Coinbase now appoints a new Vice President & Its Future Plans!

As per the latest news and updates, Coinbase has appointed a new Vice President. According to the report, former Linkedin executive Micheal Li has now joined the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform named Coinbase on the position of Vice President. This report came out on 18th September.
Initially, Micheal Li was working as a Director of Business Analytics in Linkedin. Before jumping on board with the Coinbase, he has gathered the experience in the line of business and employment-oriented company while working at the position of the business analyst as well as data science. During his experience at Linkedin, Li managed to find out the importance of the centralized data organization. He also learned the importance of getting the valuable data for the company in a strategic way.
As per his suggestions, there is a need for the strong data organization in the companies. He also addressed that this is still a new concept for most of the companies and should be introduced to them.

What Mr. Li has to say about his new position at Coinbase?

Mr. Li has now joined the famous crypto-exchange platform, Coinbase. In his post on Medium, he focused on mentioning the necessity of the data strategy for the empowerment of the company’s mission. Not only this, but he also mentioned how strategic data organization will also help in providing the trusted as well as easy-to-use crypto services along with creating the data solution for the blockchain use cases.
Earlier in August this crypto-exchange platform, Coinbase hired a former Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Microsoft employee Tim Wagner as Vice President of engineering. Not only this, but Coinbase also made an announcement stating that ex-Pershing Executive Jeff Horowitz will also be joining their platform as Chief Compliance Officer.
Back in the month of April, Co-founder of Linkedin and former CTO Eric Ly launched a reputation service for the users that allowed them to verify the teams that are behind the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). This service will help the potential investors to determine that the project is legitimate or not hence, reducing the risk.

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