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Content creation is a vast, growing, and emerging industry, there are changing trends in content styles that can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to keep up with the trends in the market every single day and adapt to new changes along the way. 

For someone who is not in the digital marketing and content creation industry, it may seem easy to create posts for marketing and social media. But the struggle behind this is real and only marketers and brands know that there is a lot more to social media content creation. 

A lot of marketers will say that content creation is the hardest part of the marketing process. This may be true for many businesses, especially small businesses. It’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of the digital marketing world. It’s hard to keep up with all the new content ideas that everyone wants you to use. It’s hard to keep up with all the different aspects of digital marketing to run an effective marketing campaign.

Content creation and digital marketing is a tool-dependent industry. Tools help us do our jobs better, they help us come up with better ideas, and they help us create better content. But the internet is full of sound and fury – and it can be difficult to make sense of all the tools out there. 

This blog looks at the different tools for content creation, digital marketing, and more to help you make sense of things and find the right tool for the job. This blog lists the tools that our team uses daily to help us perform our roles in a more streamlined manner.

For content creation, we have listed tools in the following categories: Blogging, Social Media, Videos, Graphics and Infographics, Images and Document Management, Data Visualization, Showcase and Portfolio, Resume and Cover Letter, and audios as well. 

And all FREE

There are a lot of tools that claim to be the best in the market but in reality, they are just a collection of templates. There are a lot of tools in the market but in this blog post, I will list tools that I have been using and I found them very changing when it comes to content creation. 

1. Google trends

Creating content can be made easy with the help of tools but keeping up with the trend can be a stressful task which most creators face. What if you get a tool for this too? 

Here is your solution to this problem. Google trends, as suggested by its name itself, is an advanced tool that helps you to find trending topics that are being searched on Google all over the world. It is the most needed tool by marketers, brands, and companies who frequently create content. These are bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and people who have a strong social media presence. 

‘Google trends’ has been recommended by the Content Marketing Institute for searching relevant keywords, monitoring brands, and discovering unlimited content ideas. It’s super easy to use as you can generate ideas just by searching a particular keyword in the search bar and then you are all set to explore the trending stories and insights on the particular topic. It also shows the frequency of searches of a keyword over time. Additionally, you can filter your data according to your geographic location. This makes it a super easy and needy tool for content creators.

2. Canva

If you are a content creator and creating visual content on any of the social media platforms then you cannot miss this tool called ‘Canva’. Don’t have time for designing your graphics? Canva is your one-time solution for all your graphic and visual needs. From banners, flyers, brochures, visiting cards, resumes, social media post video presentations, infographics, short videos, cover photos, email headers, and to everything, canva has hundreds of ready-to-use templates to make your task and life much easier. 

The free version is readily available with amazing content creation features and tools without costing you a single dollar. It has a drag and drop design feature and the default templates are editable and you can edit and customize them as per your needs. The paid version is extremely good with some more benefits in designs and collection of pictures, videos, and elements. Its user-friendly features make it super easy for users to create and collaborate with other creators. 

3. Grammarly

Are you scared of making grammatical errors while posting on social media? And this is what stops you from creating content and moving towards your success. Well, not anymore because this tool called  ‘Grammarly is your savior. Grammarly is an artificial intelligence software that’s automated for proofreading your content and providing you with 100% grammatical-error-free content.

 It is designed in such a way that it can correct up to 250 types of errors including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuations, etc. All you have to do is just copy and paste your content in the Grammarly document to check for all kinds of errors present in your document. It makes the editing and proofreading process simple and smooth. 

4. Trello

Trello is also on the list of best tools for content creation that allows you to collaborate, manage and work on projects with your team members in a smooth flow. Content creators always struggle a lot in managing their content whether it may be text, graphics, or videos. This tool allows you to create a content calendar in the form of Trello boards and cards which can be easily shared with other team members. 

It makes it easy to share and update team members with the project status by simply moving a project’s Trello card. This must be in your toolkit list of content creation. 

5. Hemingway

Proofreading and editing your content is a time taking process and you need a smart and easy-to-use tool for making this process easier and simpler. While we have Grammarly to check for all kinds of grammatical errors, it lacks the ability to check the readability of the content or changing the form of the sentences to make it more skimmable. 

Hemingway editor helps you to proofread your content by highlighting writing style suggestions with red and yellow highlights that show the difficulty of the sentence to be understood by the reader. One of the best features is that it shows suggestions to convert passive voice to active voice sentences that create a compelling and attractive copy or content.

6. Giphy

Who doesn’t love seeing GIFs? In a world full of heavy texts and words one might get lost while reading but visual content is something that automatically grabs the attention of the reader. Pictures also help in grabbing the reader’s attention but it’s more attractive when the picture is moving. Isn’t it? GIFs are small 3 to 5 seconds short videos that work super well in keeping an eye on the reader. But where do I find them? 

Giphy is a free tool where you can find millions of GIFs in just one search. You can also make your own customized and contextual GIFs according to your needs that you can use in your social media posts, blog posts, videos, and many more. 

7. Anchor

Content creation is not just limited to content like texts, documents, graphics, and videos. When it comes to a good video then audio is something that needs to be clear and perfect. Well, we discussed everything about visual graphic contents like pictures, infographics, and other related stuff like managing data and documents. But what about audios? 

Anchor is everyone’s favorite tool for creating and monetizing audio content like podcasts. With the help of this tool, you can record clear audio for your videos and podcasts. It is becoming one of the most credible audio software with all key podcasting outlets and free social media platforms for audio recording. 

Content creation is tough when you don’t do it in the right way but it becomes quite simple when you know the process, tools, and resources to help you and get your work done within time. Now if you are getting into content creation or creating any social media post, then this tool kit is your must-have tool kit. With these all FREE 7 tools, you are all set to start your journey and earn money out of it. 

Did you find these useful? If yes, then share with someone who must know about  hese tools. 

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