Cryptocurrency Courses | Researchers reveal 42 percent of best universities offer crypto-courses!

Recently, a survey was conducted with the joint efforts of ecosystem’s largest bank and quasi-exchange, Coinbase to find out the attitude of the education industry towards the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain industry. The results of this survey were quite thrilling and overwhelming.

See What the Survey Revealed?

According to the survey results, approximately 40 percent of the best universities across the globe have accepted the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into their curriculum. It revealed that 40 percent of these leading universities around the world have at least one course in either of this technology that is cryptocurrencies or blockchain.
It is not the first time that Coinbase has conducted a survey in the field of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. What is new is that Coinbase teamed up with Qriously for the recent survey that they conducted in the education field to screen out their reaction towards the growing industries of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
They did not restrict themselves to the 50 universities in the world during the survey, but also included the opinion of students towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain curriculum.
During the survey the team was able to sample out the reaction of 675 students, 50 international universities and professors successfully.

The Skilled Employees for Cryptocurrency Industry

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the prediction of the New York University’s Stern School of business that most of the financial department will soon be transformed to the blockchain platrform has proved somewhat accurate. Hence, it is not a rocket science to acknowledge the fact that there is not enough man force around the globe that would make perfect cryptocurrency or blockchain employee.
This is one of the major reasons why the renowned universities across the world are jumping onto providing the research facilities for the students to understand this growing domains. Not only this, the universities across the world are also focusing on introducing courses on both cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The Complete report of the survey conducted

Where we have gathered so far that 42 percent of top universities across the world have added at least one course on blockchain or crypotcurrency into there curriculum there, it also came to light that around 22 percent of the universities across the globe are offering more than one course on the subject.

Interesting Fact –

The most interesting fact revealed during the survey however was that the United States was noted to be leading on the matter. It was calculated that five of 18 universities on the list offer atleast one course on either cryptocurrency or blockchain.
It was also revealed that Cornell offers the highest number of classes in the field including – cryptography, cryptocurrency, or blockchain.
This survey clearly depicts that the education institutes across the globe have grabbed the understanding that the market is in need of the cryptocurrency or blockchain experts.

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