Improve Your Employability After University


You’ve emerged from one of our nation’s respected institutions of learning, with your diploma in hand, and you’re ready to finally enter the world of work. But, as you might discover, it’s not always that straightforward. Depending on the field of study you’ve pursued, taking a chance on someone who’s never had a real job before is something that employers might not be so eager to do. Any step that you can take to persuade them, therefore, might spell the difference between your being offered a job, and your being turned away.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will help to bolster your employability, and get your foot well and truly in that door.

Do some Volunteer Work

Just because you haven’t gotten a job offer doesn’t mean that you can’t do something constructive with your time. You might volunteer on behalf of your favourite charity. Not only will this give you something to pad out your CV; it’ll also give you some of the key skills that you need to thrive in a real work environment.

Start your Own Projects

Getting your own money-making ventures off the ground will help to demonstrate that you’re capable and self-sufficient. Your projects don’t have to be serious businesses. Even a project that’s small in scope, like a few one-to-one lessons in a musical instrument, can be beneficial.

Learn to Drive

If you’re able to easily travel to a range of locations, then you’ll increase your prospects dramatically. No longer will you be restricted to workplaces within walking distance of a train station; you’ll be able to compete for the out-of-town sites where many businesses choose to set up shop. You can take out some learner driver insurance to help make the process of learning a little more manageable.

Learn a Language

If you’re bi-lingual, or even multi-lingual, then you’ll have an extremely rare skill that’ll be in high demand in certain sectors. Businesses which deal with foreign customers, or which are headquartered outside of the UK, might benefit from a person who’s able to speak more than one language. Plus, knowing a language will demonstrate to employers that you have the commitment and staying power to practice a language regularly enough to become fluent in it. Just make sure that you don’t write that you’re multi-lingual unless you actually are – as this is the sort of thing where you can be tested at any moment.

Pay Attention to Industry Developments

If you have an active interest in a particular industry, and are able to hold a conversation about the latest goings-on within it, then you’ll put yourself at a considerable advantage. Read major news sites, keep yourself abreast of major developments, and educate yourself about what those developments really mean. This is especially important in technical jobs, where an ability to anticipate and adapt to new changes is important.

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