Feminism Soon to Dominate Cryptocurrency World! Bravo!!!

Well! who wouldn’t agree when we will say that women are never behind men in any field? As per the recent studies across the globe over the progressing industry of cryptocurrency, a very heart-warming analysis has come forth. According to the study by London Block Exchange, the number of women in cryptocurrency investment bar has raised to double over the time period of 6 months. Isn’t it impeccable???

Feminism Found her new Jewel – Cryptocurrency

According to the studies carried out in the field of cryptocurrency, the shocking increase in women cryptocurrency investors has been noticed. By the end of 2017, only 6 percent of women were known to invest in one of the current hot industries, Cryptocurrency. The percentage, however, has jumped to double in just past 6 months making it 12.5 percent. The most shocking part was that there was not even a minute change in the number of men investors.
With this growth of women investors in the industry, it has been presumed that during the same time in 2019, the industry will have an equal share of women and men investors. Unlike all other financial industries, crypto-industry might break the notorious chauvinism of the financial service sector.

The Present women scenario in Cryptocurrency and the predictable future

Presently, the cryptocurrency industry has been empowered by men, but this scenario is soon going to change as per the predictions. Currently, the industry is dominated by me by 91.22 percent. But, the stats have shown a good jump in the number of women participants in the industry. There are nine well-renowned cryptocurrency Divas presently, who are dominating the field, as per the Fashion magazine, Glamour. Among these starring women are – Elizabeth Rossiello [founder of BitPesa], Elizabeth Stark [CEO, Lightning Labs], and Connie Gallippi [ founder, the BitGive Foundation].
The reflection of the study carried out by the London Block Exchange, clearly predicts a good future for women in the industry. Cryptocurrency soon will become a balanced industry with an equal share of men and women participants. This is a remarkable progressive platform that has a potential of amazing growth. So, let’s see if the industry will live up to these predictions.

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