Bitcoin: a Newbie Guide About the World’s Largest Digital Currency!

bitcoin guide

People worldwide are showing huge interest in bitcoin. But some people are only investing their hard-earned money by seeing the hype of bitcoin and don’t even learn about the basics of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. The worst thing is that because of investing money in such a volatile bitcoin market, newbie investors lose their money in scams, shady ventures, and frauds. It is crucial to educate yourself and make a smart decision before investing your hard-earned money in any cryptocurrency. You can join if you want to trade bitcoin professionally.

Today, we will learn everything about bitcoin in this article to make you clear about what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, and how these crypto coins are mined, as these are the most crucial things that you need to know before getting started. It is important to learn about basic concepts that will help you earn profit without losing your money.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that is decentralized in nature. It is different from traditional currencies as it is not issued or regulated by the government. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that no one can control or issue. No users, miners, government, banks, or codes can control the supply of this digital currency. Bitcoin is permissionless and borderless, which makes it a great global currency.

What makes it different from fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies?

Multiple features make bitcoin different from fiat currencies. The supply of bitcoin is limited to 21 million bitcoins. No one can create bitcoin-like fiat currencies whenever required. There are around 18.5 million bitcoins that are currently in circulation. Crypto analysts expect that the last bitcoin will be mined by 2140.

The reason that makes bitcoin different from other currencies is that there is no need to print bitcoin. No printing of money eliminates the problem of inflation. With fiat currencies, inflation takes place, and this decreases the purchasing power of paper money. Bitcoin is different as its value increases over time. Its value increases according to demand, and supply doesn’t get affected as it is limited. The exact meaning of inflation is to steal the wealth under everybody’s noses. Bitcoin is a great store of value, along with being a great medium of exchange.

Is Bitcoin a cryptocurrency for criminals?

Many people say bitcoin is a tool for terrorist activities and financing criminals. But this is not true. People don’t understand the feature of bitcoin that is anonymity. In reality, bitcoin transactions are not completely anonymous and are pseudo-anonymous. Every bitcoin transaction is linked with a particular digital wallet linked to people’s real identity. Along with this, bitcoin’s blockchain is a general and permanent ledger that is publicly viewable. It means that everybody can view the transactions, but no one can know the real-world identity behind them.

Is Bitcoin a legal currency?

In reality, it doesn’t even matter whether bitcoin is a legal cryptocurrency or not because it can never be banned from the internet. Bitcoin is designed to eliminate the control of banks or governments, which destroys the state’s monopoly. Government has no control over cryptocurrencies, and they see it as a threat to the power given to them. But only governments can indeed regulate it, but they can never restrict people from owning, sending, and receiving bitcoins to anyone worldwide.

Though governments of many countries have imposed bans and restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies, still, people are trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is the use of bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be used for:

  • Paying for goods and services. There are a large number of companies and businesses that have started accepting bitcoin for their products.
  • Bitcoins can be transferred overseas, which means if you want to make international payments, you can make it in the form of bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions are faster, simpler, and cheaper.
  • You can use bitcoin to donate to any project or charity. Many NGOs and organizations across the world have started accepting charities in the form of cryptocurrencies.
  • You can choose to buy and hold bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for the long-term as investment purposes and earn profit in the long run with the increased value of bitcoin.

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