Decentralization in the Content Delivery Network, a New Stage?

While surfing through Cryptocurrency news, we hopped into a magnificent news article stating that the major United States’ based content delivery network (CDN) named Cloudflare has come up with a new decentralized content gateway. According to the article, the company is using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and the announcement of this was made through the blog post on 17th September.
This news surfaced during the Cloudflare Crypto Week, Yes! This is the thing. This is actually the week when the company devotes its manpower and resources in finding the ways of adoption of the cryptography powered technologies in their field. As per the news, the IPFS that is InterPlanetary File System is the company’s first product that is going to be released as a part of Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Gateway Project. This is the product that will deploy the distributed ledger technology that is DLT.

What is this IPFS?

Cloudflare’s IPFS gateway is basically a method of accessing content from the IPFS without making users install and run any specially designed software. This new gateway is designed to support several new highly-reliable and secured applications. Coming to the term IPFS, this is basically a protocol that is focused in decentralizing the way of in which one can access the information. This protocol enables the peer-to-peer data storing as well as sharing feature over the distributed ledger.
Through this new IPFS, the new decentralized way is introduced for accessing information over the internet. Through this system, the users are given access to keep the content available all the time regardless of the performance of the servers that host it. So even if the server is hacked or shut down because of some other reason, your data will be available to you.
In regards to this new innovation, the company also admitted that there is a possibility of sharing abusive content via IPFS. Also, the company has no control over the removal of the specific content from the network.
It is being said that this new development of the IPFS system designed by Cloudflare will bring a promising revolution in the system.

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