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In college, an essay is used to evaluate the student’s critical thinking level, and it is done to put students’ ability in a written form. Although essay writing is done at all levels of education, college essays tend to be more logical, and they require students to write meaningful points in an orderly manner. To write a compelling argumentative essay involves elements enough to persuade the reader to see things from your perspective. To achieve this, have a compelling topic, research well and write using persuasive language, strong evidence and a balanced assessment.

An argumentative essay  makes your opinion heard. The most important feature is that it must be well structured with concrete evidence that provokes reasoning. Over time, students have often faced challenges with their essays because of their inability to structure words correctly. However, you can buy essay cheap from essaybulls to score a good grade when writing your argumentative essay.

What is an Argument Essay?

An argument essay is a write-up that takes an exact position on a controversial discussion where the writer argues for or against a particular issue. In an argument essay, the writer attempts to persuade readers to see from their point of view with facts and logical explanations that serve as back-up to their claim. Topics on argument essay can be about science, politics, healthcare, technology, societal related issues, academic theory, and many more.

Below are some tips you need to know when writing an argument essay:

Find a Good Topic and Back it up with a Solid Point of View

As long as you can state your point and people can easily relate to it, you’re good to go. However, the first step to achieve this is to have a good topic to project what you are trying to argue. For example, you can have a topic titled “Why Physical Reading should be encouraged over technological reading.”

Using this topic as an argument essay involves discussing that technology has made students lazy and the need to go back to times when people frequented the libraries to read books. It is also essential to keep in mind the opposing views about your perspective; this is why you must prepare your arguments properly to withstand any flaws that can be used against it.

Gather Evidence

It is expected that there must be evidence in your writing, which is why you must gather concrete evidence to back up your claim. Once you have stated your point clearly, there must be evidence in your writing that shows that it is happening in contemporary society. For instance, the topic “Why Physical Reading should be encouraged over technological reading” is about people attempting to research, and not just going online to search for what is already written. This is a good point of view that can help you develop other facts to serve as an argument.

You can also make your point tangible by interviewing people who are still sticking with the traditional reading method and those using technology. After then, you can do a comparative analysis in favor of your point; this will show you gathered evidence that goes beyond using a single author’s perspective.

Write the Essay

After gathering the necessary details, which are the foundation for your essay, begin writing your essay structurally. A meaningful argument essay must contain the required protocols. They are:

  • General Introduction: This involves an introduction that covers the area where your argument essay is being discussed.
  • Introducing your discussion: Introduce your topic and what your point of view is centered around. Give a hint of where your argument is leading and what your conclusion is concerning the topic.
  • Arguments: These are the facts and evidence you have gathered to back-up your claim
  • Writing some instances: This involves using some logical examples to support your arguments.
  • Conclusion: Your submission to the discussion.

Whether your topic is controversial or not, your argumentative essay will not achieve its objective if any of these steps are skipped. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the essay must be logically arranged.

Emphasize Both Sides of the Argument

While it is an argumentative essay, remember that it must be interesting to read, and that involves presenting controversial arguments that support your claim and the ones against your thesis. The purpose of giving an opposing view is to recognize that you know the flaws, but you already have stronger opinions than the weaknesses. However, be careful not to let the “argument against” overshadow your points, the only way to ensure that it doesn’t is to have more points for your argument and mention a few that tackle yours.


The only chance to solidify your argumentative essay’s validity is to have a firm enough conclusion to persuade your readers that you know what you are talking about concerning the topic. Your conclusion is where you restate your position, and it must be sensible enough to invalidate any potential argument that might be raised to counter your essay.  

Conclusive Tips

An argument essay is meant to be rational and meaningful. Your primary motive is to give arguments and facts as back-up claims. Therefore, do away with any form of emotional language that can make the essay irrational. The only means to do this is to know the difference between the emotional point of view and the logical conclusion. 

The reality of essay writing is that it is a crucial factor used to gain college admission, which many students have found challenging. However, you can have the edge over others if you know the necessary details on Admission Essay which serves as a guideline.  

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