15 Best Jobs for Introverts Who Wish to Work Alone

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Introverts are exhausted by living together. They are tired of society, and they are tired of abandoning their loneliness for many hours. That does not mean that they do not know how to live or they have a mental disorder. They are people with certain personality traits, which they share with other beings in the animal world and, surprisingly, with some fruits.

They like to be alone or want to live with few people. They enjoy ample personal space. They listen and observe more than they speak. They hardly start a conversation – much less with strangers; they take more time than “usual” to think and make decisions, and their contact with the public is more limited.

If you consider yourself someone who recharges best from alone time and would rather not attempt chit-chat around the water cooler at your workplace, you’re far from alone.

We searched and listed 15 jobs where they will feel comfortable. Do you know someone who is an introvert? Tell him about these positions:

1. Animal caretaker

For those who have lost faith in humanity and only trust other living things, a pet store or a job at a veterinarian are good alternatives.

2. Archivist

If you find documents and objects more interesting than people, being an archivist, you will feel like a fish in water.

3. Social media coordinator

It is interesting because it is possible to interact with thousands and thousands of people, but the activity will be done alone and through a computer. Oh, blessed magic of technology!

4. Private chef

Do you love cooking but would not feel comfortable in a restaurant with thousands of orders and dishes to prepare? So, the solution is to work for a few people, perhaps one or two diners, and specialize in the palate – sometimes very demanding – of that single boss.

5. Translator or interpreter

One of the many advantages of mastering a foreign language is that you can promote yourself as a document translator or as an interpreter. Typically, you would work with small groups, meet other people, and increase your cultural background.

6. Software developer

If you are good at creating software, then you can choose to make business software. Or even create and sell it. The job of a software developer means that you stay alone for a long time to concentrate. If you don’t want to deal with stressful deadlines and people breathing down your neck, then you should consider working on your own.

7. Editor

To write about any topic, you will need to do research, but that does not mean that you have to socialize with many people. 

Being a copywriter can be a good path for all those who prefer to read and write without talking.

8. Photographer

A Chinese millennial sage once expressed the well-known phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And then introverted photographers adopted it as the law of life. Well, put that ball down for them.

9. Online customer service

It is something similar to the management of social networks of companies: the interaction can be a lot, but there will always be the shelter and distance from a screen so that people feel comfortable giving advice, advising people, and helping them solve problems that they have with some product or service.

10. Freelancer

It is an ambivalence: perhaps you can work alone and at your own pace. But to get clients, you will have to socialize, and sometimes you will have to collaborate with people from other professions to finish some projects. It is like a “Yes but no” so we neither rule it out nor consider it.

11. Librarian

Help library guests discover books and data and get ready and index books, periodicals, and different materials. So, you don’t have to engage with library guests as much.

12. Dog Walker

It is another very suitable job for that introvert who loves pets. You can start a pet walking service and go professional with it. You may not have to meet pet owners regularly, as your job would be to pick up the dogs, walk them, and return them.

13. Artist

If you are skilled with drawing and painting as an introvert. Then you can turn skills into a career. Artists often work alone as they are easily distracted by noise and activity. If you are having trouble marketing your work, you can hire someone to do it for you.

14. Graphic designer

Graphic designers design or create graphics to meet specific business or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos. They use a variety of media to achieve artistic or decorative effects. You generally carry out your tasks without interference, and if you are a freelancer, you can work at your own pace.

15. Zoologist

Zoologists study wildlife biologists, animals and other wildlife. And how they interact with their ecosystems. Study the physical characteristics of animals, animal behaviours, and the impacts humans have on wildlife and natural habitats. They also take blood samples from the animals to assess their level of nutrition. Check the animals for disease and parasites, and label them for tracking. Being a zoologist allows you to work with animals all day and minimize contact with humans.

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