New Blockchain Development | Argentina's Central Bank Turns to Blockchain Amid Soaring Inflation

Recently the media has come across the interest of Central Bank of Argentina (Banco Central de la Republica) towards the new blockchain technology. The basic reason behind this interest is to fight the raising issue of national inflation rates. Also, the internal document got released from the bank with the list of 42 books that bank ordered for in-house reading. Broadly described, these books mentioned in the list fall under fintech but there were many books that detected that they might be targeting the blockchain technology.
It has come to our notice through certain media reports that Argentina is on the verge of facing 30 percent inflation. This is the reason why Argentina’s finance officials are flipping up and down to find a solution to this issue. Among all the solutions, Argentina is also looking out for a solution in the blockchain area. Where the techies encourage this idea there, the traditionalists are mocking it, however, both the parties now agree that this has a potential solution to the problem.

See What Argentina’s Central Bank is Reading these Days 

According to the list of books ordered by Argentina’s Central bank for in-house reading, it is clear that they are interested in the new rising star blockchain. Below is the list of the books that were ordered –

  • Mastering Bitcoin | This is the first book in the list. The exact name of this book is – Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas Antonopoulos. This is the book that acts as the primer on blockchain and also provides instructions on the coding parts of it.


  • Blockchain Basics | As the name suggests, this is the book that explains all the basics of the blockchain. To be exact this is a non-technical introduction to blockchain in 25 simple steps written by Daniel Drescher.


  • Blueprint for a new economy | This is the book written by Melanie Swan and explains the potential of the blockchain technology beyond being the source of the digital currency. This technology has the potential to step ahead of what it initially was designed for. This book explains it all.

This list of books clearly implicates that Argentina’s Central Bank is moving towards this new blockchain technology with the hope of solving the issue of rising inflation by 30 percent. However, this is not the first time that Argentina has shown interest in the blockchain, in fact, this country has shown a faster growth when it comes to crypto-adoption.

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