Just How Do You Fit a Professional Education Into a Busy Schedule?

Professional Education

Professional development through higher education is crucial for increasing work opportunities and forging a new career in a wide range of industries in today’s fast-changing employment market.

While you may think that full-time workers with a busy schedule do not have time to complete a degree, this is definitely not the case. With careful planning and the right mindset, you can gain the soft and hard skills you need to get ahead in the workplace or apply for a new role, even if you have other important responsibilities.

Select the right course

You don’t need multiple hours every day for professional education if you select a course that is suited to your needs and requirements. A BSN to MSN program would be ideal if you want to become a family nurse practitioner or work in adult gerontology primary care while continuing in your current job.

Wilkes University offers a complete pathway to a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) online, so you won’t have to travel or relocate to complete the curriculum. The 12-week courses are also well-suited to busier professionals who want to gain qualifications over a shorter period of time.

Schedule time during the day

Organizing your time will make it easier to fit higher education into a typical day. By eliminating distractions such as smartphones and creating a space in your home where you can study quietly, you should be able to set a specific window of time in the morning, afternoon or evening when you can read and study.

Strategically planning your activities is also a good idea. You could opt for five to 10-minute blocks for simpler tasks related to your education, such as registering for a seminar or ordering a book, and then schedule hour-long chunks for attending a conference or completing coursework.

Be ready to ask for help and support

If you have a busy schedule, it will be easier to complete a degree with the support of family, friends and co-workers, who could lighten your load by taking on certain tasks in the workplace and at home. Make sure to talk through everything with them. You might find that they will be more accommodating to your education than you think.

When learning online, it’s also useful to find other like-minded people on forums and social media so that you can communicate with them about aspects of your course and your general interests. Talking with fellow students on Zoom and other platforms can also ease you through specific modules.

Use all of the tools available to you

The digital age has made it easier for people to complete higher education. In addition to the range of digital learning tools that are available online, you can also download and install time-saving apps and software that will enable you to better schedule your work and college life.

Finally, making education a priority rather than an afterthought is crucial. Approach it with the mindset of a student, and be ready to work hard whenever you can, and you will find that it is possible to weave an education into a busy lifestyle.

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