Latest Survey Depicts 50 Percent of American Millennial are using Cryptocurrency

There have been many surveys that have been conducted by different bodies regarding the progress of the cryptocurrency industry. According to the media sources, the survey was conducted by YouGov Omnibus depicts that almost 50 percent of the American millennials are found interested in the cryptocurrencies of one sort or another.

Details about the Survey conducted in America regarding the use of Cryptocurrencies

According to the results of the survey conducted, around 1,202 millennials responded to the questions between the time frame of 29th August to 30th August. According to the poll, around 79 percent of Americans were found aware of the word “Cryptocurrency” and bitcoin was among the most popular cryptocurrency. Following bitcoin (BTC), most of the Americans found out about the cryptocurrency because of the leading altcoin named Ethereum (ETH).

The Results of the Survey in Detail

The survey also resulted in finding that the 87 percent of Americans who have heard of the cryptocurrency has never indulged in crypto-transaction. The results also depicted that 49 percent of the respondents claim that they would never be interested in trading in for the cryptocurrency even in their life. This, however, was very disappointing for the crypto-enthusiasts as half of the Americans have shown clear repulsion with the industry.
15 percent of the Americans who responded to the survey reflected their interest towards the cryptocurrency by saying that they wish they would have invested in cryptocurrency. Out of all the people who showed interest in cryptocurrency, the millennials showed demonstrated the most positive approach to cryptocurrencies.

Other Relative Information

Earlier in the month of June, Ipsos, the renowned research company conducted a study that revealed that in coming future the acceptance of the cryptocurrency will double. This study included 15 different countries and over 15,000 respondents.
This was highly flattering and was helpful in defining the future impact of the fastly growing “Cryptocurrency”.

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