Podcast, which is one of several still going from the beginning. It’s comfortably one of the top crypto podcasts out there, keeping listeners up to date with the latest goings-on in the scene. The Bitcoin Podcast’s success has seen it branch out into other areas of content and media, which falls under the Bitcoin Podcast Network banner. The Bitcoin Podcast, which has a running time longer than most, also has a back catalogue which is more than worth a listen, especially if you’re new to all things crypto.

The four podcasts are undoubtedly the best on the market, whether you’re new to the scene, have an interest in all things crypto, or even if you’re an old hand. They’re all different in many ways but have cryptocurrencies and blockchain at the heart of everything they do. They’re all fantastic resources when it comes to the latest news and views from the industry too, with some top guests featuring.

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