Aiming For the Top: Getting the Best Job You’ve Ever Had

Aiming For the Top

The Great Resignation is upon us with millions of people quitting their jobs. The openings that are available could mean you could receive a job offer for the best job you’ve ever had. Finding the right job will take work and quite a bit of effort. Sending out hundreds of resumes might land you the job that you want. With Indeed and LinkedIn making this quite easy, you can do this daily while still working your full-time job.

The beauty of today’s job market is that some of these roles are remote. The only drawback is these remote roles have so much competition. Most people want to work in a remote work setting as the pandemic showed them the beauty of this. Getting a job in your industry in a city you would have never considered moving to is now an option. Below are tips to get the best job you’ve ever had.

Tighten Up Your Resume And Cover Letter

If you have had a job for a long time, you need to spruce up your resume. Your cover letter is far less important than your resume but it still holds weight. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity simply because the hiring manager is a stickler about cover letters. The facts are that you will even be given tests and other hoops to jump through. If you really want to, you could freelance but it might take some adjustments in your personal budget.

Your resume should not underestimate your skills. Show all job roles you have had even if they were only on a contract basis. There is professional help you can enlist to create an eye-catching resume with your current skills/experience.

Don’t Undersell Your Skills/Experience

Being modest about your skills can impact the perception of the interviewer negatively. You also should not oversell yourself as this can come off arrogant. The balance that you find might not need to be honed over the course of a few interviews. Think of interviews as practice for your dream job as this is what these are.

You should have a few professional success stories as this is a common question. Proud moments in your career are something that you should flaunt. Be as prepared for the interview as you can as confidence is important in nearly all aspects of business. Looking for red flags during this process is also important as you don’t want to accept a nightmare job. Offering far lower than the listed wages happens frequently with job-hunting websites not enforcing any rules pertaining to this.

Furthering Your Education

You might need a master’s degree or it is preferred for some job roles. Enrolling in a program to get your degree can be enough for some employers. Others say that they would prefer a certain degree when in fact, it is more of a requirement. Employers want to see people that are trying to better themselves as they see new hires as investments. Everyone wants investments that become more valuable over the course of time.

The honest truth is that not all people are going to look into your degree unless it is legally required. Too many hiring departments are far less thorough than you might realize. Even a copy of a fake college diploma will suffice for some of those companies hiring. Taking courses online is quite easy in comparison to going to a physical class. People learn in various ways so in-person teaching might be the way that they want to handle educating themselves.

Criminal Records And Remote Roles

Criminal records can be a huge hindrance to getting certain types of jobs. There are obviously charges that some companies care about more than others. A battery charge is an example of one that might hold more weight when working in-house at a business. Theft or fraud will always be viewed suspiciously by an employer especially if the theft was from a company you worked with. Being honest about an arrest is not always the best policy especially when no background check has been mentioned.

You don’t have to be applying for your dream job to get the best job you’ve ever had. Climbing the corporate ladder can be a very difficult thing to do. You should constantly be looking for ways to further your career. Don’t consider this job hopping as this is not as bad of a thing as it was considered in the past. You should be paid what you deserve and have the work-life balance you deem appropriate.

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