How to Calculate Express Entry CRS Score?

How to Calculate Express Entry Crs Score

Canada is one of the most preferable countries when it comes to higher education and employment. Each year, millions of candidates sit for the examination to get the required visa. Out of them, thousands of candidates successfully land into this country – either for job or education purposes.

The country offers an array of immigration programs to apply for permanent residency. Amidst them, Canada Express Entry Program is one of the popular and quickest options. The program selects experienced and skilled workers to permanently stay in Canada on the basis of the Canada Express Entry points system.

So, if you are trying your hands on immigrating to Canada through the express entry system, ensure that your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is appropriately matching the requirements.

All About Express Entry Point Based System

Canada’s express entry immigration system, also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is an electronic procedure that makes use of a point-based system to select deserving candidates. The Canada CRS score calculator is a distinct tool that is designed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to discover the most suitable and ideal candidates for living and working in the nation. Basically, the CRS score is used to evaluate a variety of factors, such as:

  • Education qualifications
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Employment potential
  • Age
  • Language proficiency
  • Adaptability

How to Calculate Express Entry CRS Score?

Now that you wish to calculate your express entry CRS score, know that you can seek help from the CRS calculator tool. With this tool, you can determine the CRS points score for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category.

In such a situation, know that you would have to yield at least 67 points in the calculator to register as an approved candidate for Canada Immigration. This specific tool is helpful in evaluating and calculating the CRS score on the basis of the answers that you will be providing. Keep in mind that CRS is a points-based system that is used to evaluate and score your profile and rank the same in the Express Entry pool. However, if you wish to evaluate your language proficiency, you can use a CLB calculator tool.

Who can Use this Tool?

When it comes to using this tool, there is a specific requirement. So, you can use this tool if you:

  • Are eligible for at least one express entry program at minimum
  • Have not filled out any Express Entry profile but would like to see what your CRS score would be like
  • Were invited to put an application for Permanent Residence (PR) and wish to see if a change in your profile would impact your CRS score

Questions Asked to Calculate the Score

Jotted down below is a list of questions for which you will have to put correct and precise information so as to find out your exact CRS score:

  • Your Marital Status
  • How old are you?
  • What is your level of education?
  • Have you earned a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate?
  • Describe the level of education
  • Official Language
  • Are your test results less than two years old?
  • Which language test did you take for the first official language?
  • Your score for speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Do you have other language results?
  • Work experience
  • Total years of foreign skilled work experience in the last 10 years
  • Certificate of qualification from a Canadian province, territory or federal body
  • A valid job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • NOC skill type or level of the job offer
  • A nomination certificate from a territory or a province
  • A sibling living in Canada as a citizen or a permanent resident

Keep in mind that this CRS score calculator offers merely an estimation. Also, if you are clueless about the entire procedure or don’t want anything to go wrong with it, you can seek help from professionals who will guide you throughout the express entry procedure, such as IELTSMaterial and more.

Canada Express Entry Immigration Points

In total, there are 1200 points that are available in the express entry CRS score board. If you score the highest, you will get an opportunity to acquire an invitation to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Components Maximum Points
Core human capital factors 460 points
A valid job offer 200 points
Factors of common-law partner or the accompanying spouse 40
Points related to provincial nomination or if you have an arranged job offer or employment from a Canadian employer 600

One thing to note down is that there is no ascertained minimum score for express entry through CRS. There will be a draw, and only high scoring candidates will be chosen for the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Another important information for candidates aspiring to immigrate to Canada is that as of June 6, 2017, the CIC has commenced new Canada immigration rules. As per the latest changes, candidates can get a few additional points in the CRS in case they meet the below-mentioned criteria:

Criteria Points
If they have any sibling(s) in Canada 15
If they have proficiency in French 15 – 30

A Different Option for Those Who Did Not Make the Cut-Off

As you must have heard, one of the best ways to get the Invitation to Apply is by scoring an excellent CRS to be able to meet the draw. However, in case you failed to acquire an Invitation to Apply, don’t get disheartened as there is another way. Canada has put forth varying other favourable factors that can improve the score for you. All you would have to do is, comply with the following aspects:

  • If you have only completed your bachelor’s degree but have not completed the master’s, you can enroll for it from a recognized university to obtain additional points.
  • If you are selected for a provincial nomination, you can get additional 600 points on your current Canada CRS score.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying the fact that Canada is one of the dream destinations for many. If you are a professional, out of all the available methods, the express entry would seem the easiest. Thus, if you are ready, make sure you calculate your express entry CRS score before applying to get ascertained about your eligibility.

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