Coinbase Manages to raise the buy limit to $25,000 In taking Ethereum Classic Deposits!

Most of the cryptocurrency investors around the world have been hit hard when the news came out that the world’s largest stock exchange operator is finally launching the bitcoin market and failed to translate into the bullish price movement. Where most of the investors have been struck hard, there the Ethereum classic supporters have had the best week so far.

Coinbase Starts the program taking in Ethereum Classic Deposits 

Over the time period of the last two days, Ethereum classic has become one of the two most prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market worldwide. As per the media sources reports released yesterday, Ethereum classic has managed to become the 6th cryptocurrency that on the Robinhood, stock market trading app.
Industry giant, Coinbase started accepting ETC that is Ethereum classic deposits on Coinbase Pro formerly known with the name GDAX.
As per the official announcement, Ethereum classic has not yet been available via firm’s eponymous brokerage service. however, they have mentioned that ETC will be listed once the market gets stabilized on Coinbase pro.
All these announcements put forth has managed to squire a significant ETC price rally. Last week, on the verge of these announcements ETC, has managed to raise its value by more than 11 percent against USD.  This big news has turned the table for this cryptocurrency as it has put it ahead of all the coins with the market caps in excess of $1 billion. Not only, this but this has also made ETC the only large-cap crypto to witness the positive price action over this period.

Coinbase Raises Daily Buy Limit! 

This Tuesday, Coinbase announced several improvements in its brokerage platform. First, they managed to raise the default daily buy limits for all Coinbase users to $25,000 and then, they eliminated buy and sell limits for all the wire transfers. Prior to this announcement and changes, the user had to wait for the settling down of the bank transfer before receiving their funds but, now the users will be able to trade their funds immediately, though, they will still have to wait until the bank transfer clearance to transfer those funds to an external wallet.
In the words of Asiff Hirji, COO of Coinbase they mentioned this move as “meaningful improvement” for firm’s customers.

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